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Ocean Unite  Bringing together powerful voices for #ocean #conservation.


Stephen Shanley is back on dry land after completing his 3000 mile row across the Atlantic Ocean last week! What an incredible achievement! Read his latest blog below or visit his Instagram @stephenshanly •••
Well, it’s done. 41 days, 7 hours and 3000 miles on a tiny little boat, in a very powerful, scary, unforgiving, but beautiful Ocean. I went into this alone, head first, and with ridiculously short notice. Having never been ‘at sea’ before, and only deciding to do it on a whim, my optimism was severely, putting it mildly, tested. However I was completely blown away by the support that rose up, and how it grew.
My Dad was amazing, and right at my shoulder from the off. His emotional support was more than I could ever have hoped for. Jonny was with me every paddle of the way too, with calming advice and detailed daily weather updates. I’d like to sincerely congratulate them on a successful Atlantic ‘Row’ 🏆 💙. My amazing kids, Rocco and Mia, you were with me every second. I’m sorry for worrying you. You are my everything. I love you to infinity. You have Dad back now 💞👨‍👦‍👦💞. I’d also like to thank my loving family, my loving friends, everyone who generously shared my journey, and everyone who gave me so many kind, funny, interesting, and thoughtful messages of support. I read them all, and they powered my spirit enormously. Thank you so so much 🙏🏼 💙. Thanks to #Virgin, #TheProjectPool, #Leightons, #OceanUnite, #BigChange, Pat, Kevin, Charlie, Angus, Chris, and Manuel for their input and help.
Also, thanks gigantically for your donations to my two causes, Ocean Unite and Big Change. I’m so incredibly grateful for your generosity 😘. I believe challenges that we set ourselves are good for us. Whether it’s a 5km run, learning a language, climbing a mountain, or a weekly swim, we learn. I feel good that I did this one. Simply, all it took was a decision, and then lots of small movements. Same for any challenge or task. Like previous ones, I shall draw on it.
Chill, hugs, and love time for me now. Oh, and lacto free cheese 🧀 😛. #soloatlanticrow #3000milerow #noseat #done #bigchange #oceanunite #populationmatters #strive

Happy Valentine's day everyone!!! ⠀❤️😍💞💘

It’s easy to say we love the Ocean, but for many of us, our everyday actions tell a different story. It's time to give back to the Ocean! After all, the ocean cares for us in many ways, providing us with more oxygen than all the world’s rainforests combined – that’s almost every second breath, provided by the ocean. It also cares for us through climate regulation, food, medicines and a variety of recreational opportunities.⠀

This Valentine's day we are making a Sea Change by committing to #LovetheOcean better in 2018. Join us & pledge one action for the ocean! More info via @sea.change.eu

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Wow!! @stephenshanly is almost at the finish line and he has raised over £36k for #bigchange and us! Keep supporting him! •••
Saturday 10th (Day 38) 1pm. Still have loads of meals, and sugary snacks left. Rummaging for my favourites now. Thai Green Curry is a good one. Although it’s hot work eating them 😓 ☀️. Jonny said he may be able to reach me once I get a couple of miles from Barbs, and give me a rowing seat 🤗. Am I allowed it now 🤔! Or do I still get the record for a non seat crossing 😆?!
Sunday 11th (Day 39) 12:30pm. Horrible night. Imagine being in your home and its the middle of the night. Then something hits it upside down and shakes it. After you’ve just put the last item back in it’s right place, it happens again. Two capsizes in a row last night. Really aggravated an old neck injury 😔. It’s seized up quite a bit. Think I landed on my head in the second capsize. I’ve now gaffer taped everything, apart from my bedding and I . Conditions will be the same for 48 hours.
Working really hard to keep a tight course. Can’t afford to get it wrong. No second chances. I’m exhausted already, and have about 3/4 days left. The waves are enormous.
Monday 12th (Day 40) 2:30pm. Had a good 24 hours. Peaceful night, good mileage. Cleaned the boats bottom again this morning. Although I tried swimming the same speed of the boat, and it was tricky. Each wave launches it forward at quite a pace. Shows that tethering on is vital, even when the wind is low 🏊‍♂️. 140 miles to go. Can’t see land yet. How far can the eye see across an ocean 👁?! I recall seeing a disappearing Gran Canaria for at least 2 days.
I think I know what I want do a first drink, banana daiquiri 🍹! And chips 🍟. So happy knowing loved ones are on flights now. I wonder if I’ll see them fly over me. I’ll wave just in case. Having said that, I’ve not seen a plane in weeks ✈️. Not far now 😁 🌴 🕺🏼. Tracker - https://my.yb.tl/deepblue
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Even by making a small change in your everyday life, you can achieve big results in helping to protect the ocean. The Sea Change campaign provides tips and useful resources on what you can do to make a difference. Visit @sea.change.eu to learn more and to find some very useful infographics like this one! #LoveTheOcean

