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Ocean Ramsey #HelpSaveSharks  Shark and Marine Biologist & Conservationist. #SharkWhisperer, Freediver, Athlete, Model, Designer, Biz Owner & More Join me at: OneOceanDiving.com


Spending time at #sea and especially waking up on a boat to enjoy days surrounded by #GreatWhiteSharks might sound scary for some but for me it’s an oasis and I relish the time out of cell range and how it forces me to disconnect and just appreciate the raw beauty and #perfection of #nature in this remote location. Living on a large vessel is so convenient, I wake up to the sound of the crew yelling #shark #shark and not in a scary, terrifying, jaws way but in a way that gets everyone excited to look out and see who it is. Sipping @guayaki tea in the sun and watching the sharks while in the water or through the clear cobalt blue from above. This place is amazing and I’m grateful to have spent so much time, the sharks here have taught me so much and helped shape me to be the person I am today, still growing, but thanks to them I have been able to accomplish a lot on their behalf. #sharkinspired #waterinspired #oceaninspired #oneocean #oneplanet #onechance #helpsavesharks before they go extinct #finbannow take a stand again #sharkfinning and #sharkfishing speak up for sharks and go #sharkdiving and #seathetruth for yourself #beautifuldestinations #travelforacause 2 spots left on the last trip of the season October 30th contact @oneoceandiving office line. @oneoceanresearch @oneoceanconservation @oneoceandesigns @oneoceanglobal @oneoceaneducation @oneoceaninspired @waterinspired PHOTO BY #dajuanandonly @juansharks Leggings are the #ladyshark by @oneoceandesigns #oneoceandesign.com 🦈💃🏼

Come with us October 30th and chance meet Luca, a very special
Great White Shark! I took this photo of Luca yesterday and I am smiling back because I am so thrilled to see him nice and healthy because last year I cut a thick rope off him! It was emotional for me to realize it was him and see how well he has healed and for him to come by this year again and smile at my camera and look me in the eye, I don’t have words to explain how over the top I feel about having been able to help this particular white shark survive. I cut the Rope off during a trip with fellow conservationists @juansharks and #RobStewart and #NicoIbarguen and @silenthunterpty Although it breaks my heart that Rob is tragically no longer with us this shark also reminds me of him, his incredible work and efforts for sharks and how we can all make a difference for wildlife and nature. RIP Rob, Luca is well as saying Aloha with a smile :-) #HelpSaveSharks #SharkID #GreatWhiteSharkID #Lucathegreatwhiteshark #Whiteshark #SaveTheOcean Call @oneoceandiving for more info about joining us on our last #Guadalupe #greatwhitesharkexpedition October 30th leaving from San Diego returning Nov 4th Ask for Madi 1-808-649-001Eight @oneoceanresearch @oneoceanconservation @oneoceanglobal @oneoceaneducation @oneoceandesigns @oneoceaninspired @waterinspired #WaterInspired #OmeOcean

“Sharks with laser beams” JK this is a #GreatWhiteShark sporting a freshly deployed CAT tag from researchers: #YannisPapastamatiou and #DrMauricioHoyos @Aumaukua This type of tag lasts a max of ONLY 12 days and completely deploys leaving no marks. Its a camera, accelerometer, acoustic tag, and a receiver all in one. Fascinating behavioral information to come from these more advanced and less invasive tagging methods. #SharkScience @oneoceanresearch @pelagioskakunja @oneoceansharks @oneoceandiving @gadormunta @voguemexico @natgeomexico @mexicosurf #followme #instagood #picoftheday #happy #travel #beautiful #funny #cute #shark #gopro3000 #sharkdiving #sharkconservation #oneocean #hawaiisharkdiving Support #sharkconservation NOT #sharkfishing this poor #whiteShark has fishing line that I hope will fall away when the hook rusts out. On the way out for another incredible week with @juansharks @seajewl @oneoceanconservation @oneoceandiving @silenthunterpty @abc4explore #explore #exploreorg

Had to #repost #share this photo because just made me so happy, wanted to share #enjoy #wild and free #orca photo and post by: @gary_j27
#Repost @orcas_ig
T036A3 going airborne
Brilliantly captured by Gary Sutton
📷 © @gary_j27 〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰
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Update: 3 spots left on our last trip October 30th-Nov 4th 1-808-649-001eight
So grateful for another #Jawsome week with these AMAZING beautiful #greatwhitesharks The island of #islaGuadalupe is the best place in the world to enjoy #observing them with up to 150ft plus visibility sometimes. Grateful that #México sees the value in #protectingsharks because people care and want to see them, just goes to show that your consumer #travel choices can make a #positive impact in even the legislation of other countries and their relationship with #marine resources. #helpsavesharks #savetheocean Very grateful for the fun #conservation minded crew #team that joined us this week and looking forward already to another week like this starting tomorrow 🎉 #guadalupe #whitesharks #savesharks #lovesharks @oneoceanresearch @oneoceansharks @gopro @aquatech_imagingsolutions @oneoceanconservation @oneoceandesigns @oneoceandiving @oneoceanglobal @oneoceaneducation @oneoceaninspired Co-Hosting #OneOcean Great White Shark Trips with @juansharks @silenthunterpty @seajewl @sharkysophie local research: @pelagioskakunja @amaukua @gadormunta

