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O'Connor Beef  Three generations of amazing pasture fed beef. Appreciated around the world. Gippsland, Victoria, Australia.

5 week dry aged #OConnorBeef pasture fed Angus T-Bones now showing @victor.churchill
RG: “These incredible t-bones come from the beautiful Gippsland region of Victoria. Renowned for pasture that is second to none the cattle graze freely on lush, green grass in conditions that are the envy of farmers around the world. The end result is quite special. Deep, rich red meat and the tinge of yellow in the fat are your indicators of quality pasture, and quality conditions. The depth of flavour and long "beefy" finish is incredible.”

Some highlights from the always amazing @BoomasBBQ and his skills with Pasture Fed #OConnorBeef goodness.

Cooler temperatures and shorter days Autumn feels are here.

Think of ‘Dry Brining’ as ‘dry ageing’ at home. Proper Dry Ageing isn’t something most people can do at home requiring special cuts and conditions - but Dry Brining is super easy. Season your steak with salt on both sides as you would before you would grill it but instead put into your fridge - uncovered - for 3 days. Then cook normally.
Dry brining with a steak which has already been dry aged is next level stuff and has almost blown @darren.orourke mind!
#oconnorbeef dry aged, pasture fed, bone in Angus x Hereford sirloin. So f***ing good!!”

RG: @darren.orourke
Speechless. #oconnorbeef you’re really pushing this to new heights.

Beef Short Rib Love
#OConnorBeef 📷 by the #MasterofMeat @troythebutcher at @meatsmith_melb

Always amazing produce by @bernardholbery at @kitchenandbutcher an #oconnorbeef Wellington. Also great eating next door at @healesvillehotel part of the @yarravalleyharvest show. A beautiful part of Victoria with amazing offers of gourmet food, wine and other goodies everywhere you look.

Fav #GirlButcher Luci the @trillestpelican stars with a knife at @victor.churchill.
She also knows how is goes on the grill - oh yeah!
Thanks as always for the awesome share.

Thanks to @jashes3 for sharing #Oconnorbeef Ribeye!
‘Ready for a reverse sear on @kamadojoe

Ready for our close up!
RG: @darren.orourke
“We all know how good #oconnorbeef is at what they do. If you need any convincing of just how good they are though, look at this. Pasture fed, dry aged sirloin.”
Thx Daz for the words and the 🙌📷

Stop the bus and get out at @marysnewtown

Pulled #oconnorbeef cheek by the one and only @boomasbbq
“Really love beef cheeks, they are nice and rich, tender and juicy. Always get a sick bark and a fairly simple cook. 250-275f in the offset today for 6-7 hours with a little bath, then finished with some #blendsmokedhoney
Good times!!”

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