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Jason Gibb (NZFWS Founder)  NZ Fine Wine Society. Wholesale Buying Platform / Club Members / Wine Broker / Estate Sales / MUST BE 18+ to Join / SAVE $$ on Buying NZ Wine


Attention NZ & International visitors!
This is a plug for our friends @ the North Canterbury Wine & Food Festival. Sunday March 11th 2018.
Getting There:
North Canterbury Wine & Food Festival is set under the picturesque oak trees of the Glenmark Domain (corner of Church Road & Glenmark Drive), Waipara Valley, North Canterbury - just 45 minutes drive north of Christchurch.

The festival begins at 10.30am and finishes 5.00pm.
Get 10% off when buying bulk tickets. Hurry while stocks last! Also go into the draw to WIN a bottle of wine FROM EVERY North Canterbury Winery 😄😎🙃😎😀👌👌👌🍷🍷🍷visit www.ncwineandfood.co.nz for details!
Thanks also to their Supporters @ Lincoln University 👍QANTAS 👍 Rata Foundation 👍 Hurunui 👍Waipara Valley 👍👍👍#nzwine #ncwineandfood #getinquicknz #nzfws #foodnz #winenz #festivalnz #waipara #waiparavalley #brownbreadnz #winwinenz

NZFWS Vineyard expose. Georges Road is our vision of a single vineyard Waipara terroir.
It is a constantly evolving labour of love, dedication, and craft.

Our Philosophy
We believe in winemaking with a natural touch, a guiding hand in the cellar, to be as hands off as possible. The best wines come from the best fruit, so the vineyard is vital. In the winery, balance is the key, the interplay between sweetness, acidity, oak and tannin, fruit and palate weight. We want our wines to be delicate, elegant, food friendly and, above all, enjoyable. We are a small wine estate located in the Waipara Valley, just 45 minutes north of Christchurch. We are totally focused on producing the best possible wines from our 8 hectare estate using meticulous viticulture and traditional wine making techniques.
We love what we do and you will too. #nzwine #nzfws #nzwines #georgesroad #finestwinemaker #dotryitnz #waipara #nzwinelovers #winetodiefor #naturaltouch #pinot2die4

Thank you for the support! If you know anyone who loves NZ Wine 🍷 share our page. We have a $500 Fine Wine Giveaway coming up so register on the site below and your into win! Cheers NZFWS www.nzfinewinesociety.co.nz

In 1987 Jill and Dayne Sherwood started Sherwood Estate Wines. Over the last 30 years the company has continued to make exceptional New Zealand wine. This year we’ve picked out our best wines, given them a little extra care and attention and reserved them for a special occasion.
To mark our 30th anniversary we want to share these wines with you. Each year and each new vintage allows us to learn a little more and perfect our winemaking. After 30 years of practice we think we’ve got this just right; the perfect balance of vineyard management, loving attention from the winemakers, and knowing when to just stand back and let the wine do its thing.
Stoney Range Reserve is a collection of our favourite wines. Our winemakers carefully chose select parcels of grapes from the same family owned vineyards that produce your favourite Stoney Range wines. We gave this fruit particular care and attention in the winery and took inspiration from more traditional European winemaking techniques. This has allowed the wines to fully develop their flavours along with fruit complexity, sophistication and elegance. #nzfws #stoneyrange #sherwoodestatewines #nzwine #nzwines #SRReserve #northcanterbury #nomoresleeps

Wholesale prices! Great NZ Fine Wine! View our catalog today! 🥂#options #nzwine #nzfws #nzwines

"Every empty bottle is filled with a Great Story" Tell us your favourite Wine Story! Where were you? What were you drinking? Who were you with? What's your favourite NZ Wine? #nzwine #tellusyourstorynz #winefriends #redorwhite #nzfws #northorsouth #wherewhowhatwhynz #favoritewine #tagafriend #nzfinewine #greatfood

