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Natalie Miano  Hyburst HYsquad athlete


#workoutwednesday brought to you by @mgbracing
1 mi warmup; 1 mi bucket carry; 1 mi easy; 1 mi double 40lb sandbag carry; 1 mi cool down.
Now is this how you treat someone you ❤️mark? #paincave

Getting neck deep into planning/booking trips for our 2018 OCR season and the #wanderlust is setting in!

#travel #explore #liveoutthere #ocr #spartanrace #running #trailrunning #offthebeatenpath

Honored to be featured in a profile by the North American Obstacle Course Racing Championships @noramchamps .
I must say I can’t get over how well the article depicts my life as a mom who’s still making a go at competitive sports, and how this ocr journey brings us closer as a family.

Catch the article, which is the first of many, in the link in my bio


Tiny breakthrough this weekend with my long run-10 mi- coming in at a comfortable 7:10/mi.... whew! It always comes right when the momentum is about to break. Happy with my consistency the past few weeks- it’s honestly the most consistent I’ve been with my training since having kids! Excited for what 2018 has in store. My expectations aren’t crazy, but I know it’s going to be my best OCR year yet.

You knew it was coming... gotta reminisce on the beautiful moments in life. And this was certainly one of them.
@spartanrace Arizona this weekend. We won’t be there, but will be waiting to see how all our OCR pals do, and use it to spark the next couple weeks of training. Good luck everyone who’ll be out there. Remember why you’re out there and give it your all! 😉

Going through the motions with my training- every run for the past 3 weeks has been forced. Can’t wait for that BREAKTHROUGH run where you feel like you’re floating, the pace feels easy like you could do it all day... I know it’s coming soon.
#puttinginthework waiting for the #payoff

Nothing makes you feel like an elephant more than trying to traverse your entire body weight through a rig with hanging ropes, balls, and other grip challengers... I hope to make it look as pretty as the pros some day, but for now- thrilled I can make it to that bell without falling off. 😉🙌💪 #ocr #rig #gripstrength #manhands #ohwell #bodyweightmovement #hangon #hangtime

@kirkdewindtpt made it look a little easier than me... but at least I’m in the club 😉

#fitnessgoals #muscleup #fitmom

Grateful to be featured in the latest episode of @thefitnesscompass OCR podcast. I’ll post the link in my bio 🙂

We got to talking OCR, family, and what nutrition looks like in the Batres household lately. Side note: the homemade bread thing went south...sourdough bread from scratch is really hard! Open to tips on that one 😜
#thefitnesscompass #ocr #training #life #balance #fitness #fitmom #strongmom #healthyfamily

#finishline #feels right here

We’re all about hugs and high fives after races because we know the challenges and struggles our fellow competitors just overcame. That and we just truly want the best for our friends. And that’s what it’s all about. No room for #cutthroat bs in this sport 😜

Love my friend and amazing athlete @reakolbl ❤️ #friendsfirst #competitors #spartanrace #ocr #bestsportever

8 lovely trail miles to contemplate my racing focus for the next few months... run track? Focus on ocr? ...going to meet with my coach @mgbracing and figure this all out.
#metime #trails #claremont #athlete

Me and my teammate for life @mgbracing at it again at the Spartan SoCal race weekend.
On a day when I’d otherwise choose to give up, the encouraging words and faithful support I got from Mark, gave me the confidence I needed throughout the race to fight through the weakness and rise above the discomfort- I didn’t feel fast, but I kept it strong knowing it was in me.
I’m #grateful every day for his love. He’s my #1fan❤️ and I’m his.
#powercouple #support #positivity #faith

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