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Working on that turnover speed and monster grip strength in final preparation for one of my favorite races of the year- the Obstacle Course Racing World Championship #ocrwc
Who else is excited?! 😆

I faced my demons and finally put together a good race at the @spartanrace World Championship.
I came in with the ultimate goal of top 20 and I finished 18th 😆

I feel stronger and more motivated than ever to take my racing to the next level. Maybe, just maybe there’s a place in the top 10 waiting for me next year #dreambig #goals
But for now, I’ve got to recover and put my mommy hat back on. I don’t think I could have even come close to top 20 without the week of preparation I was allowed by my mom taking over and helping me with the boys. Thanks mom ❤️😘 @duranmiano I’ll never forget all the sacrifices you make for me...and Mark!

Loving the #hype going into race weekend! Thanks @brocrmedia ... And recognizing us the funniest couple is by far the best compliment we could ever hope for 🙏
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Our favorite #powercouple will be ready to ROCK the course in Tahoe this weekend! @mgbracing and @ocrmommy set the #RelationshipGoal bar high as they support each other when they’re crushing it on and off the course. Easily two of the funniest, most humble and approachable people in OCR, these two #TotalBadasses are so much fun to cheer for and watch!

This boy has my ❤️ Today he turns 4...where has the time gone?! I feel like it was just yesterday I held him for the first time.
Excited to watch him grow and learn and pursue his interests in building and mechanics...and I hope he never stops holding me and telling me I’m his love when we say good night! ❤️

We stumbled upon Chagit right before Monterey Spartan and have been taking it daily ever since. I’ve noticed a huge improvement in my high end aerobic fitness- particularly the consistency in it. I also have leaned out since I started using Chagit- which I thought was impossible after Nico. I feel more balanced, am recovering better, and feel strong and healthy- hello #antioxidants
We really love this product and consider it to be the X factor in our recent bump in fitness. Also glad to be partnered with a company that shares the same values as my family! These guys are all about family- as you can tell from this awesome post they made this morning supporting all of us in our endeavors! Thank you Chagit! #proudambassador
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TEAM CHAGITS All Star roster runs deep in the @spartanrace @spartan world! It’s been one year since we debuted at Tahoe and we have taken the spartan / ocr athletes elites all the way to first timers to new levels of performance. This years race is Sept 29 & 30! We are proud to be a part of this community and they are not just part of the team they have become our friends! So let us break it down on how ChagiT comes to play in endurance athletes....First off Chaga is a vasodilator (expands capillaries allows rush of oxygen to the heart without raising your heartbeat keeping you in the orange zone) it is also 15% potassium to aid in cramping (cramping is common occurrence in endurance sports) Chaga also reduces Lactic acid within the muscles for optimal performance and endurance, and to top it all off Chaga possess high amounts and very effective anti-inflammatory properties to advance recovery recovery recovery! Get ready Tahoe WE COMING STRONG!!! @timmiebrann @rut_camplbc @riseup.raceteam @heather_buchta @eliafigueroa_ocr @cesarfigueroa_ocr @jamesnair_ocr @vj.elite_ocr @fayemocr @mgbracing @ocrmommy @coravolkoff @fit_four #antioxidants #antiinflammatory #cleanenergy #adaptogens #preworkout #postworkout #sportsrecovery #spartan #spartanrace#spartanbeast2018 #spartanworldchampionship

If you know Mark, you know how much joy he brings others. He makes us smile and laugh everyday. And just like in his racing, he gives it his all in everything he does including being a husband and father... and to that we owe him the world!! Happy Birthday to my one and only 😍 @mgbracing
Love love love you ❤️

