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Brandon Gracie 

Happy Birthday to the the dinosaur herself!! The most motivated, loving, and hardcore 60 year old i know, Your the biggest pain in my ass sometimes but i love ya mom. Wish i could be home to chase you around the yard and torture you with your own birthday present more often😂 beyond thankful for everything you have ever done and still do for me..hope you enjoyed your surprise birthday get together with all your favorites @evanclauss @georgebinette @abiwebster_ @bigbobbyd22 @mike_balowski @chad_wright2 @jakefromstatefarm_552 @diggityd_94 @maddmikefurtz @jgracie22 @schultzyr08 @karllassy @simplysupreme @jak3thesnake @hainesdiane1957 hopefully i didnt miss anyone lol

The little cousins insisted they all needed a piggyback ride at the same time...

Yeah, why not jump out of a plane at 15,000 ft in Las Vegas on your birthday with your boy #vegas17 #22ndbirthday #justgunnasenditttt🤙 #frigginrights #lasvegasextremeskydiving #skydiving #straitgoers #letereat #fuckitrunit

David Allan Coe was fuckin awesome..so glad we got to see the most badass 78 year old outlaw country artist who needs help to and from his chair on stage but can still kill it for an hour and a half straight #davidallancoe #outlawcountry #palacetheaterstaffordsprings #coegoers @jak3thesnake @evanclauss @mike_balowski @maddmikefurtz @laaina_ann @alund87

Congratulations to Josh & Danielle, great time at the wedding on friday! #fangelilloturnsangelillo #societyroomofhartford

Happy Fathers Day to the man who made me who i am today. Miss ya everyday ol man, i wish we could still be makin memories...but im grateful for those we have already made that i can hold onto. Ill pick up where you left off an be sure to make you nothing less than proud❤️. As for grandpa..a few months shy of 90! Keep kickin ass! A little throwback photo of the long lost brother with dad from way back

Welcome to the berkshires....where one minute its sunny and 75 with clear skies, and the next your getting 60 mile per hour winds enough rain to drown a fish and hail the size of gumballs #ram #ram1500
#carthing #mountgreylocksummit #berkshires #doublerainbow

Exactly a year ago today, i said my last goodbye to you and watched you take your very last breath...i still cant believe it. I still feel like i start everyday with you like old times.. walk onto the jobsite drinkin a coffee, get all my tools ready for the day...still plenty of cigarette smoke and coughin from everyone else around, only thing missin is you. Too many good times, and with those also came all the "bad" times, but now looking back id do anythin to relive them. Itll never be the same, but i sure wont forget any of it. Love ya dad, ill make you proud RIP. Never take anything or anyone in your life for granted.. #ripdad #cancersucks

Kinda miss my useless moneypits #ford #f350 #powerstroke #diesel #lifted #7three #6four #moneypits

Happy 58th birthday to the ol man, its been almost a year since youve been gone an theres not a day that goes by where your not thought about. Miss all the ball busting, good times and even the arguments we would have... rest easy my man, your missed more than you could imagine #happybirthday #cancersucks #ripdad

Who would have ever thought id have a cute little pickup like this... #dodge #ram1500 #practical #fuckasixfour #moneypits #sleddeck #dentsideprojectnext

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