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Olivia Allen-Price ⚡️  Journalist @kqednews in San Francisco. Bay Curious Podcast Host/Editor. Running. Biking. Yoga. Cocktails. Adventures. #oisellevolée

It's a wrap on #baytobreakers! This has become one of my favorite days of the year in San Francisco. It's like Halloween, only bigger! People run in so many amazing costumes, the spectators are partying hard and the city comes alive in a way only SF can. I even love all the naked runners. 😜 Where else can you run bare-assed through the streets without police blinking an eye? I ran the race easy so I could soak it all in and not hurt myself. Just a tiny break from my running hiatus, I promise! Back to the bike tomorrow... #flystyle #spandos

Reservoir views today! 🚴🏼‍♀️💨 A calf strain has me sidelined from running for a bit. I'm frustrated because I've had so many little injuries this past year. It seems like one thing after another. But with no goal races on the horizon, I'm hoping to build up my strength and flexibility in hopes of setting myself up for lots of fast miles this fall. I have not been patient during injury time outs in the past. Perhaps I'll give it a try this time. [
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There are so many amazing parks within driving distance, Sam and I have pledged to try and hike or run a new one every weekend we're in town this summer. This Sunday we explored Calero County Park, south of San Jose. Steep fire roads make for a challenging run (we hiked a ton!), but periodically the trail ducks into the forest for a flat and shady reprieve. Stunning views of the South Bay and lots of wildflowers to examine. 👍🏼

I've been feeling guilty for neglecting my road bike all winter. Aside from commute miles, it hasn't seen much action while I was marathon training. Hoping this morning's ride is just the beginning of a wonderful summer of cycling! Sorry Not Sorry for the obligatory GGB shot. 😉 Thanks for the photo, @lindseyinsf!

🎶 Into the woods,
It's time to go,
I hate to leave,
I have to go.
Into the woods-
It's time, and so
I must begin my journey. 🎶

California sucks. Don't come.

What a treat to share my first run since the Boston Marathon with new SFRC BayBirds teammates! Hit up a 7-mile out and back on trail through Tennessee Valley to the beach. It was just what I needed to rinse the remaining soreness out of my legs. Feeling lighter and more fluid. 👍🏼It was so exciting to hear about everyone's upcoming races!

I FINISHED THE BOSTON MARATHON! Incredibly thankful to this city for showing unparalleled support out there, Sara and Sam for hustling to see me three times along the course and these two legs of mine for scratching out a sub-4 finish (3:56:26). It may not have been the day I know I'm capable of, but it was still the very best, most amazing day. Thank you, everyone! .
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There is comfort in the pre-race rituals -- the pasta dinner, pinning your number to your bib, laying out your kit, doing some yoga. What happens on race day is only so predictable, so I cling to these last moments of absolute control. There are a lot of variables in play for me tomorrow. More than I would like. The heat. A whisper of a lingering injury. The emotional tide I know I'll be swimming against during the first 6 miles. Some wobbly confidence. But I'm trying to push all of that aside and focus on the joy in this endeavor. I spent some time this morning thinking of what words I'll use to propel me to the finish line. I'm a word person, so this is perhaps my favorite part of the pre-race ritual ... "Come what may, I'm here to slay." 💁🏼
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Last May, the morning after I ran my first marathon and qualified for Boston, I hobbled into a gift shop that sold coffee and stumbled upon this stuffed unicorn in the kid's section. The unicorn is the symbol of the B.A.A., and has become the defacto mascot of the #BostonMarathon. I'm not usually one to buy frivolous knick knacks, but I was still high with excitement so I forked over a few extra bucks with my cappuccino to make it mine. I named her Ventura after the town where my marathon finished, and she's been sitting on my vanity for almost a year now ... reminding me of what's ahead, boosting my confidence on days it's waining and inspiring me to reach just a little bit higher. Today I board the plane for Boston. She will too. 🦄

Family walks set the stage for the best talks.

We are officially in SPF 50 season in San Mateo. ☀️🔥🏃🏽‍♀️😅

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