I wanted to post an update and a HUGE thank you, from the bottom of our hearts, to those who reached out to us with comforting messages, prayers, and help.
We are so grateful for the circle of friends and family we have. There’s a lotta love out there and we’re really feeling it, so thank you. I read every comment and was comforted by each one. ❤️ We are doing good- feeling more secure and less overwhelmed with each day. We are still scrambling to recover and secure all our personal records and identity, but it’s getting done! Finally cleaned the house yesterday and it feels better- more like our own and less like strangers were there.
The boys are great. They are more secure than I expected. They are helping out by setting up boobie traps in case the robbers come back- big fans of Home Alone over here #kevinmccallister
Financially, this was pretty devastating to us. Funny/not funny story... about a week prior to the break in, our renters insurance policy ended and Mark was switching our car insurance online- it was about 9:30 at night and time to put the kids to bed (already late) and he wanted to proceed with getting the new renters ins policy. I was tired, wanted to get the kids to bed, and said, “just do it another time- like someone’s gonna rob our house”... we’re always going a million mi an hour, and we forgot to do it. A week later, our house gets robbed and we have no coverage 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️ While it was a big hit to us financially, we’ve worked it out and will be ok. Mark and I want to thank those of you who sent money or gift cards. For those of you who asked if there’s anything you can do- we thank you, but are going to be ok. We are so thankful God has blessed us with such amazing friends and family.
Many of you asked about the vision equipment- I’m super happy to report the equipment was replaced by the school district. We are so grateful and so relieved!! 🙏❤️ Training is going. That’s all I have to say about that. It’s been an emotionally and mentally stressful week- today was my first good run. I think when I run, so it’s tough for me to clear all this from my mind and it’s draining. But it’s getting better each day!

Enormously grateful that these people are safe and sound after some scary happenings earlier this week. 🙏

Sad truth is that there are sucky people out there...sucky people who see others doing well and either have ill will against them or do harm to them outright.
Tuesday morning, as I was cooling down from my workout, someone broke the window of my car and stole my wallet, cell, and house keys along with a bunch of other valuables. As we were filing a police report, they robbed our house. It was a horrible, horrible feeling coming home to see our stuff missing, all our valuables, every single important document and identification for all of us gone, they even stole memorabilia from when the kids were born, school work, first baby teeth, etc. My heart broke just a little bit as I watched my husband shed a tear when he found out his XC state championship ring was gone, and broke again when I watched my son burst into tears and fall to the ground when he found out his vision equipment to help him read was gone. As a wife and a mom, these things hurt deep.
This is my home- my children’s home. It’s a horrible, violating feeling, and it’s taken us a few days to process it all.
We have precise information that the two men entered our house at 11:06 am. At 11:11, my mom was 5 min down the road bringing nico home. She randomly decided to stop and treat nico to a hotwheel because his preschool teachers said he had such a great day. Had she just gone home, her and nico would have walked in on the men robbing our house. We are a Christian family, and we do believe in Divine Intervention- for me, this was an act of God protecting my most precious gifts.
We are grateful.

Yes, we are hurt. Yes, we were targeted and feel violated. Yes, we now know we have to be more proactive about protecting our family. But, despite being hurt by these scumbag low lives, we remain hopeful and confident that there are more good people than bad. Proof for us- for the past two days, every person we’ve come in contact with- many complete strangers- have been incredibly gracious offering us their support, time, and even money to help. ❤️ it’s comforting getting to see the good right now

Radio silence from me lately because I’ve had my head down laser focused on my end of season goals. Mom-life has been busier than usual which typically means missed workouts and inconsistent training...but not this time. I’m getting it in despite the challenges this past few weeks. Thankful for my coach @mgbracing who lays down the schedule for me so all I have to do is remain focused on my workouts each day. 🙏

While I’m gearing up for the biggest races of the year, I’m keeping my head clear, managing my expectations, and appreciating the gains along the way. I feel strong, fast, healthy, and beautiful. And that’s how I know we’ve struck the right balance.
#trainyourbody #trainyourmind #lovetheprocess @spartanrace

Probably a lot I can learn in obstacle technique in this video...but all I can focus on is how much I like this race outfit 😬💁‍♀️ #noramchamps

So many times I catch myself saying, “we’re killing it for being parents.” ...as if my family is a weakness I have to overcome to be better. True, my time and energy is compromised compared to an athlete who isn’t also a parent, but bigger truth: my family is my STRENGTH
This family is heading out Wednesday for @noramchamps In Vermont and we’re all crazy excited! ✔️race ✔️explore ✔️repeat

Nothing to see here...just two moms flipping down a cargo net.

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