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Oceanic Preservation Society  Team of artists & activist that expose environmental issues & promote advocacy via film & media. Watch our documentaries #TheCove & @racingextinction


Yes! Costa Rica aims to be the first country to stop using "disposable" plastic bags, straws, containers, and utensils!
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via @onegreenplanet
Sky Ocean Rescue, the initiative of a popular European entertainment company that highlights global environmental issues, has created a 30-foot long installation of a whale built out of plastic. The whale’s size is not accidental – it was made out of the same amount of plastic bags, bottles, and straws that are dumped into the ocean every second.
When it comes to issues of such huge proportions like the plastic waste crisis, it is often difficult to fully grasp the size of the problem jbecause the numbers we see are so unimaginably huge. Around 8.8 million tons of plastic end up in the oceans every year – although it is obviously enormous, this number is still quite hard to accurately picture in our minds.
This is why the plastic whale makes such an impact on anyone who sees it! Especially considering the whale is made of plastic that is thrown into the oceans literally every second. Seeing face to face the unbelievable amount of plastic waste that gets into the waters and endangers marine wildlife, it would be difficult not to give the whole issue some serious thought … and perhaps be inspired to take action – or at least we really, really hope so.
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1 DAY LEFT TO OWN A PIECE OF HISTORY: Bob Weir’s Tesla Signed by Dead & Company, Tesla Factory Tour, and Performance Driving Lesson
@bobweir, best known as a founding member and frontman of the iconic @gratefuldead, is offering his 2013 @teslamotors Model S P85+ for auction for the joint benefit of the @leonardodicapriofdn and @oceanicpreservationsociety. Click the link in our bio to access the online auction.
The car has had one owner only – Bob Weir – and you could be next. With just 27,000 miles, this unique and beautifully cared for vehicle is good for many more “long strange trips.” As a special bonus, the front-positioned trunk, or “frunk” was signed by all the members of the currently touring Dead & Company: Bob Weir, Mickey Hart, Bill Kreutzmann, John Mayer, Jeff Chimenti, and Oteil Burbridge. This Tesla was also used as a stunt double for the OPS mobile projection vehicle featured in the Emmy-nominated documentary film @racingextinction.
Learn more about the story behind your Tesla Model S P85+ as you will have an exclusive opportunity to visit Tesla and its ever-expanding Fremont Factory with an exclusive behind the scenes tour of one of the world’s most advanced automotive factories. Enjoy the ultimate Tesla experience when you end your day with an exhilarating performance driving lesson with professional race car driver and Bob Weir's sister-in-law @leilanimunter.

#Repost from our friends at @emptythetanksworldwide
A lot of supporters of captivity talk about how much they "love" the animals at the marine parks. However, this isn't love because what makes them happy requires the enslavement and misery of the animals. This is the key point that pro-caps don't understand. It doesn't matter how much you want to see a dolphin or whale up close. If that experience comes at the cost of the animal's physical, mental and emotional well being, you are thinking only of your happiness, and not theirs.
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This week for #FreedomFriday in collaboration with @keiko_conservation_russia and @cetabase we've decided to feature the Russian dolphinarium @delfinary_rostov (#ростовскийдельфинарий). We're doing these features so that anyone who feels passionately about this issue (hopefully all of you 🤗) can familiarize yourself with the individual facilities, especially with the next #Taiji killing season now looming.
You can visit the @keiko_conservation website to learn a bit more about this facility and a couple ways you can help, even if it's just from your phone or laptop. Go to opsociety.org to learn all about the global movement we created with the film #TheCove or go to cetabase.org to dive in deep on the history and records of captive dolphins.
As always, feel free to repost and spread the word. 🌊
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Beautiful orca, where it belongs, in the WILD.

I am heartbroken by the news that Kasatka, the matriarch orca at SeaWorld San Diego, passed away on Tuesday. Kasatka’s death comes just weeks after the death of her granddaughter, Kyara, who was the last calf born under SeaWorld’s orca breeding program. Kyara was just 3 months old when she died.

Kasatka was less than 2 years old when she was captured from her family off the coast of Iceland and brought to SeaWorld. She gave birth to four calves — for her most recent pregnancy, in 2013, SeaWorld artificially inseminated her even though she was already battling the lung infection that, according to SeaWorld, would eventually kill her.

