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MichaelAngelo Sanders  Music, food and fitness, true beauty, tats, cameras, and Magic Hour! It's a photo/video life for me!! FB@ouramericanculture


Calibration time, come on! #edit #production #shortfilm

Got to love free online tutorials! What better way to break in your beastly, newly built computer! Learning 3d software! #blender

The knee is feeling pretty good this morning! #fitness #workingonit #liveloveslay

So all this work and it looks like #AdobePremiere doesn't even support dual monitors like I thought it would. Does anyone know how to work this without undocking panels and getting all confused??

Hi! This is my new lover Eden! She is very high maintenance and demands lots of money to be spent on her. In return, she'll do anything that I ask! 😈
Fractal Design R5 case
X99-A2 M.B.
Intel i7-6800k processor
Corsair H100i v2 liquid cooler
Dual Zotac Amp 1080 G.P.U.
64 GB 2133hz Kingston DDR4 ram
1000 G2 EVGA Supernova P.S.U.

Was literally up all night putting her together! So far it's a success. I'll have to do better cable management but she is live! Now it's time to go through the BIOS and get my settings straight, then get an Operating System. It's too bad I have to work both jobs today because I just want to play! #Eden

So these guys mean so much to me right now. I made the decision a year ago that I wanted to build my own computer/workstation to upgrade to over my BARELY capable laptop for creation purposes. I've been preaching DIY for years to people about all of life and now finally have the opportunity to do it myself for something of my own. This build has taken working 2 jobs and picking up any photo/video work I could find. I'll eventually add a large capacity spinning drive for assets and archiving, and with more saving a M.2 drive strictly for project files! These beauties though are more than enough to bring life to my "Eden!" Here's to hoping it all works, (because building your own often fails from incorrect parts!)! #PNY #SanDisk

I wonder if this is how Dr Frankenstein, Dr Wily, and Dr Gero all felt while they were constructing labs for their work! Eden is so close to her birth that I can almost taste her! (yeah, that sounds nasty but that's just me!) #EVGA

Your face 🤓 when you find out that cute girl you like has a twin! #GTX1080 #zotacampedition #michaelangelomultimedia

Thought processes 64 times! #MichaelAngeloMultimedia #KingstonDDR4

Damn babygirl! All that junk you carrying! You need to come home with me immediately! #nvidia #Zotac #gtx1080 #MichaelAngeloMultimedia

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