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O'Coffee Club  Brewing coffee since 1991. +65� +60� +62�

Smooth, creamy and thick, tuck into your favourite book in between delicious sips!
Flip your pages at our recommended reading outlets - SMU, Raffles Place or Marina Square this weekend!

Eating clean today?
Tuck into our lean and mean Baked Salmon with Shoyu or savory Baked Yakiniku Chicken thigh. Our menu offers both lean and decadent indulgences for everyone!
Are you team fish or team meat? Share with us in the comments below.

Need a quick memory boost? Down a hot steaming cup of Long Black today! Not only does it enhance your memory, it is also highly concentrated in antioxidants for health benefits and helps you to fight stress better.
Go bold with our Long Black ☕ for a power packed week!

It’s the weekends and you’ve just woken up after a Netflix binge. One drink too many. Or a crazy night out. It is 4pm.
Here in O’Coffee Club, breakfast is served ALL DAY!
See you in your jammies – we won’t judge!

In the mood for something local but your mates are craving western cuisine?
With our versatile menu, your mates can enjoy their pasta and Truffle fries, while you’ll get your hearty, spicy bowl of prawn Laksa!
(There’s a reason why we’re known as the people’s cafe!) What are you in the mood for today? Share with us in the comments below!

Coffee or tea? Come over and have one this Deepavali!

A top pub grub in Britain, this dish was originally served with thick onion gravy during World War I.
With the right herbs and seasoning, we’ve evolved our gravy into a robust herb sauce for a heartier meal.
What is your favourite O’Coffee Club comfort food? Share with us in the comments below!

Desire is calling and it’s dark, desirable and decadent. Sink into our Muddy Mud Pie for a triple indulgence of cappuccino, chocolate and cookies & cream.
Coffee or chocolates?
Share with us your weakness in the comments below!

A frozen expresso shot with the right drizzle of milk.
The change you’ve been looking for begins with the right cuppa Joe.

Let your hips win this Halloween
The struggle is real – balancing your love for good food and counting your calories to maintain your favourite jeans size!
Give in to your gastronomical desires this Halloween! Grab the delicious Croque Madame or piping hot pastries at our Grab & Go counters! (They’re worth every calorie, we promise!) What is your favourite Grab & Go item? Share with us in the comments below!

All good things come in threes!
For all waffle fanatics out there, get triple the pleasure with not just one, or two but THREE crispy waffles, served generously with bacon, fluffy scrambled eggs and drizzled with thick coffee maple syrup. Pair your waffle stacker to perfection with a mouthwatering glass of Frozen Espresso Latte.
How do you like your waffles? Share with us in the comments below!

Boost your brain juices with coffee!
We can’t move time, but we can up your work productivity with our coffees!
The caffeine found in coffee can boost your central nervous system by enhancing energy metabolism throughout your brain, making cramming facts and crunching numbers a faster feat!
Boost those brain juices with a quick swig of steaming long black at your nearest O’Coffee Club outlet today!

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