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Eloise has had good company at the Plaza Hotel. ✨ Barbra Streisand and Robert Redford were just some of the many actors who made onscreen appearances at the famous location. The new book "Starring the Plaza: Hollywood, Broadway, and High Society Visit the World’s Favorite Hotel" celebrates the Central Park South establishment’s celebrity status. Tap the link in bio to see Mia Farrow, Jane Fonda, and more in vintage photographs from the book.

Why do New York’s most interesting new restaurants all feel like cafés? 🍉 As more chefs and owners embrace the all-day-café model, they are kicking off with breakfast service and moving right through dinner. You can drop in whenever you want and have a meal that costs less than it would at a fine-dining restaurant, even though the food and service are held to a similar standard. Tap the link in bio for the places that are embracing the all-day-café style. 📸: @noahfecksisawesome

Happiness may be a state of mind, but it’s also a state of body. 😀😬😁😆 A team of researchers have made the case that happiness is hogging more than its fair share of the attention as the emotion most strongly connected to a healthier body. Rather, the study authors found, the ability to feel a wide range of positive emotions — what they termed “emotional diversity,” or “emodiversity” — may be the link to better health. Tap the link in bio to see what else they found and your best bet for a healthier emotional ecosystem.

Everything to love about the West Coast comes together in California’s original Surf City: Santa Cruz. 🌊⛱🍻🎢 Big waves, windswept beaches, craft beer, redwood forests, lounging sea lions, and an old wooden roller coaster overlooking the sea. Tap the link in bio for all the best spots to hit and where to stay for your next vacation to the golden state. 📸: @beachboardwalk

"My son was in Charlottesville. He probably went with his friends, but I don’t know for sure because I haven’t talked to him in about three years. He always told me he loved me. But over time he began to change. I was worried it was drugs or depression. He started treating me like sh-t. I remember one time I went to hug him and he nearly ripped me a new one just for touching him. He said, 'We have nothing in common.' I was hurt. That was just the beginning." Tap the link in bio to read the rest of how one mother lost her son to the alt-right movement.

"I’ve tried many, many masks over the years, and as a result have become fairly fluent in the Art of Masking". One @thestrategist editor has taken using face masks to the next level and realized that they are an integral part of any skin care routine. Tap the link in bio for all the ones she suggests for that boost of radiance, hydration, and love your skin needs. 📸: #BobbyDoherty

"It was also hard to have a lot of leverage because who knows if we were ever coming back, but before this season, it was really important to me, just on a personal level of being like, 'I don’t need to get paid more than anybody, I don’t want to, I just want to be paid the same. Kerry and I deserve to get paid the same as the boys.'" 💸💰The most concrete acknowledgment of Mackenzie Davis's ascent as an actor is that AMC offered her and her co-star Kerry Bishé a salary commensurate to their male co-stars for the final season of Halt and Catch Fire. Tap the link in bio for what she thought of her beloved episode of Black Mirror, whitewashing in The Martian and her opinion on all the things most people don’t like to talk about: money, race, and feminism. 📸: Taylor Jewell

A bed fit for a 👸🏽 In 1905, the Savoy hotel in London decided to commission a handmade bed worthy of its luxurious reputation. In the years since, Savoir Beds has turned into an international company with 13 showrooms worldwide. Customers can indulge in the bespoke experience, creating made-to-order handcrafted beds. One mattress option is made of “mountains of hand-teased horsetail in two layers, and a luxurious outer layer of pure cashmere". Tap the link in bio for the glitzy history of a bespoke bed-maker. 📸: courtesy of Savoir Beds

These boots are made for walkin' 👢👢 Fashion Week, as a rule, is not chill. But leave it to the Danish — inventors of hygge, a lifestyle that’s all about embracing coziness — to create a fashion week that’s as relaxed as it is stylish. Tap the link in bio to see more of the Zen, yet massively fashionable, street style from Copenhagen Fashion Week. 📸: Nabile Quenum

New Yorkers who love Sichuan food are incredibly lucky: 🌶 There’s an almost shocking number of places in this city where you can get really, really good mala cooking. Whether you’re looking to get your fix of dan-dan noodles, double-cooked pork belly, fiery Chongqing chicken, and other go-to classics, or discover a new favorite, tap the link in bio for where to find the absolute best sichuan restaurants in New York. 📸: @melissa_hom

Fog-cloaked lakes, hazy horizons, moonlit cabins: This is Järvsö, a village in northern Sweden that provided a dreamy backdrop for photographer Isabella Ståhl’s latest series, “In the Shadow of Dusk.” “I wanted to capture the feeling you can get being in the middle of nowhere, by yourself with a camera,” she says. Swipe through and tap the link in bio to see more of her wistful shots of the Swedish countryside. 📸: @isabella.stahl

Are you team cup or team cone? The giant, dripping ice-cream cone is the status food-photo of the summer. You know the shot — piled high with as many scoops as gravity will allow, held out by a disembodied hand, as just-melting ice-cream dribbles barely hang on. Always in a cone. Tap the link in bio for how Instagram killed the ice-cream cup and why it really is the superior vessel when it comes to actually enjoying your dessert. 📸: @melissa_hom

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