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C.R.  ☭Mere Phantoms☭ 🌾Autumn Pool🌾


Next Autumn Pool show is this coming Saturday with Planning for Burial, Midwife, and J.Butler. This is a gorgeous line up and I am so pleased to be hosting it at Roboto. I have a very limited number of tour tapes left, so if you'd like one, please swing by. If you've seen Planning for Burial in the past, you know you won't want to miss this.

Seeing Pg.99 and Majority Rule in DC last night was like living in a dream. Both of these bands (particularly Pg.99) shaped what I desired from music when I very first heard them when I was 15/16 in a tiny rural town. The emotional weight, the raw and often feral power, the unpredictable beauty. These are things that still resonate with me as an adult doing other art and living in other worlds. Reunions and the backward-fetishizing culture around them are always sort of a let down, but this felt pure and simply right. Truly moving. "As long as it's good and has passion"

My road bouquet that I added my last flower to this evening. Playing at the Tub tonight with all my favorites. Message me if you need the address.

Goddaughter pt.2. The tape boss of rural New York.


Time and erosion

Photographical evidence that I'm alive and well and didn't die in mountains of upstate New York. Playing Ithaca, Ny at Sacred Root Kava with the mountain tape master, Goddaughter.

It feels almost like posting about this online tarnishes the true experience, but here we are anyway. Work/Death played (and I don't say this lightly) what I will count as the greatest experimental set I have ever witnessed last night. Completely immersive, utterly emotionally raw and vulnerable, and masterfully constructed, Scott's set left me choked up and emotionally depleted. As a long time fan of 'Phone About to Ring', seeing him in his element, fully engaged in his craft was incredibly fulfilling. Ending with a minimal, delicate cover of Bleeding Love by Leona Lewis sent me over the edge. Eternal hails to you, comrade.

Playing Machines and Magnets in Providence, RI tonight with Work/Death, Charles Allin, and House Red. #hugeconcerts #groupon

Tonight in NYC at Flowers for All Occasions. I'll be wine and dining myself before hand.

Having a very *nice* time at @soniccircuits

As far as DIY goes, there are few as imbued with vision, practicality, humility, and sheer joy as Ryan Stoner. A true working class hero of the arts, captured at his helm this morning for "Take a Failed Investment to Work Day" (that's me). Until 9 months from now, Anthems Boss !

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