"Good music grows with age like a fine wine it's gets better and better over time" The world has lost one of the finest to soon. #tompetty #nzfws #oneofthefinestgone

NEW WEBSITE IS LIVE!!! Slowly but surly filling the shelves with fantastic NZ Fine Wines. Check us out. http://www.nzfinewinesociety.co.nz/ Cheers NZFWS #nzwine #nzwines #nzfinewinesociety #wholesalewine #awesomepricedwine #checkourwebsite #signupandwinwine

Was given this classic to try and blimey Jims it has held up remarkably well for the past 29 years. 😋for a screw cap 👍👍👍. Here's a little background info: The generic label Liebfraumilch is typically used to market vintages from anywhere in the most of the major wine growing areas of Germany, the notable exception being Mosel. Wine with very similar characteristics but made from higher quality grapes can be labeled as Spätlese or Auslese. In the U.S. and the UK, perhaps the best known example has been Blue Nun, which no longer uses the Liebfraumilch designation.

While the term Liebfraumilch is associated with low quality wine, German wine classification requires it to be at the Qualitätswein bestimmter Anbaugebiete (QbA) level—the second rank of four. It must also be from Rheinhessen, Pfalz, Nahe or Rheingau, the grapes used must be at least 70% Riesling, Silvaner or Müller-Thurgau, and it must have 18–40 grams per litre (2.9–6.4 oz/imp gal) residual sugar. #nzfws #mullerthurgau #germanclassicwine #one4theteamnz #beautifulcolourwine

Had the privilege of opening and tasting what I would call the most robust, delicate and superbly drinkable Rose at 26 yrs old. TeMata Estate I thank you for this gift in a bottle. #rose2die4 #nzwine #temataestate #nzfws #nzwines #whatanexperiencenz #26andstillgoingstrongnz #temataestatewinery

Calling all NZ Vineyards who would like Distribution into Hong Kong! NZFWS has accessed a large network into Hong Kong's Restaurant & Supermarket chains and would love to represent your brand with our client. Contact us today at nzfinewinesociety@gmail.com for more details. Cheers #nzfws #nzwine #nzwines nzvineyards #nzwineries #hongkongwineaccess

ORGANIC WINEGROWERS NZ PROMOTION BY NZFWS - Rockferry Wines- Organics is a holistic system in which the founding premise of organic farming is that optimum soil management will produce healthy crops in a sustainable manner. Organic practices aim to respect all life and embrace biodiversity by conserving and minimising negative impacts on the natural environment.

The key principles of organic farming are:

encouraging and enhancing biological cycles
maintaining and improving long-term soil structure and fertility
maintaining genetic diversity
cycling organic matter and nutrients within a production system
minimising all forms of pollution
adopting an integrated management system for soil, crops and the environment for weed, pest and disease control
aiming to produce food of high nutritional quality.
Where did biodynamics come from?

In the 1920s' a number of European farmers were deeply concerned with signs of agriculture in decline:

Soil infertility
Unhealthy animals
Loss of food quality.
Philosopher and scientist Dr Rudolf Steiner responded with lectures introducing biodynamic concepts.

In New Zealand, biodynamic methods were first used in 1928 at Havelock North.

Why do we do it?

We incorporate biodynamics into our organic regime in our vineyards more and more as we learn how our vineyards live and respond to this way of living. To us it just makes sense. Respect and care for the soil and plants is a philosophy that could be applied to all life. We find the vineyard is more alive, the vines are healthier and therefore the fruit we harvest is in much better condition. This gives us better flavours and balance in the fruit which of course makes better wine. We try and make our wine as natural as possible – with as little intervention as possible – however at the end of the day what we want to make is the best wine, so we make our decisions based on that. For example it is sometimes better to add a little sulphur to ensure the wine you are drinking is in the best possible condition and we rely on the experience and skill of our winemaker to make this call. #nzfws #rockferrywines #familyheritagenz #dotryitnz #finestwinemaker #wine2die4 #nzwine #nzwines

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