Going completely out of cell range soon for some cherished yearly time with #GreatWhiteSharks but have to say haven’t been able to stop thinking about the #sharks back home with #Rope #ropeontigershark #EntangledTigerSharks
Only comfort is knowing there are a lot of wonderful caring people out there keeping an eye out not just for those entangled individuals but also for those that might cause them harm STOP #sharkfishing Two rare female sandbar sharks were needlessly killed last week which made news headlines in a state where #sharks #mano are traditionally respected. However despite cultural respect over 42,000 sharks are killed every year as by catch in #HawaiiLongLineFisheries so entanglement & death is more common than we see close to shore.
Sharks in Hawaii are protected from #finning since 2010 but need more protection, just like most areas around the world. My unique #research and #dataset provides further support for the need and shows declining populations both within and outside of state and federal water lines. Working towards solutions and better laws for protection is a given but change comes from within communities. Join me in speaking up and taking action for sharks, dolphins, whales, turtles, reefs, & all marine life in simple ways through daily choices like skipping on single use plastics and sharing your voice through social media or in person presentations in schools. Check out our @oneoceanglobalambassador program for support and join the effort to #helpsavesharks & #SaveTheOcean #OneOcean
Photo by @JuanSharks of #Roxytigershark with her rope still on because it’s currently still hooked into her throat with a braided leaderline. Hoping she can dislodge or we will attempt to cut again. Last I heard #bigislandtigershark still has the rope lei too. #hawaiitigersharkprogram
Other #SharkID’s #TukiTigerShark and #SparklesTigershark #savesharks @oneoceansharks @oneoceanresearch @oneoceandiving

Smiling cause it’s #GreatWhiteShark season!!! I LOVE these #sharks !!!! There really isn’t anyone in the world like them. Off on first trip this season. I think we might still have spots on last trip? Message Madi at @oneoceandiving office 1-808-649-001eight to check if you want to join @juansharks and I this year. My masters research looked at #sharkbehavior and #sharkbodylanguage #ethology #bodylanguage #socialbehavior #sharklanguage #agonisticbehavior #sharkbehavior #sharkbehaviour #sharkbehaviorspecialists
The very exciting thing is that some of the same sharks we tag in #islaguadalupe swim all the way out to #hawaii possibly following #whales an ideal food source for #greatwhitesharks Looking forward to sharing more with those joining us and here in our social community whenever I have reception 💙🦈💙 #helpsavesharks #savetheocean @oneoceandiving Photo by da #juanandonly #juansharks @juansharks #sharksmile

…Continued from earlier post about cutting rope and line off sharks and marine life.
Tiger sharks are an easier shark to cut rope and line off of because they are generally slower and less likely to lash back but more likely to swim away if your attempt is unsuccessful.  #Tigersharks are not as flexible as many species of sharks despite being cartilaginous their upper thoracic cavity or head from the snout to the front of the pectoral fins has an observed range of just 115 degrees making it possible to avoid a bite if your hand was above and in-line with the gills where the rope is observed to be on the tiger pictured here.
I find freediving to be safer and more efficient when working with sharks because I am more agile and quiet enough to sneak up on them from above and slightly behind. Handling any entangled animal should be done with caution and preferably by persons with experience and advanced water skills. Top concerns when attempting to assist any marine animal or cutting line off a reef is becoming snagged and entangled yourself, the animal lashing back due to pain (I’ve got scars from seabirds I untangled from fishing line, and urchin spines from reef clean ups, but no lash back from sharks, turtles, or cetaceans yet) cuts and stings from urchins, corals, and other marine life while cutting fishing line off the reef in surge and swell, and other animals in the area that you may be unaware of while focused on your task (I cut a lot of fishing line off sharks and rarely ever is there only one shark to focus on.  Remember looking around constantly is the best way to avoid an adverse interaction. Use your best judgement and while I cannot standby without it my best shot I don’t want people to risk their lives when there might be a safer alternative/other people who can help but I totally understand and respect and am grateful those that do go out of their way to help entangled animals and reef when they see them. Please dive with a good very sharp knife and if the line is very deeply embedded aim carefully for the most exposed and don’t feel bad cutting straight into it the small cut is much less serious than the devastation the line can cau

