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NYT Food  All the food that's fit to cook. Follow the profile link for more NYT Cooking recipes and news from The New York Times Food section.👇👉


@clarkbar’s latest #NYTCooking recipe is for Peruvian roasted chicken, a.k.a. #polloalabrasa. Her recipe and story are through our profile link. (Photo: @andrewscrivani)

Guilin mi fen at Yuan in the East Village comes heaped with deep-fried soybeans, pickled long beans, thin panels of pliant beef, bacon-like pork belly and a littering of chile flakes, scallion and torn cilantro. Hidden below are the noodles and the “secret” sauce, made of long-simmered bone broth, fermented bean curd, licorice root, dried luo han guo (monk fruit) and spices and herbs that must remain nameless. @ligayamishan’s review is through our profile link. (Photo: @anrizzy)

The combination of black grapes, sweet spices and blue cheese is an unusual one, yet utterly delicious -- especially for the kind of person who loves ending a meal on a sweet and cheesy note. @ottolenghi’s #NYTCooking recipe for this flatbread is through our profile link. (Photo: @andrewscrivani)

“Like so much of the exuberant food imagery that I’m drawn to in anime, the #katsudon in `Yuri!!! on Ice,’ a series about a competitive figure skater in his early 20s, appeared as a less detailed but somehow more vivid version of itself. A Japanese rice bowl capped with golden slices of pork cutlet, held together with barely cooked eggs and translucent onions — textures exaggerated, colors saturated, aromas made visible — occasionally twinkling in soft focus, as if seen through a Vaseline-greased lens. `Is this what God eats?!‘ one character asked another, trembling, cheeks flushed, eyes wide with the shock of its pleasure. What I love about food in anime is the truth in its hyperbole.” @tejalxrao’s @nytmag story and #NYTCooking recipe are through our profile link. (Photo: @gentlandhyers)

Happy #diwali! We are celebrating with this burfi, a very sweet Indian candy — similar to fudge, but slightly earthier and more milky — that is typically made with some combination of milk, sugar, ghee and flavorings. This recipe, adapted from Raja Sweets in Houston, caters to those looking for an accessible entry point to the world of burfi; it offers a slight variation on the basic formula by adding a layer of cocoa-infused khoya (the name for the milky base). The #NYTCooking recipe is through our profile link. (Photo: @lisanicklin)

Stuffed garlic flatbread at @donangienyc. #flofab has more about the restaurant opening through our profile link. (Photo: @caseykelbaugh)

A little sage. A little butter. The beginnings of @david_tanis’s latest #NYTCooking recipe. You’ll find it through our profile link. (Photo: @karstenmoran)

The former Pool Room of the Four Seasons has been reincarnated as the Pool, a seafood restaurant where the first course might be sea urchin roe on ice with traditional caviar accompaniments: eggs, potatoes, blini and toast. @pete_wells’s review is through our profile link. (Photo: @francescosapienza)

At @benyam_cuisine, an Ethiopian restaurant that opened in July in upper Harlem, the food is traditional, unchanged in spirit from the childhood dishes remembered by the restaurant’s owners, siblings from Addis Ababa, the Ethiopian capital. @ligayamishan’s review is through our profile link. (Photo: @anrizzy)

Rhubarb chard growing without soil inside a @squarerootsgrow shipping container in Brooklyn. The project is one of several food projects backed by @kimbalmusk, @elonmusk’s brother. “My way of working is very practical,” Kimbal Musk said. “There are many wonderful solutions to real food, but I focus on what we can scale. The Slow Food guys were right, but what they didn’t know was how to scale. If you can’t scale, it doesn’t matter.” @kimseverson’s story is through our profile link. (Photo: @benjaminnorman)

The aquatic theme of the Pool is carried through to the last bite, house-made chocolates on a bed of rock salt. “The Pool is such an exceptional restaurant that customers may suspect there’s something wrong with them when they walk out feeling that something was missing. But they’re right. Eating there is like dating somebody who looks great, gives you presents, takes you on trips and tries to convince you that you’re happy until the day you find out that the gifts and plane tickets were charged to your credit card.” The rest of @pete_wells’s review is through our profile link. (Photo: @francescosapienza)

A classic #brioche should be tender, eggy and contain croissant levels of rich, delicious butter. @alisoneroman’s #NYTCooking recipe is through our profile link. (Photo: @jimwilson125)

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