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Welcome To Aaliyah Page🗣👋🏾  •Aaliyah World🌎•A.k.A Tachi 😇•23 Baller🏀• Child Of God 👼🏽• o2|11• Chapter 1️⃣3️⃣•Fwmsc :Tachiona51📱 •

To cute for you all ❣️😘❣️ #springfling2017

Happy mother day❣️ to the one and only Mother👩‍❤️‍👩 that all ways been there for Aaliyah 😍you rise me so good🙌🏽I will always be there for you 💕you will be have in something when I see you 😘 you ready get drunk today so get ready I got that Hennessy 🍺in my cup 🍹once again happy mother day ily 😘 @c0nceit3dami__i_am

❣️I wanna take this time out and wish you a very special birthday 🎉Raheem Dantrell Harvey II is my favorite brother👫 this is my blood brother👫even doe it not 12:00 but it okay....🤷🏼‍♀️it really no need for a paragraph but happy birthday Raheem it a big 6️⃣ I miss you 💕

The two girls 👯I will always ride with 🚗 my two back bone 👳🏽‍♀️ them my girls 👭 but good after noon shamya and zyer 😻.........

Can't wait tell this year 🏀❤ @qveen__.m @shotsonjayy13 @callme.zy @callme._bre @___onnaa @princess.shyy let's eat this year 🏀🍫😍

Can't wait but these mii shooter 🏀❣️ @qveen__.m and also my self ❣️💁🏻

Tasty crush Tuesday ❣️🍫😍

Bestfriend you know I am going to have your back👈🏼👉🏽 throw rain ☔️ slick or snow ❄️ you my dog 🙈even doe you didn't txt me Bach g but oh well!!!!! #bestfriend #wcw❤️ #rideordiechick💕


Sometimes people need to understand......

I might not got no squad but I do have family....😛👪✌

I am aaliyah😍💜

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