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I definitely don’t share it enough, but I’m so incredibly grateful for my momma @duranmiano
Selfless always; warm and compassionate; always puts her kids first and made sure we know we are unconditionally loved. #momgoals seriously! *still learning from the best 😉

Thanks mom

Gratitude is a feeling I’ve been trying to give attention to each and every day. Regular practice of gratitude has helped me prepare for the day ahead with the intention of being a more present wife and mommy- and in the process I find I’m the happiest Me I’ve ever been 😉

Who are you grateful for @duranmiano @sroc33 @celtchick ? Share the story and #GratefulGram

This family celebrates small wins... whether it’s Marky reading, Nico making it through the night without peeing in the bed, or mom and dad setting his and hers FKT’s on the #claremontloop trail in their morning workout! 😜

#family #winning #anyexcusetocelebrate @souverainwine 🙌❤️

When you go into a race you’ve been planning for months would be your jam- flat and fast- and instead you get 8 miles of shin-deep, soupy diarrhea-like mud- you just roll with it and smile. It was my first time running in mud like that and I found out it’s not a good gig for me haha!

The main lesson of the weekend: don’t let race conditions or other race-week mishaps throw your mental all outta whack. Mark could have had the same mental collapse as me as his only prior experience in mud was a disaster- but he didn’t. His mindset didn’t change with the conditions and he placed 3rd- his first Nationals podium and nothing in that race favored him. Just confidence and determination. @mgbracing
Thank goodness for @ocroilmom for waking me up at mile 3.5. Her and I plotted a push and we worked together for the next 3 miles. That was by far the best part of my race- both in having fun and actually clicking back into competitive mode. Sometimes you need a little push from a friend- and I’m glad we were able to do that for each other! Just wish we did it earlier! 🤷‍♀️😂 @spartanrace you seem to always find a way to put me in my place! But the fire is lit and I’m finally feeling healthy after a rough few months. So Utah Super here I come!!!

So many reasons to celebrate you today @mgbracing ❤️ Thank you for leading the team ❤️
#fathersday #worldsgreatestdad #family

When Marky was a baby, we were referred to a geneticist to diagnose his albinism. The doctor determined he had albinism and when I asked why this appointment was even necessary the answer I was given was shocking and disappointing. He told me it’s important I understand that this genetic mistake would have a 25% chance of occurring with each future pregnancy and that if I wished, I could have in-utero testing to determine if I was carrying another child with albinism. Still confused, I asked what good that would do, and his reply was that it would be my choice to carry on or terminate the pregnancy having that information.
Well, we were absolutely blessed with one more child with albinism and it’s PERFECT in every way!! Mark and Nico are brothers, best buds, and they have each other to go through all the ups and downs of their condition together. Pretty sweet! And such a blessing. #lovemyboys #brothers
Yesterday was International Albinism Awareness Day. #IAAD #albinism #albinismisbeautiful

You know we’re all about it 💪

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Our Pro Team is not just about athletic ability and results but our vision has always been to be a real team. I'm beyond proud to see how they support eachother on and off the course. In this video you get to see up close finishes by Natalie and Mark, both taking 1st Place Elite at the Monterey Spartan Race. Franco was right there to give them the extra moral boost. Our team took a total of 8 podium spots, now that's impressive, next video will be of Eddie and Cesar dominating the Age Group! #MacheteMadnessProTeam #spartanrace #teamwork @calidad_athlete @ocrmommy @mgbracing @cesarfigueroa_ocr @eliafigueroa_ocr @ironman619 @edliner408 #ocr #MacheteMadness

Finally getting a chance to breathe after one crazy weekend!
Sunday capped off the weekend of racing and family adventures with Mark and I both coming in 1st- probably one of the most fun and exciting races I’ve ever done! I flushed a solid lead down the toilet with a missed spear right before the finishing gauntlet- and when you’re racing superstars like @athlete_heather_gollnick , you just can’t mess up on obstacles...because she won’t! She nailed her spear as I finished my last burpee and it was a race to the end with 7 obstacles to go. SO MUCH FUN!! I got her at the rings where I took some chances (again-something I usually go safety mode on). Nice to know I can do those obstacles a lot faster and not fail!
Congrats to my friends @athlete_heather_gollnick and @emilee.kate for one hell of a race! You guys are amazing and the sweetest!😘 Congrats to Mark @mgbracing for crushing it on Saturday in the Super, taking the kids to the #montereybayaquarium and spending 4 hours running around with them, trying his heart out to make a fire for s’mores at our campsite (side note: don’t buy almond wood from Whole Foods for a camp fire), and returning Sunday to smash it again against some major competition! Oh...and driving all the way home after that! Love him for putting the boys first always!
And, as you all know, we would never stand on the podium together if it weren’t for our moms. Our biggest fans! ❤️ @duranmiano
Crazy Ass Weekend for this #fitfam fueled by @eatthebear_ ... 100% GF Whey Protein, Pre-Workout, and Aminos- the routine that wins!! @hyburst keeps us hydrated- and that actually mattered a lot coming home to 90 degree temps!

My #machetemadness family- thank you all for the support! Probably the best part of racing in Monterey- having all our Machete fam out there cheering us on! Love you guys!

Coming off of 4 less than stellar races in a row, a DNF in Big Bear, and more bad workouts than good ones, my confidence has taken a dive. But these little dips- or seemingly big ones- in training and performance come with the territory of mom/athlete. It isn’t all sunshine and rainbows and I’m sometimes left feeling down on myself and defeated- and want to throw in the towel on competing anymore. Those thoughts and feelings are few and far between thank goodness. Because I am here doing what I love! And while I feel a little more beat up, rigid, and broken than I used to, I’m still fully able, stronger in some ways than ever before, and loving a sport the same way I used to love basketball- which I thought was a feeling I’d never get back. So for that, I’m all in. I’ll take the uphill battle, the blows to my ego when I get crushed in workouts and races...and just love it...love the journey...and learn to be more resilient!
#uphillbattle #allin #letsdothis #spartanrace #eatthebear #alwayslearning #alwaysgrowing #alwaysimproving #thinkpositive #momlife #strongwomen

Machete Trail Madness races are becoming my favorite races. Today’s Trail 5k/10k was really cool- and kicked my butt in a good way! I’m a little out of form with being on and off with training the past 2 months- but the 5k was the perfect distance to get some tempo in! I was able to pull out the win because 👆 these fast girls opted for the 10k 😅
@fayemocr @ruizevelyne
The best part of today was watching my lil man CRUSH the kids 1 mi race- he came in 3rd overall in a race with kids over 10... 😱#hegetsitfromhisdaddy 💕 @mgbracing
#machetetrailmadness These are THA best local trail races... #ifyoudontknownowyouknow 😜

#fitfam #fitmom #trailrunning #machetemadness #running #familyfun

Been confined to training on the bike since the LA Stadium race with a tibialis posterior tendon strain in my foot...and boy am I missing the beautiful outdoors! I’ll test it tomorrow and see if I’m ready to get some running in. On the bright side in the last week I’ve started enjoying the bike which is something we will be incorporating more into my training!
#gettingold #iswear #runnerproblems

#mondaymotivation ... Don’t get eaten by a shark 🦈🤪 Also note that it is hard generating a swing when you’re afraid you might hit your child 🤦‍♀️ and this is #momathlete life ...and I love it 💕 and I’m pretty sure they do too 💕

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