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➳ Danielle ⋆•٠ ☾٠•⋆  maker of things, eater of sandwiches, hopelessly in lust with wander. I like my coffee black and my whiskey in my belly. @rootandbirch


Happy birthday mom. You were, are and always will be every bit of stardust that sets the sky ablaze.

bad santa

A photo that I took of the Winter Solstice / Lunar Eclipse of 2010. I was up until the wee hours of dawn laying on a blanket atop snow with some whiskey warmth in my belly to get this shot. This photo is unedited. These are the colors that were in the sky that night.

Little bits around the house 🎄✨

Treats from @sweettolick 😋❤️

The finished product. A tree ornament that I made from a paper towel roll.

Saturday nights are for ornament making. I saved my paper towel and toilet paper rolls for a month to make these. ^_^ they look so good with the glitter on them!🎄

Pistachio pancakes with apple butter and a smoked Gouda, ham, potato and scallion omelette. 😍

Late night writings. This one was about mom.

While you spend this Thanksgiving weekend with your family, reflect on how lucky you are for all that you have.
Remember that there are people who don't have the comfort and support that you have.
I challenge you to do something nice for someone in need this Thanksgiving.
If you can find the time to make even a small contribution, a little bit can go a long way.
If you don't have money to contribute, you can make phone calls and write letters to voice your feelings on certain issues.
Help The Standing Rock Sioux tribe as they brave the seasonal elements through gas and water attacks while they fight the Dakota Access Pipe Line:

Help refugees and children of Syria as their lives are torn apart by war:

Donate to Veterans who are living with mental and physical health issues:

You can donate to an animal rescue sanctuary like Woodstock. Woodstock Animal Sanctuary accepts monetary donations, allows you to sponsor an animal or donate goods.

Donate to clinical studies and medical research of your choice or find a local blood drive and donate blood or plasma. Your donation could save a life.

Fill backpacks or pocketbooks with food, waterbottles, hand sanitizer, mouth wash, underwear, sanitary napkins and tampons and hand them out to the homeless.