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Oatly  Our goal is to deliver products that have maximum nutritional value and minimal environmental impact. Share your oatsomeness and tag #oatly

Plant-based drinks have an image problem. People think they have too little protein. We might ask, too little for whom? Not for an average person at least, because most of us get more than the recommended amount of protein. Maybe a social media post featuring this vegan person who eats only plant-based protein and who’s wearing a cow head for no apparent reason will help.

The colors used in this post are extremely catchy, or at least there is some blue, which is rather positive because it is the same type of color used in the packaging of our original oat drink which of course is not a coincidence because this post is, after all, an attempt to get you interested in oat drink which, if you haven’t tried it yet, is a real treat.

Imagine all the cars on all the roads in all the cities on the planet. Then throw in all the planes, boats and trains too. This next part is hard to imagine so we’ll just tell you — all of them added together create less greenhouse gases than the dairy and meat industries. Anyone feel like imagining a nice glass of oat drink?

This might be the most inclusive moussaka ever made. Yes, that is a ridiculous statement but it also might be true since this is a vegan moussaka made with our Creamy Oat so vegans, non-vegans, normally-not-vegan-but-sometimes-flexi-veggie-person-tarians and people who read ridiculous statements on the internet are all included in its delicious inclusiveness.

Our designer spent days carefully considering the colors for this organic oat drink carton so that they'd evoke the subtle, natural hues of tree branches and clear blue sky and he is definitely so totally good with the writer's decision to have the clear blue sky screaming Buy Now! in a giant starburst on the side.

Don't you hate it when you think you’re looking at a picture from your favorite travel blogger’s most recent foray into the city of Los Angeles, only to read deeper into the caption and discover that it is actually just a photo from your favorite oat drink company? Well that’s the internet for you.

Yes, the angle of tilt on this carton of oat drink is designed in a way that encourages you to tilt your head slightly to the right which in turn is scientifically unproven to make you more interested in trying new things, like this carton of oat drink.

This guy just walked by our poster wearing the number 7 on his back which means that we will be lucky from now on and that people we don’t even know yet will ask their favorite barista if they could perhaps try that new Barista Edition oat drink, not knowing at all what made them ask their favorite barista if they could perhaps try that new Barista Edition oat drink.

Here's our Creamy Oat Fraiche and its new headline hanging out in the kitchen, which isn’t surprising since it’s great in so many recipes. What might be surprising is that many talented writers brainstormed to come up with this headline. We had: So oatmazing, T-oat-ally fraiche, Fraiche outta Sweden, and Oat no we didn’t! …so yes, we went with, It's so fraiche!

When you bring Orange Mango oat drink to Easter dinner, don’t forget to grab it and take it inside or someone might walk by, snap a photo, and put it on their company’s social media feed as their Easter post because it’s that super charming and springtime-y. Happy Easter!

This dog is a dog, so she has no way of indicating that this is a paid partnership with Oatly and to be fair it is actually an unpaid partnership with Oatly so we will just pretend like this post never really happened. As long as you remember that Oatly is now available at a growing number of retailers in the US, everything will be fine.

Hi it’s me, social media writer person, asking for your help with some sustainability math. Please answer below and show your work, of course. If globally, at least 25% of human climate impact comes from food, and the meat and dairy industries create over 1/2 of that 25%, what percentage of total human climate impact is being created by the meat and dairy industries?

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