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here's a picture of belle...but what i really want to say is how excited i am to watch pearl jam, ELO, yes, and tupac get inducted into the rock & roll hall of fame tonight!

spent some time getting to know jenn today -- aside from learning about each other's families and home life, she reminded me that God's map and timeline of our lives can be surprising and unexpected; we just have to be open to it and keep saying yes.

love spending wednesday nights with these two worship leaders! i love their passion for music and love for God--great role models at such a young age. special shout out to kaelia who turns 21 today! love you guys!

arnel + ninette // est. april 17, 1999 ❤️

celebrated a joyous easter weekend with an awesome group of people -- always a pleasure to do worship with them!

here comes easter // thurs-date with @djala in mission hills

watched a documentary about the universe with the kids tonight, and i can't even grasp how tiny we are compared to what's out there.

that small town charm. just watch the speed limit.

another trip in the books with my most favorite people ❤

choose JOY ❤

there is no photo that can capture the awesome beauty of the grand canyon. i can only keep the memory of what i saw in my mind and post this as a close replica. truly breathtaking.


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