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Just cause 🍋

Happy birthday to the love of my life @ileanamabel 😍💖💕 seriously the most amazing person I've met since I've moved here and such a beautiful person inside and out #shecrazytho #andloud #butitsbecauseshesdominican #alsobootygoals #futurenurse #alsoachef #shesmygf #truelove

My faves 💕☀️


Keep it 100 id rather you trust me than to love. me

Ya hair smell like the tropics ya body look nice 🌴 #happyearthday

Look inside of my soul and you can find gold and maybe get rich 🌻

Ok I'm done now lol
#myfeedwasugly #ifixedittho

Morena 🌺

I spent so long thinking/being told I was ugly because of my skin color and now it's my most embraced feature 👸🏿👸🏾👸🏽👸🏼
#melaninmagic ✨🌞

Lush 🌺

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