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Look around — we are always, constantly, starring in one another's city. Guest-starring, at least. Every stuffed subway car is a choose-your-own adventure of imagined new friends and futures, every commute an excuse to daydream alternate lives. Every stranger has a story, all you have to do is ask. Check out our Instagram story for what some of the passengers on this R train had to say. #MyNewYork #NYMag50 📸: @peterfunch

A simple beet salad might not seem like the most obvious place to start for a new cocktail, but bartender Gn Chan made it happen. 🍹 The New York Beet Salad drink is good. The beet flavor is subtle and nicely acidic. There’s a touch of rum sweetness, and the yogurt-mascarpone cream is something you’d be happy to eat in cannoli. Tap the link in bio to see how it gets made. 📸: Jessica Nash

For suffragists like Sarah J. Smith Thompson Garnet and our former senator and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, New York played a big part in the fight for women’s rights. To celebrate 100 years of women’s suffrage in the state, the Museum of the City of New York’s new exhibit focuses on New York’s contributions to the women’s rights movement. It will chronicle the struggle leading up to women’s suffrage in 1917 and through the 2016 presidential campaign. Tap the link in bio to see some of the pieces featured in the exhibit.

Tonight, in partnership with @deltafaucet, the Cooper Hewitt Smithsonian Design Museum hosted a private tour of the incredible space that was once Andrew Carnegie's home. The tour was the culmination of an evening focused on forward thinking design, from @nateberkus's take on the future of interiors to the reveal of the Delta Sphere, a conceptual faucet unlike any before it. Take a look at @thecut's Instagram to get a peek at it.

Check out some of our alternative covers drawn by Alex Katz 🚇 As a student, he filled up a whole closet with sketch pads but stopped because he didn't want to become a sketch artist. Thankfully for us, he picked the pen back up. #MyNewYork #NYMag50 Artwork courtesy of Alex Katz and Timothy Taylor; @timothytaylorgallery

One of the truest things in life is that where there are nerds, there is a cappella. 🎶 Thus, as Silicon Valley has taken over as the nerd capital of the world, the hills outside of San Francisco have come alive with the sound of unaccompanied vocal harmonies. “Techapella” is an annual event where singing groups like Googapella, the Vocal Network, and Airbnbeats put aside their devices and their dreams of conquering the world in order to perform renditions of popular music onstage. Tap the link in bio to see how Silicon Valley has gone all-in on a cappella. 📸: Youtube/Googapella

@VultureFestival is heading to LA and bringing everyone from Natalie Portman to @issarae to Sofia Coppola to @sarahkatesilverman to Zach Galifianakis to @common to @realgdt to @theprettymess along. Tap the link in bio to see the full lineup and learn how you can snag tickets when they go on sale October 18th.

The only person @pink is really mad at is Donald Trump. "This can’t be it. When will it end? Because I don’t want my kids to think that this is what the presidency looks like. I don’t want my daughter to see that this is the world we’re in right now. I just can’t wait until 2020, until it’s over." The pop star got real about her tweets aimed at the president and why she won't shut up and sing. Tap the link in bio for the full conversation on her 17-year career of being unapologetically herself. 📸: @solvesundsbostudio

The theme of our 50th anniversary issue is “My New York” 🍎🚖🏙 Artist Alex Katz used to draw people on the subway in the 1940s. Katz, who just turned 90, agreed to revisit the project for the first time since then for our cover. “In his drawings from the ’40s, a lot of people are reading books or magazines, whereas now they’re almost all on their phones.” 📱 Tap the link in bio for what to expect inside of our anniversary issue. #MyNewYork #NYMag50 Artwork courtesy of: Alex Katz and Timothy Taylor; @timothytaylorgallery

RG @thecut: Having one of those days where you just want to move off the grid? Slovakian design firm Nice Architects designed an 88-square-foot pod-on-wheels that runs on solar and wind energy, no outside electricity required. Inside, there’s a kitchenette and a double bed (it fits two people comfortably; three people less so). And for those looking to make a quick getaway, a single person can mount the Ecocapsule onto its trailer in under 30 minutes. Read more about the #TheEcocapsule (available at the end of this year!) on @designhunting.

In the words of Britney Spears, "sometimes you just gotta play!!!!!! 🤓😜💋💅🏻👩‍🎨🎨👯👗👛👒👠🦄🦋🐠🌹💥💥" Just something nice for your timeline today. Tap the link in bio for some other actually good things that happened this week. 📸: @britneyspears

"The rain came down and our car started flooding. It was too late to turn back. I thought: My baby and I are going to drown here. Once the water comes up a certain level, you can’t open the doors. So many people died that way." When Hurricane Harvey plowed through southeast Texas in August, Lauren Lunar was seven months pregnant and her hometown, Dickinson, was the worst hit. Today, the news media has shifted its attention, but for Lauren, who is expecting her first child on November 5, the challenges of how to move forward are just beginning. Tap the link in bio to read her story. 📸: @bill_mccullough

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