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Kaitlyn  "I'm one of those regular weird people" - Janis Joplin ❀️

Taught Otto all about Darwinism at the Zoo today.

Cool hat. Cool goat.

Just had to pry a FLY out of Otto's mouth... didn't know he took on the part of Renfield. #draculadeadandlovingit πŸ™ˆ. HAPPY WEDNESDAY

Werk. Werk. Werk. Werk. Werk. πŸŒ±πŸƒ

After you play in a bunch of chives outside and smell like a giant onion, your mom throws you in the sink! #happymothersday #whoneedsapool 😍

A glimpse into our morning routine..

Ooh, I think i'd like to enjoy some cheerios...nakey.

I think we will stay. #stowe 🌳

We made it! #Vermont πŸ’š

Napping in cribs is for suckers. 😴

Model for hire....
What, you don't have animal photo-booths on Mondays in your office? #sorrynotsorry #renttherunway 😘

Can't believe this trip was over 11 years ago! I miss Brahim. What a spring break adventure! ❀️ #morocco

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