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Oatly  Our goal is to deliver products that have maximum nutritional value and minimal environmental impact. Share your oatsomeness and tag #oatly

It’s International Vitamin D Day! Not really. But we hope you'll try to be a little excited about this post anyway since every day can't have the glamour of international pizza or banana bread day. Inevitably, there are going to be days when oat drink makers want to talk about things like vitamin D, and this is one of those days. So the vitamin D in oat drink increases your body’s absorption of other nutrients like calcium and phosphate. It's one of the few vitamins that can be difficult to get enough of, so isn’t it nice that you can get yours by drinking our enriched oat drinks and isn’t it also nice that you've made it to the end of this post about vitamin D? Congratulations.

If you are one of those really good cooks who never measures anything and everything still ends up being amazing, you might like to know that you can do that same not measuring thing with our creamy oat cooking cream in exactly the same way you would do it with dairy cooking cream and everything will still end up being exactly as amazing, only dairy-free. So okay, more amazing.

Corporate BS is everywhere. But it doesn't matter because you are totally onto it, right? Or is it possible that you are experiencing it so often that it has kind of become invisible? In the face of rampant exclamation points, countless overpromises, USPs, calls-to-action and optimized crawling bots or whatever, can you say you are forming all of your own opinions and not being led into consuming more than you need? And since this post about falling for sales tricks is on the social media feed of a company that sells products, should you avoid falling for this too?

Why did we make this video about seven posters we made about another poster we made to get people to try Barista Edition oat drink, then still make this Instagram post to show you the video about the posters we made to get people to try Barista Edition oat drink? Is it because if all 114,000 of our followers or even just the obligatory 3.7% watch this video a couple of times, our media analytics person, Andreas, will be working out the impressions or engagements or whatever for so long, he’ll be too busy to remind us yet again that we really need to shorten our Instagram captions to improve impressions or engagements or whatever? And since you're still reading these highly ineffective 779 characters, would you mind letting Andreas know by watching the video, too? Cool.

Oh hey, it’s me, social media writer person, unimaginatively breaking the fourth wall yet again to say that this is my favorite food photo for reasons that are probably so obvious, there's really no need for any caption at all. So I guess I’ll take the rest of the day off. Maybe I'll make some pancakes. Apparently, you just swap cow's milk for oat drink in any pancake recipe, but don't quote me on that. I’m off the clock.

To fully experience the potential impact of climate change, continue to drink cow's milk, eat meat and live your life unchanged.

We usually make a big deal about our healthy oats; beta-glucans, vitamins and unsaturated fat. And if you run into us at a party, you'll want to avoid the topic of good vs. bad carbs unless you want to spend your evening in a deep conversation about the mysteries of carbohydrates. But with our new ice cream, we are sort of doing the opposite of what we usually do. Without having cleared any of this with the nutritionist, it could be said that our new ice cream breaks all our own records for unhealthiness, imbalance and general reckless abandon. And we actually think that is a pretty great thing, not just because it could make us more popular at parties, but because if you are going to have an ice cream, why not have an ice cream?

We make Oatly products to help people upgrade their lives, and we figure even people who have clearly already mastered the art of living every moment to the absolute most epic amazingness can still appreciate what oat drink can do for them.

If you have not heard that switching from cow's milk to oat drink saves the planet 80% greenhouse gas emissions, here is a post letting you in on that statistic, and if you have already heard that switching from cow's milk to oat drink saves the planet 80% greenhouse gases, this post will be a bit boring so please don't feel like you have to read it.

It’s World Plant Milk Day!!!!!! Isn’t that great? A day for us, a maker of plant milk! We should celebrate, we should make an Instagram post, we should make a Facebook post, maybe we could make our very first Instagram story so you could follow the life of a plant milk maker on plant milk day and feel like you know us even more than you know us. These of course are all the random thoughts looping around in our heads in anticipation of trying to attract attention to what we do on that one special day of the year that has been awarded to us by the International Committee of Commercial Calendar Makers. Or we could just blow this day off, and not give it any specific relevance because if you think about it, making plant milk instead of cow’s milk is a 365 day a year commitment that should not be celebrated today, but every single day. That would probably raise hell with the International Committee of Commercial Calendar Makers but it’s impossible to make everyone happy these days, so screw them.

In 2017, all the energy used in our production facility in Sweden came from renewable sources. Of course, it's important to celebrate your successes, so our happiness with this accomplishment will last until the end of this sentence. Okay, that was nice, now on to figuring out how we can do better.

Thanks to everyone including @leandramcohen who caught the typo on one of our US packages where there is a to, too many. It would be a shame, however, if we felt compelled to go back to human copywriters because of this one simple mistake. The robots were writing such great copy for us, but they have a weakness in that they are unable to proofread backwards and therefore are incompetent when it comes to catching excessive to’s (that’s the wrong way to spell the plural of to, isn’t it?). The matter of course is under consideration, but a step backwards to using real humans is a sensitive issue for the robots and therefore not something that we will consider lightly, at least not as long as the robots are in charge.

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