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Obinna Nnebue  Director. screenwriter. Poet. Composer. Artistic Director. Contestant of Script2Screen Africa 2018. BWE TV Content Writer. Jaguar Head.

Wonders of yesterday conceives the encounter of tomorrow.
Play by the books not the hooks.
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There were days we ride or die
Now we just ride to ✈ :#hustle #truth #vision #mindset #gift #favour #grace

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Just there

Wet Flame

Looking into the world, I saw suffering, I saw corpses littered all over the small village we just got posted to. There were many burnt houses and vehicles. Bullet holes on every wall, I could even see a small slimy black snake crawl within the small hole as black as its skin. Nothing was alive in this place, it's been. abandoned and desolate.
The smell of decay provoked my nose, it was unavoidably in the air and I must breathe. ‘God! Why me! ’ One of the my colleague wailed. We haven't really known ourselves but we all knew why we were posted here. A war is raging, and it's not stopping. So they keep catching boys like us and forcing us to serve our fatherland in the favour of some weak untouchable greedy men. I watched the young man crashed his knee against the ground, he looked in circles with horror in his weeping eyes bitterly detested. It must have been the dead bodies of even women and children rotten with moving maggots that pumped his emotions.
General Guru, a furious soldier with the look of an angel. He was assigned to lead us in this mission. But I'm sure he never liked the order, one could tell by the way he treats us. The young soldier was still on his knees when Guru walked wearily towards him and gave him his pistol. ‘Now you have the power to help yourself from this misery; shoot.’ The helpless soldier watched his general with an empty reflex. He's finding it hard to believe Guru asked him to shoot himself. ‘That's an order soldier!’ ‘Yes sir!’ the poor soul cried out and pulled the trigger with the gun pointed to his temple. I watched the tragedy in a questionable silence like everyone else, and it stayed that way until Guru picked up his pistol and cleaned the blood on it with the dead soldier's uniform. We all finally took our gaze else where as he spat on the carcass. ‘Coward’. BOOM! A shell from the sky had struck the earth, we all panicked for cover as dead bodies were flying in pieces in the air on any landed bomb. The enemy had spotted us, and they will not leave until the whole village is covered in flames like an ocean.
To Be Continued.
Written By Obinna Nnebue

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