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his long lost brother, kantye  💛229k oats 💛 ~

(artist: ??) who remembers this comic? probably one of my favourites sksksk also if anyone knows the artist pls let me know =)

(artist: @ketnipz) waffles or pancakes?

(artist: @artbymoga) i hate to be that person but... reminder that y'all probably have an unfinished project that you should start working on ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

(artist: @cubemelt) caption this =)

(artist: @didin3d) honestly one of my fave artists!! i really like the cute drawing style and sweet ideas for the comics, be sure to follow them!! they deserve more support ♥️

(artist: @deadfacecomics) me rn.. i just can't sleep anymore. like before exam season i was watching tv shows and listening to music and doing things that i like but i don't have time for that anymore.. i'm just waiting for summer so that school and friends are out of the way yknow?

(artist: @momentoons) ah one of my favourite artists on ig!! follow @momentoons for more comics like these =)

(artist: @jakelikesonions) it be like this a lot

(artist: @cubemelt) the tortoise and the ice cube =)

(artist: @thesquarecomics) spring day actually such a nice song ty to whoever introduced me to it

(artist: @berkeleymews) pool safety

(artist: @cubemelt) how's your saturday going? i'm stressing about a math exam on monday that i'm avoiding studying for sMh

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