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coffee + art.

how awesome would it be if downtown chula vista could get a facelift with some new shops like this one?

impromptu trip to the park turned out beautifully.

took forever to finish coloring this. next!

"...whether i sink, whether i swim
it makes no difference
when i'm beautifully in over my head."
-- bethel music, jenn johnson

quickest trip to target ever.

between the lines.

but first...

watching the snow & ice posts in friends' IG stories. and then there's san diego ☀️

move along...nothing to see here!

i have no caption for these leaves, so...yeah.

well, february kind of snuck up and surprised me. wasn't entirely ready for "my red february" series, but here it is, a day late. and because i'm a day behind, i'll post a second shot a little bit later.
this is my mom's ride when we go out. we ended up in the ER today -- don't worry, she's okay! she received great care from the nurses at sharp chula vista, and now she's home resting.

need sweets for your sweetie? come to blackmarket bakery!