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For Earth Day, try this bright green leek soup. Puréed leeks provide body as well as flavor, and a handful of rice helps give the dish a smooth consistency. This #NYTCooking recipe, along with other green recipes for Earth Day, is through our profile link. (Photo: @nytimes)

This simple french toast recipe calls for sliced almonds to be adhered to the bread. Fry the slices up in good butter, and serve them with maple syrup or a slash of jam. @samsifton's #NYTCooking recipe is through our profile link. (Photo: @craigleephoto)

Classic tiramisù is worth mastering. A creamy dessert of espresso-soaked ladyfingers surrounded by lightly sweetened whipped cream and a rich mascarpone, this recipe relies heavily on the quality of its ingredients. @alisoneroman's #NYTCooking recipe is through our profile link. (Photo: @craigleephoto)

Bursts of juicy, tart grapefruit mitigate the richness of this moist crumb cake, topped with almond and brown sugar. (But feel free to substitute oranges, tangerines or other tangy fruit here.) @clarkbar's #NYTCooking recipe is through our profile link. (Photo: @andrewscrivani)

Not in the mood to cook? Consider buttery noodles, fresh sweet peas, tender mustard greens and a few bites of pancetta or bacon. This dish just might change your mind. @david_tanis's #NYTCooking recipe is through our profile link. (Photo: @karstenmoran)

This chicken sauté is spiked with plenty of black pepper, a little rum and mangoes folded in at the end to brighten the mix. @clarkbar's #NYTCooking recipe is through our profile link. (Photo: @andrewscrivani)

Since its opening in January, the tiny East Village storefront of @hofoodsnyc has listed a single entree on its menu: Taiwanese beef noodle soup. @ligayamishan finds it "notably holistic, as if refusing to take sides, neither frankly carnal nor purely herbaceous but somewhere more intriguingly in between." It can be ordered extra rich, with a last-minute spoonful of liquefied marrow added just before serving, or with hot sauce. Wheat noodles come in wide flat bands or thick cords, and mustard greens provide tang and crunch. The rest of @ligayamishan's review is through our profile link. (Photo: @gab)

This recipe can be a template for all your leftovers: caramelized broccoli, juicy mushrooms, chewy grains and strips of omelet dressed with a lemony, herbal buttermilk dressing. If you have vegetables and grains already cooked and stashed in the fridge, this dish comes together in just a few minutes. @francis_lam's #NYTCooking recipe is through our profile link. (Photo: @gentlandhyers)

A few pantry staples and a hot oven are all you need for crunchy golden biscuits with soft interiors. @samanthaseneviratne's #NYTCooking recipe is through our profile link. (Photo: @craigleephoto)

For a savory tart, use whatever ingredients you have on hand. This recipe with potato and radicchio, one of endless variations on the dish, is an excellent starting point. @tejalxrao's #NYTCooking recipe, adapted from the pastry chef Natasha Pickowicz, is through our profile link. (Photo: @gentlandhyers)

This spinach risotto, based on a recipe from the River Café in London, uses melting taleggio cheese to make the rice supremely creamy, and to add a funky earthiness to the dish. The #NYTCooking recipe is through our profile link. (Photo: @andrewscrivani)

These buttery toffee bars are baked in a cast-iron skillet until very well browned across the top; that is the sign that the desired level of crisp chewiness has been achieved. @juliamoskin's #NYTCooking recipe is through our profile link. (Photo: @melinahammer)

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