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Missing these faces this week. This is one of my favorite pictures of them. #kianandjc #jccaylen #kianlawley

So proud of these two and so excited to read their book. Yesterday was supposed to be such an exciting day for them and it ended on such a bad note. But they really should be proud this is so amazing. I love you both. #kianlawley #jccaylen #donttrythisathome #weloveyouknj

Sorry for the really crappy screen shot but for those of you who were wondering what he did to his hair this is it. #jccaylen #o2l

I miss this hair. #jccaylen #o2l

When your favorite YouTuber is at your favorite beach that you are going to be at in a few days and you can't meet him cause your in classes all day. @jccaylen wish I could've met you, have fun on your adventure.#jccaylen #o2l #pacificcity

Hoping that everything is okay with these two! Love you both!! #jccaylen #wishbone #kianandjc #kiannjc #jcandwishbone

Please don't leave us. #welovecalum #calumhood

I feel like every time Liam opens his mouth lately he gets attacked. People just need to leave Liam alone he is human and your word take a toll on him. If we attack him every time he opens his mouth pretty soon he will stop talking to us altogether. If people don't stop we are going to lose him. #onedirection #liam #liampayne

Every one needs to leave Liam alone. He loves us, all of us, and supports us and we need to do the same for him. Liam is an amazing person who always tries to do right by us. Fans know that Liam is one of the sweetest people in the world and would never say anything to intentionally upset anyone. If you are offended by what Liam said then you are taking what he said and twisting it into something horrible. If you think what Liam said was offensive or mean then you obviously aren't a real fan, because real fans know Liam would never say something to hurt people. Liam is a hero to so many people and always tries to make the fans happy and keep us together. If you have said something mean or hurtful to Liam because of this than you aren't a real fan, because real fans would know he meant nothing by it and real fans would never turn on him. We love you Liam keep your head up, you are an amazing person who saves lives everyday and you are our hero. #otra #liampayne #onedirection #weloveliam #weloveyouliam #otratour

Officially don't miss Zayn anymore #onedirection #louis #harry #niall #liam #otra #1dforever #4/4

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