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they go back to school today as a junior and an 8th grader, but all i can think of is next year when they'll BOTH be in high school 😳😩

empty chairs at empty tables.

my beach boy.

i once worked in a library, and i loved it. putting things in order, alphabetically and numerically, is one of my joys. silence is a bonus.
ps. if anyone knows where i can get a secondhand card catalog, let me know. or if you want to gift it to me (my birthday is coming up), i will be forever grateful.

obligatory // almond brittle with salted ganache. perfect for 91 degrees.

great start to the last leg of our vacation -- hello, oregon!

while we didn't get to do or see a ton of things in seattle (two days is not enough!), i still got to travel back in time and tell a few stories about my early adulthood in this beautiful city. so much love for you, seattle! we'll be back...

yesterday was spent with creature comforts -- coffee, donuts, and long-time friends. revisited old memories to create new ones with the kids.

go buy a book at pulpfiction books on main street, then grab coffee here. pet-friendly + good wifi + delicious vanilla lattes!

celebrated canada's 150th birthday with @dirtyradiomusic 🔥 thanks for making us move!

we did a lot of walking for our first full day in vancouver! stanley park is massive, and there are so many trails--every view is rewarding. while alan and i practically ran back & forth across (ok, gently speed-walked) the capilano suspension bridge a few times, it took a little more convincing to get arnel & nia to do it (scared of heights). then we were all able to do the treetops adventure! they didn't do the cliffwalk with us, but hey, baby steps. lots of them!

enjoying a slow, quiet morning with croissants, coffee, and a little shark tale before we hit the sightseeing road.

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