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We are so amazed with @stephenshanly and his journey across the Atlantic! Check out his new post on Instagram and send him your love and encouragement! •••
Friday 2nd (Day 30) 10am. The last few days have been calm and very hot, so the cabin becomes like a sauna. There is a vent hole above the door which I’ve had open to get fresh air in (just a tiny bit). The sea was calm last night. A 200 meter Cargo ship popped up on my plotter at about 10pm. Other than to check he wasn’t going to run me over, I didn’t really think anything if it. It was going over 20mph. At 2am though, an enormous wave hit from the side and rolled the boat. I was upside down for about 5 seconds, while water poured through the air vent. I was in the cabin, so had to just wait until the boat self righted. Unfortunately about 5 litres of water got in. Myself and cabin drenched. Perhaps it was the wake of the cargo ship. Had about 4 hours sleep in 48 hours now. Need to wait for the sun to carefully start drying one item at a time, starting with my bed. Maybe I should put myself in a bowl of rice 🍚 !
The good news is, the wind seems like it’s coming around at last... 💨. Will it be enough!
(Day 30) 5pm, conditions have been horrendous. Capsized over ten times. More spilt food, another burnt hand, and a wave through the door.. The wind has changed direction, but the waves haven’t caught up yet. They’re the size of houses and large vans, and coming from different directions. I’m permanently bracing myself. The sea is vicious and relentless. I’m so tired. (Day 30) 9pm, spoke to Jonny and Dad. I may have to make Antigua the destination. Barbados may be too big of an angle now.. 24 more hours of being beaten up ahead 😣.
Saturday 3rd (Day 31) 6:30pm. Really tough night and morning. Thankfully the winds calmed at about 2pm, so I managed to eat. All be it with half the water being from a wave 🌊. Cabin stinks of stale sea water. Got to get through today. Tomorrow is a new day. It will improve.
I’m heading in between Barbados and Antigua. I’ll decide where to end up at later 🧐. Tracker - https://my.yb.tl/deepblue
#soloatlanticrow #3000milerow #noseat#bigchange #oceanunite#populationmatters #strive

The Great Barrier Reef- the world’s most famous and iconic coral reef- is under severe threat with, back to back bleaching events in 2016 and 2017, which is affecting around two thirds of the whole reef. This is causing widespread alarm among scientists, who worry the frequency of bleaching events and the impact of water pollution, may mean the Reef loses its resilience to recover. @wolcott_henry #coral #coralreefs #GreatBarrierReef #science #climatechange #oceanhealth #ocean

The IUCN Red List of Threatened Species has assessed the extinction risk of 465 species of sharks around the world. Of those, the status of 45% (209 species) is unknown due to lack of data. Among those species with enough information to determine their conservation status, 55% (141 species) are threatened or near threatened with extinction. Learn more on our website! link in bio. ⠀
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Protection equals regeneration. The ocean needs safe havens where nature can replenish, and fortify itself against climate change and other threats, such as industrial fishing. Big is beautiful! Networking works! Large, networked marine reserves are better for ocean biodiversity and climate resilience than isolated islands of protection. It’s time for a 30x30 ocean vision: at least 30% of the ocean should be declared marine reserves by 2030, from the Arctic to the Antarctic, coastal to high seas areas and everywhere in between. @wolcott_henry #ocean #climatechange #fishing #overfishing #MPAs #marinereserves #oceanbiodiversity #biodiversity #oceanconvervation #highseas #Arctic #Antarctic #OceanLove

We've pledged to reduce single use plastic in our lives. Refuse plastic straws & cutlery, use refillable water bottles coffee cups, & bring your own bag to the store. Together we can do this! Join us and take the challenge to #PassOnPlastic. @weareproject0 @SkyOceanRescue

Nothing like a dolphin encounter to make up your day! Check out a new post from @stephenshanly on his Instagram. He is in the middle of nowhere! Send him your encouragement through this incredible journey. #dolphins #soloatlanticrow #ocean #oceanleader #atlantic #bigchange #rowing

Sharks and their cousins – rays - are enormously threatened by overfishing and illegal fishing.⠀
These beautiful marine animals, which are essential for Ocean health, are becoming severely depleted with as yet, unknown repercussions. ⠀
@williamwinram #sharks #rays #sharkfin #protection #oceanconservation #ocean #conservation #biodiversity

Fishackathon is a huge hackathon in dozens of cities around the world happening February 10-11, 2018. This social responsibility challenge is a partnership of HackerNest (an international tech nonprofit) and the U.S. Department of State that brings the world together to make our waters, marine life, fisheries, and aquaculture more sustainable and equitable and to preserve our planet’s future. To see participating cities and get involved, please visit @fishackathon

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