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These are some of the dogs in our office - Max, Tonks, Tamale and Banksy. I couldn’t imagine them being on someone’s dinner plate. But in Indonesia every day, thousands of dogs, most of them stolen pets, are slaughtered for their meat. It’s heartbreaking and cruel. Join me and @HSIGlobal for the #DogMeatFreeIndonesia campaign to put a stop to this brutal and inhumane practice.  hsi.org/stopthecruelty

In the 80’s, skateboarding’s popularity plummeted and the death of commercial skate parks across the country lead to the emerging scene of DIY backyard ramps and sidewalk jump-ramps. Garry Scott Davis (GSD) created the first skate zine “Skate Fate” in 1981 bringing skate news from the streets, pools, and half-pipes to kids eager to get an unfiltered view into the world of their favorite emerging skate heroes.
#DIY: The History of Creative Culture in Skateboarding opens tomorrow @subliminalprojects - created and curated by @skateboardmuseum, @skatelab / @skateboardinghalloffame, and @factbrand. To attend the opening reception RSVP at subliminalprojects.com. Special thanks to @vans!

Another huge thanks to @hublot! It’s exciting to officially announce our collaboration together. If you collect art and you collect watches then check out the Big Bang Meca-10 Shepard Fairey. It’s an exclusive timepiece co-designed with one of the world’s most innovative luxury watchmakers. The #Texalium case of the Big Bang showcases a collage pattern that mimick’s my fine artwork and motifs Check it out! #HublotShepardFairey #HublotLovesArt

Thank you @hublot for the collaboration. Official launch of the #HublotShepardFairey Big Bang Meca 10 Shepard Fairey is now available. Check out stories and @hublot for more!

My wife Amanda and I went to see Franz Ferdinand at the Wiltern last night and they sounded AWESOME. We’ve seen them a bunch, but they just seem to be getting better and better live. Our studio used to be on the 2nd floor of the Wiltern, so it was nice to be back in the building, especially when the amazing theater is filled with amazing sounds. The band Priests opened and they were great too.

@franz_ferdinand #franzferdinand

In conjunction with the opening of #DIY: The History of Creative Culture in Skateboarding at my gallery @subliminalprojects, I’m releasing a print, as well as a limited edition hand-stenciled version this Saturday, May 19th at the opening reception. I’m DJing throughout the night along with my friend @hawkins_alfred, so stop by, buy a print, and check out the exhibit! Doors open at 7pm. To attend RSVP at subliminalprojects.com.
This Prevent Police Boredom print is an updated version of my first “art” screen print (a print on paper rather than just on a t-shirt) from 1989. Long before I was arrested for street art, I was being hassled and arrested by the cops for skateboarding. I was inspired by the skateboard culture maxim of “question authority” and Black Flag’s song “Police Story” and created this image of a kid holding a skateboard being grabbed by a cop. I thought this would be a great image to update for the #DIY skateboard show at @SubliminalProjects because the first versions I made of Prevent Police Boredom for a sticker and a t-shirt included the text “Prevent police boredom… skateboard” in Old English, but my art teacher told me to leave the text off of the print on paper... which I later realized was shitty advice! I now have a poster version of the art which includes that essential text and I made 25 versions with different hand-stenciled backgrounds with my tributes to classic 80’s skate and punk iconography. Each of the stenciled versions has unique embellishment. -Shepard

Prevent Police Boredom. 18 x 24 inches. Screenprint on white Speckle Tone paper. Signed by Shepard Fairey. Numbered edition of 450. $50. Available Saturday, May 19 @ 7PM (PDT) at @subliminalprojects (in-store only) and Tuesday, May 22 @ 10AM (PDT) on ObeyGiant.com in Store under Prints. Limit 1 per person/household.

I've been a fan of @theshrine since Josh Landau gave me their first CD at a Flag show several years ago. The Shrine are younger guys who skate, and they channel OG Venice and South Bay hardcore along with heavy staples like Black Sabbath, Motorhead, and Thin Lizzy. I was excited to work on this 7" design because the song "Never More Than Now" is a great song for this moment in American politics and includes guest singer Keith Morris, the first singer of Black Flag who went on to form and front The Circle Jerks and Off. The first hardcore show I ever saw in 1986 was The Circle Jerks at a high school gymnasium outside of Charleston, South Carolina, so I've long been a fan of Keith Morris. Get the record on sale tomorrow! - Shepard
The SHRINE Never More Than Now 7” Record
Collaboration with Obey Records, Art by Shepard Fairey ON SALE TOMORROW
For sale 5/15 on ObeyGiant.com in the Store under Collectibles
$10, signed not numbered

#obey #obeyrecords #theshrine #keithmorris

Check out DIY skateboards, clothing, zines, various ephemera and artifacts in, #DIY: The History of Creative Culture in Skateboarding, opening May 19th @subliminalprojects ! To attend the opening reception 7-10pm RSVP at subliminalprojects.com - see you there!
Created and curated by @skateboardmuseum, @skatelab / @skateboardinghalloffame, and @factbrand

@beyondthestreetsart is arguably the most ambitious survey of artists connected to street art and graffiti that has ever been put together. It was curated by my longtime friend @RogerGastman, who was co-curator of MOCA’s Art in the Streets show. Beyond The Streets includes over 100 artists and has the historical rigor of the Art in the Streets show, but adds a number of contemporary artists who are working in the streets currently or evolved from street culture. If you’re able to get to the show, give yourself a couple of hours because it’s well worth it, there’s a lot to absorb. - Shepard

#streetart #graffiti #beyondthestreets #obey 📷 by @jonathanfurlong

I'm excited to be collaborating with @modernica on a limited edition Case Study (R) Fiberglass Shell Chair, because I've been a fan of that chair design and #Modernica for many years. When my wife and I first moved to Los Angeles, we purchased a few of those chairs from Modernica's store on Beverly and have used and loved them ever since. When given the opportunity to create my own custom version of this iconic chair, I chose to use the collage and patterns that have become signature motifs in my work which showcase recognizable elements of my imagery but also appeal as a nod to classic home decor pattern design. I’m excited to be a part of the @beyondthestreetsart show and I think this collaboration exemplifies the philosophy that artwork with origins in the streets can manifest in unexpected places. -Shepard

#ShepardFairey x #Modernica developed 500 chairs available exclusively through the @beyondthestreets Gift Shop available NOW starting at $495. The exhibition and gift shop are located at 1667 N. Main Street in Los Angeles and are open Tuesday - Sunday, noon-7pm through July 6.
#obey #obeygiant #beyondthestreets

The Cut it Up - Do it Yourself print is an iteration of my Obey Icon Face inspired by my history of using an X-acto knife to create designs, make collages, cut spray-paint stencils, and cut illustrations from Rubylith (a graphic art and screen printing film). Many of my well-known images, including the Obey Icon Face, were created using an X-acto, a marker, a photocopier, and cut and paste techniques before I knew how to use a computer. The computer is a great tool, but it can be too safe and sterile… Don’t be afraid to cut things up, make mistakes, and get some overspray on pristine paper!

Cut It Up - Do it Yourself. 18 x 24 inches. Screenprint on cream Speckle Tone paper. Signed by Shepard Fairey. Numbered edition of 550. $50. Available Tuesday, May 8 at 10AM (PDT) on ObeyGiant.com. Limit 1 per person/household.
A limited amount of these prints will be available at #BeyondtheStreets gift shop for this weekend’s opening in Los Angeles, May 6 - July 6, 2018. Follow @beyondthestreetsart for more information!

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