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At @italiennenyc, two rooms, with different styles and food from the chef @sippel13, are spread out across a deep, high-ceilinged spot just west of Madison Square Park. Here, the canederli, delicate cabbage-and-bread dumplings. The review from @pete_wells is through our profile link. (Photo: @danielkrieger)

Tater tots, the @markbittman way. The #NYTCooking recipe is through our profile link. (Photo: @craigleephoto)

Sturgeon with aged rice porridge, chicken skin and buttermilk at @hereslookingatyoula in Koreatown in Los Angeles. The energy in Los Angeles restaurants is very much in keeping with what is taking place in other spheres across this city, from museums to music to architecture. Find @adamnag's story through our profile link. (Photo: @orianakoren)

#twinpeaks, which returns tonight after a 26-year hiatus, fetishized pie (as well as doughnuts and that coffee, “black as midnight on a moonless night”) to such an extent that almost any real-life slice is bound to fall short. So we created a recipe for the perfect fantasy #cherrypie. You'll find the #NYTCooking recipe and the story through our profile link. (Photo: @jessica___marx)

This #brisket is pretty close to Nirvana for Texas barbecue fanatics who rely on backyard equipment. No smoker is needed, no mops or mesquite — just time and fire and a reliable thermometer. The #NYTCooking recipe from @juliamoskin is through our profile link. (Photo: @melinahammer)

Burrata, a once relatively unknown regional specialty, has gained immensely in popularity outside Italy. @david_tanis pairs it with fava beans, fennel and celery in his latest #NYTCooking recipe. You'll find it through our profile link. (Photo: @karstenmoran)

This beautiful pastry from @clarkbar is well worth the effort for all its layered flavors. Find the #NYTCooking recipe and watch her make the dish through our profile link. (Photo: @andrewscrivani)

Spicy-sweet dried pasilla Mixe chiles stuffed with chocolate sorbet at the @nomacph pop-up in Tulum, Mexico. The struggle over authenticity may be giving way to something more rewarding: a worldwide conversation about Mexican food that is respectful and inquisitive. @juliamoskin's story is through our profile link. (Photo: @adrianazehbrauskas)

It's too darn hot in New York. Here, the @pigbleeckernyc hot fudge and brownie sundae. @pete_wells's review of the restaurant and some #NYTCooking ice cream recipes are through our profile link. (Photo: @davidwilliamsphoto)

Omurice at @hi_collar looks like a piece of sushi writ large: a pallet of fried rice, stained rust-red from ketchup, under an omelet like a mighty cloud come to rest. @ligayamishan's review of this Japanese restaurant is through our profile link. (Photo: @caitochs)

In the late autumn of 1957, our food staff tackled the perfect pie crust. "If all the pies baked in America during the next few weeks were laid rim to rim they could conceivably encircle the globe. These holiday pies will be open and covered, sweet and tart; they will be made of fruit, cream and custard and baked in assorted shapes and sizes. Unfortunately, not all of the crusts and pastry shells will be trumps in the culinary field. Some will be pallid and soggy; others crisp and charred. Many, however, will emerge as perfect pastry -- golden brown, light, flaky and tender." To make the perfect pie crust of 1957, mix 2 cups sifted flour with a teaspoon salt. Using pastry blender or two knives, scissor-fashion, cut in 1/2 cup lard or 2/3 cup shortening until blend looks like coarse corn meal. Slowly pour 4 to 5 tablespoons water over flour-fat mixture while tossing gently from bottom of bowl with a fork. Add water until crumbs adhere when pressed. Press dough into ball, divide in half. Reshape into balls. Modern #NYTCooking #pie recipes are through our profile link. (Photo: @nytarchives) #tbt #vintage

Chowder-soaked toast from @ashmerriman is the recipe in Gabrielle Hamilton's essay this week in @nytmag. The story and the #NYTCooking recipe are through our profile link. (Photo: @gentlandhyers)

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