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Finale night gathers, and now your watch begins. The Night’s Watch - Oban Bay Reserve is best sipped slowly and watchfully. Enjoy the full @gameofthrones Single Malt Scotch Whisky Collection before it all ends.

May spring cleaning leave you neat and tidy this weekend... emphasis on the neat.

From the peat harvested throughout Scotland to the water sourced from a loch three miles away, Oban is uniquely Scottish. Except for one thing... Oban 14 Year Old is aged in these American white oak barrels. We’re all about balance around here.

In honor of the final season, sip along with the @gameofthrones Single Malt Scotch Whisky Collection and get an authentic taste of the Seven Kingdoms. Enjoy responsibly.

All of the peat used to make Oban is harvested in Scotland.
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The malted barley Oban uses travels 160 miles by road from the Maltings at Burghead near Elgin in Speyside.
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The Oban distillery could speed up their process to create more whisky each year, but if they shortened the time in the washback’s the whisky would lose the fruity character, and if they ran the stills harder/faster/hotter they would lose the gentle character and make a harsher whisky.
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The fermented wort is heated in Oban's copper pot wash still to separate out alcohol from water. The vapor rises through the still and is condensed back into liquid in the worm tub condenser.
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Cooled wort is filled in to the wooden wash backs and yeast is added.
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It takes 50 hours in the wash backs to generate all the alcohol needed to make whisky, yet Oban leaves the wort in the wash back for 110 hours to create the traditional flavors.
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Oban’s mash tun does only 6 mashes per week, but it could do more, but following a traditional process limits the supply of whisky Oban can produce in a week.
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Grist is fed into a mash tun and mixed with hot water from Oban's water source.
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