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Olivia Allen-Price ⚡️  Journalist @kqednews in San Francisco. Running. Biking. Yoga. Cocktails. Adventures. #oisellevolée

The afternoon mist was moody in Pacifica yesterday. 👌🏼 Also: Is it creepy I sometimes take pictures of other people's dogs?

Getting closer to unlocking achievement level: ski bum.

Hello from a volcano in the middle of Oregon! 👋🏼 #spinstagram

Seven magical and snowy miles through Bend, Ore. this morning. Though given all this snow, I'm ready to get out of these sneakers and onto my skis! Mt. Bachelor, here we come.

"Get lost" is good advice, really.

This one. ❤️

Happy day as the miles flew by with this joyful squad. Just what I needed! It's been a challenging month for my running as I've combated an injury and had to adjust my training schedule. I'm a little panicked about Boston, but trying to focus on managing my injury so I can get back on track. Today was very promising -- 12 miles at MP+45 with minimal issues. Hoping I can start to ramp up the training a bit now. 🤞🏽

Good morning from one of the last places on the planet that gets to say that every day. 🌎

The moon is not made of cheese, but sometimes I am. 🧀

Getting our ski legs back this weekend. There is SO MUCH SNOW. Not exaggerating when we say waist deep. If you get stuck, it feels like crawling out of ball pit at Playland. 😝

Snow is peace.

Merry Christmas from the Price-Davenport-Allen-Wise Fam! 🎄