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Oak & Oscar  Independent watch company doing cool things with great people. Based in Chicago. #oakandoscar

Happy #whiskeyfriday #watchfam!

It’s been a fascinating, unbelievably tiring, and extremely rewarding week. We’re excited to host @horologicalsocietyofny and their Traveling Education Program for the third year. The lectures and people we meet are amazing, and It’s become one of our favorite times of the year here at HQ.

What are you sipping on tonight?

@scotsman.co and @erinapier from HGTV’s Home Town stopped by the HQ for some pizza and watch talk.

Always great chatting with folks who also own small businesses with amazing customers.

If you’ve seen their show, I can confirm that they are the same funny, joke-cracking folks in real life. Had a blast!

Reorganizing the office before @horologicalsocietyofny takes over this weekend for classes. Always nice to go through stuff and purge, organize and get more efficient. I get all anxious having my things in new places but eventually it’ll be for the better! I hope! 😂

Whew. After some bad weather in Chicago that stranded us at the airport with two kids for five hours we made it home last night around 11pm...a very long travel day, but you know what? We kinda had fun. Little Oak made friends with other kids on the flight and they played at the gate for a good four hours before anyone even got cranky.
I mean, there's no sugar coating it, the delay sucked and the flight felt like it took forever, but in the end it wasn't all that bad. Now, on to a crazy busy week!

Happy #whiskeyfriday #watchfam!

I’m out in California this weekend enjoying the sunshine with family while our Creative Director John holds down the fort. He sent me this awesome photo of the grey Humboldt on our custom nylon strap.

Apparently he broke out the good stuff! An amazing Burnham Owner brought over this bottle of Elmer T. Lee when he came to visit. Such a tasty bottle of single barrel bourbon. Thanks Derek!

What are you guys drinking tonight?

Palm trees #wis style

Headed to Cali for some family fun. Bezel set to Swiss time to make sure I keep all the call times straight!

Happy Thursday #watchfam!

Long, fun, productive day. Humboldt Owners have hopefully checked their emails 😉

Now it’s time to head home for some family time!

So proud of everything about the Humboldt - from the bracelet we designed to the canvas watch wallets we make right here in Chicago. I know I'm partial but hot damn I love this watch.

Here's a quick shot from our factory tour a couple weeks ago. The Navy Humboldt is sitting on what will become the suede flap that helps protect your watch. It's stitched on in a very special way to apply just enough pressure to stay put but still be flexible enough to pull up for easy access. It's all in the details folks!

Love this shot of the Burnham by @montysplayground!

It was -21F two days ago and now it’s 50F. A 71 degree change!! Holy moly!

Little Oak and I are playing at the local park aka melted ice swamp. It’s wet. So wet!

Happy Sunday #watchfam!

Happy Friday #watchfam! We've had a chill Friday afternoon reviewing video (coming soon!) footage and chatting about this past week and what's in store for next week.

We're sipping on @woodfordreserve Double Oaked tonight - I'm a big fan of the extra oak flavor. Helps you think it's older juice than it actually is 😂

What are guys drinking tonight?

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