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Davina O Hernandez (Coach)  #lupusadvocate 💜 #SLP #coowner of DSP. GO FOLLOW 👉🏽 @dixonsportsperformance #softballcoach #formerplayer #umasssoftball #PRSoftball 2007-2010 🇵🇷

We had a great practice today. It was supposed to rain but somehow the sun was shining and the clouds were moving so fast they looked like they were flying across the sky. And I think I know why 💜 #softball #softballcoach #fastpitchsoftball #knights #fitted

F Society. F unrealistic, unreasonable standards. L💜VE Y💜URSELF! #selflove #anysizeisbeautiful #buildupwomen #societysucks


Only player I ever played against who bruised my palm on a ball she hit (and I caught). FYI: I was in right field, not in the infield. THAT’S how hard she hit the ball. When I was in middle and high school @natashawatley29 was my idol. I told everyone I wanted to play at UCLA because of Natasha (right @laureenk333 lol). I went from idolizing her to competing against her on the opposite side of the diamond within a span of a decade. Always set your bar high, dream big, and never give up! #fastpitchsoftball #usasoftball #pursoftball #softball #prsoftball

Tough times don’t last forever, but amazing memories do 💜 #costarica #jacobeach #playahermosa #sunsets #sunkissed #jacosunsets #wintervacation

From then (2011) to now (2019), through good times and bad....I’m lucky to share every moment with you by my side. Happy birthday to the love of my life 💜

Although the last several weeks have been filled with lots of labs, tests, dr and hospital visits, etc... 1 thing I was able to do (without over exerting myself lol 😜) was @andre_dixon2’s hair. I did a very deep cleanse (washed, thorough scalp scrub, and rinsed completely 5 times), moisturized/conditioned, and then re-parted and re-twisted his locks. Andre has always enjoyed having his hair done in the comfort of his own home, so for the most part, I’ve maintained his hair for the last 8 years. Due to my condition, my joints become very swollen/painful, therefore making it challenging to wash and re-twist his hair frequently. When this happens he has had a few other people do it for him (thanks Jaz, @tmariecolors, and anyone else who’s helped over the years). I’ve had zero training and I’ve just learned as I go, but in all honesty I really have no clue what I’m doing 😩 I decided to post this time in hopes that some of my followers could provide any helpful tips...whether it be for moisturizing, techniques for retwisting, etc. When I started doing Dre’s hair back in 2011, I just continued to use the products that Dre had always used. But...over the years I’ve realized there probably so many better product options out there. I’ve used some new/different products but definitely still need some guidance. When I first started doing it, I’d take about 5 hours to do the whole thing. Nowadays, I can do it all just under 2 (with a few short breaks lol). Before I can receive advice/feedback/tips I realize that I should first explain the process and also try to list the products I used. 👉🏽Wash/scrub- I used Cantu 3-in-1 Shampoo, Conditioner, & Body Wash 👉🏽Moisturized the scalp using shea butter & mango butter (Softee brand-I kno these prob aren’t the best bc they’re so cheap lol) (Space is limited so it’ll continue in the comments below) #dreadlocks #locmaintenance #dreads #loctician #notmelol #wantingtolearn #yourtipsareappreciated #suggestionswanted #feedbackalwayswelcome #thankyouinadvance #locks #haircare #naturalhair #retwistdreads #menwithlocs #locrepair #locs #dreadlove #dreadz #dreadstagram #dreadlocs

Happy National Girls & Women in Sports Day. I’m forever grateful for the opportunities I’ve had, skills I’ve acquired, and lessons I’ve learned because of sports 🙏🏽

The sweetest man named Jack came to walk me over to radiology at the hospital this morning. Exactly what I needed to hear this morning, Jack! “Everyday is a blessing....every day! #lupusawareness #lupusproblems #lupus #lupuswarrior #everydayisablessing

I swear this sweet girl doesn’t have a mean bone in her body. I just adore these 2 so much 💜 #staxxandkarma #lovebugs #sillygirl #alwaystryingtoplay #pitbulllove #pitbullsofinstagram

A better shot of the $10 squares

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