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➳ Danielle ⋆•٠ ☾٠•⋆  maker of things, eater of sandwiches, hopelessly in lust with wander. I like my coffee black and my whiskey in my belly. @rootandbirch





east coast oysters, lobster eggs Bennie and a bacon infused Bloody Mary✨ 😍

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A peaceful escape beneath cherry blossom trees. ✨

✨DIY Easter baskets. If you still haven't made yours yet, here's an idea! ✨Arrange some pretty flowers on the front on your baskets and glue them in place. The baskets and flowers here are from dollartree. I filled the baskets with paper "grass" instead of plastic. If you have access to a paper shredder, you can shred any paper that you have lying around to make the grass. The dollar store also sells paper grass as an option. It's the same price, looks prettier and it's a more environmentally friendly option than the plastic grass! You can fill your baskets with candles, candies and seeds to plant. 🐣

Sundays are for coffee, @sweettolick pastries and someone's small Dave Eggers book collection found in a thrift shop for 25 cents a piece and re homed as my bedfellows. Do you ever wonder who owned your books before you when you've purchased them secondhand?

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