Please NEVER buy a ticket to a captive whale or dolphin show. 🙏💔🐳 #emptythetanks #blackfish

Double tap if you agree and will NEVER buy a ticket to a captive whale or dolphin show! 🙌💕🐬 #emptythetanks #blackfish #thecove #dolphinproject #thanksbutnotanks

Trash Animals is a series of artworks created by @b0rdalo_ii, an artist born in Lisbon.

The series’s goal is to draw attention to the current crisis of waste production and its effects on the planet. The idea is simple but powerful – it is “to depict nature itself, in this case, animals, out of materials that are responsible for its destruction.” Most of the materials used are so-called “end-of-life” materials found in wastelands, abandoned factories, or at random, while some others are obtained from companies going through a recycling process.

At first sight, the materials make up a cohesive whole, but that vision quickly disintegrates. We then notice the many different objects that the work was made from – like tires, bumpers, old appliances, bicycle wheels, and a whole array of other discarded things.

Learn more here: http://www.bordaloii.com

#Repost @inherentlywild: I am incredibly saddened to announce the death of 39-year-old Kasatka, SeaWorld San Diego's matriarch, who was euthanized by her veterinary team and passed away at 8:25pm on August 15th, 2017. Kasatka had been battling bacterial pneumonia since 2008 and had developed severe lesions on her skin in recent months. Kasatka's vets claimed the pigmentation was not a result of a fungal infection but either a manifestation of her pneumonia or a response to the treatment she was receiving. Despite Kasatka's skin appearing to heal, her health and appetite significantly declined over the past several days leading to her caretakers making the difficult decision to humanely euthanize her to prevent compromising her quality of life.
Captured at approximately a year old in October 1978, Kasatka spent a brief amount of time at Hafnarfjordur Aquarium before being transferred to SeaWorld San Diego. Under SeaWorld's care, Kasatka was moved to SeaWorld's San Diego Park 4 times, the Orlando park 3 times and the Ohio park 6 times within a 5 year period (1982 to 1987). She was a great performer and was frequently shipped around the U.S to line SeaWorld's pocket. In 1988, she was moved to the Texas park until finally being permanently moved to the San Diego park in 1990. Overall, including her initial transport from her capture location to a holding facility, Kasatka was transported 16 times within a 12 year period. Between 1991 and 2017, Kasatka became a mother of four (Takara, Kalia, Nakai and Makani), grandmother of six (Kohana, Trua, Sakari, Kamea, Amaya and Kyara) and great grandmother of two (Adan and Victoria). She will be deeply missed by her family, particularly her youngest calf, Makani, who is only 4-years-old. With the loss of their matriarch, it's unclear how the San Diego pod's structure will function in the future, or who will follow in Kasatka's footsteps and serve the role as matriarch.
Rest in peace, Kasatka.
Never forgotten, forever missed.
Caption: @InherentlyWild
Video: SeaWorld


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Kasatka is DEAD. I tried my hardest to get the media to expose it and force SeaWorld to let the media take pictures of her and what was happening to her. I urged for an independent lab to be able to take the tests-although SeaWorld would never allow that, and for a reason- I loved her and I am so sorry that for so many years a bought into all the BS and thought that THIS was ok. I look so happy in this pic and I remember this moment. If I only had realized then what was happening and how it would all end for all of them. It makes me sick to my stomach I ever supported the cruelty that captivity is. I was naive. I thought since we loved them it made it right, that it made it all ok. Then too many lies and too many cover-ups, too many deaths both the whales and trainers happened and it just all died for me. Now my responsibility is to use all my experience to expose this industry until they too are dead. And SeaWorld knows the things I have exposed are only the tip of the iceberg. What I know will stop them for good. I'm sorry Kasatka.

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@IsabelLucas is campaigning to end dolphin captivity in Australia.🐬💙 #Repost @warriorforanimal
"It's heartbreaking to know that many dolphins are confined in chlorinated pools in Australia"... "Let's choose to see dolphins in the wild, where they belong" - @IsabelLucas campaigning against dolphin captivity in Australia. #EndDolphinCaptivity #EmptyTheTanks #TheCove #DolphinProject

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