Completely exhausted & 💔 heart broken after looking for this Tiger shark. Please read whole caption & look @ images. I flew to the area to try to find and help her after seeing many images like this (Photo credit @chambersbelow and @thespearo tag on respective photos) she’s obviously slowly being painfully killed due to the severe entanglement from a lot of rope.  Surveying for her as long as I was absolutely able to I was able to find 8 tigers (which is a lot in one area for a migratory species) but sadly she didn’t come by and I am out of time, due to fly out for White Shark Projects. Please DM me direct if you happen to see her and please record the time and tide pattern and GPS if at all possible but I ask that people do not go uncontrollably bait for her because encouraging sharks to come close to shore in areas that the general unaware public heavily uses can encourage a mistaken identity or competitive bite to happen which would result in more negative press for sharks and possibly resulting in harmful reactions from misinformed people in the community without regard to the real culprit, the human influence of baiting them closer to shore.  I am very well aware of this area and studied the human influences on behavior changes in migratory species in this area over ten years ago.  It is a very special area and why I always recommend people not to swim, surf, and snorkel outside of fishing harbors and areas with high fishing due to this study and the increased chances of an adverse interaction when you get unnaturally high numbers of large migratory species competing for space and resources in a small area due to fish scraps being dumped by fishermen in harbors and flowing out on the dropping tide. For those who already know this area I trust you know how special it is to see these sacred and absolutely incredible sharks and how impressive it is knowing what they are capable of and how many people use this area that there has not yet been an adverse interaction.  I refrained from making it public knowledge because there are those within the community that may fear or seek to harm these sharks...More info on how to help in next post I can’t fit all on one p

Join me October 30th to meet: beautiful #GreatWhiteSharks
There is nothing like Great #WhiteSharks ! Departs from #SanDiego #California
Trip is all inclusive except airfare. Enjoy watching these AMAZING AMAZING sharks swimming around the liveaboard vessel all day. No scuba certification needed you can plop into the water throughout the day and enjoy watching or photographing them quite close. I will be on board to share information about on going studies and answer any questions people have about sharks. @juansharks will be on board to help people dial in camera settings and to answer any questions about photographing underwater. Email oneoceandiving@gmail.com or text and One Ocean Ambassador Madi will answer all your questions (she’s been twice now, it gets addicting) 🦈🦈 This is a not for profit trip with proceeds over cost being donated to local research. #greatwhitesharkdiving #learnaboutsharks #greatwhiteshark #whiteshark #meetagreatwhiteshark #whiteshark #sharkresearch #sharkconservation #oceanramsey #gopro3000 #helpsavesharks #savesharks #savetheocean #travel #travelforacause

Sorry for the sad news but need help: This extremely rare, likely pregnant female sandbar shark was found tied to a stake in the beach at #waimeabay and then another this morning. If anyone knows who is killing them please DM me. Please read this #Repost by my #Seaster @shelle_belle_ who summarized a lot of feelings I also share 💔
Repost: “This is a beautiful female sandbar shark, very likely a pregnant one. @oneoceandiving I think we see Tiger sharks at our sites more often than female sandbars.
Recently, sandbars have been seen inside Waimea bay, taking advantage of the bait balls occurring in shore. People were still in the water while these sharks were feeding and not one single attack occurred. Until now. This female was found dragged onshore with rope around her tail and tied to a sand spike. The weight of her body probably crushed her organs as she suffocated and died. And who knows what happened to cause those marks on her head.
These sharks are the reason we have strong fish to eat. The reason why we have a tourism industry. Because we definitely did not help shape the reef systems and species we still have today. It seems all we do is take and consume and leave nothing left for the ocean except for plastic and trash.
I know there's a lot of responsible fishermen on this island and around the world but it's so heartbreaking to see this.
Hawaii(and the world) needs protection FOR sharks. We need to speak up for them before they're gone. #helpsavesharks “ - @shelle_belle_

Check out the body language and behavior of these two female #Tigersharks we found competing around a dead turtle. #RoxyTigerShark #SharkID and #TukiTigerShark mouth closed inspecting this old #turtle #honu drifting. Not minding us much other than to check and make sure we knew our social rank and kept our distance from it, it's exciting to watch how competition can drive and rush things yet they exhibited a very high level of caution and combined parallel swimming and physical checking and near piggy backing along with a combination of approaches towards the very dead turtle. They pushed it out of sight and we never observed them to eat it but they continued to inspect it although their interest in other sharks and potential competitors in the area (us) was just as high if not higher. Goes to show that they don't bite potential prey items perhaps nearly as quickly as some people would expect but your proximity to a dead item could have a serious factor into how they respond and interact which is why I advise always looking around and being aware anytime you visit them #itstheirocean #sharkbehavior #sharkresearch with @oneoceanresearch Join us @oneoceandiving daily trips out to study sharks and enjoy time in the water without the use of a cage which can be done safely by modifying your behavior based on the science and practical aspects of the ecological roles and physiological capabilities. #learnaboutsharks #savesharks #helpsavesharks #oneoceandiving #oneocean #savetheocean #freediving with @juansharks Footage copyright #JuanOliphant #Juansharks #waterinspired @seajewl @mermaid_kayleigh @sharkysophie @oneoceanglobal @oneoceandesigns @oneoceaneducation @waterinspired
Check out @juansharks later for more photos...he obviously got a lot (this is from GoPro on his main camera and you can hear the rapid fire clearly in the GoPro.) sorry forgot to kill the noise.

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