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Musician @devohnine writes music about her own struggle with bipolar disorder, bringing us universally relatable music that captures the dissonance between reality and perception. Watch her video for “Oh Shit” at the link in bio. @300ent @brkrs_show #BRKRS

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So excited to have @louisthechild in today! Have any burning questions you need answers to? Need advice on something? Let us know in the comments and they’ll answer today on IG live 📺

“I’m here to make music, take care of my family, do whatever for those I can help, and love.” Read our November cover star’s thoughts on being queer, pregnant, and politically active at the link in bio. ****
photo: @lindseybyrnes / story: @gabriellekorn / producer: @luvnidleness / video: @daniokon / styling: @danasia_sutton / hair: @cesar4styles / makeup: @Mannequinskin / nails: @glamsquad

“I commend and stand with anyone who can wake up every day and say yes to being better than the oppressive people and circumstances that attempt to box them in,” @kehlani told us. More on our November cover star at the link in bio.
photo: @lindseybyrnes / story: @gabriellekorn / producer: @luvnidleness / video: @daniokon / styling: @danasia_sutton / hair: @cesar4styles / makeup: @Mannequinskin / nails: @glamsquad

All @kehlani wants to do is make the world a better place. That, and own a farm. Our November cover star shares how she got here, and how she’s going to get where she’s going. Link in bio ✨
photo: @lindseybyrnes / story: @gabriellekorn / producer: @luvnidleness / video: @daniokon / styling: @danasia_sutton / hair: @cesar4styles / makeup: @Mannequinskin / nails: @glamsquad

Giving off strong Stevie Nicks vibes with lace tunics and crochet cardigans, Topanga Lawrence's ability to mix boxy, masculine shapes in with a cozy feminine wardrobe makes her the ultimate style icon. Read more about her evergreen looks at the link in bio. 💄

“Music is like my therapy, and it has saved me so many times.” - @isador, one of @300ent’s #BRKRS, on why he decided to become a musician. The music video for his latest single, “Demons,” is pure catharsis. Watch at the link in bio. @brkrs_show

“We live in a time where a lot of people seem to be Peter Pan-ing with social media, and no one knows what the truth is,” @momomoyouth says. “We can't really deal with how fucked-up political things are these days. So we kind of just ignore that things are crazy, and escape into our own sort of perfect bubble, you know? Put a great filter on it, so it all looks great.” We spoke to the musician last month about politics, social media, and her latest album. Check it out at the link in bio.

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how im tryna be this winter 📸 via getty

Happy Birthday @sza! We profiled the 'CTRL' singer in 2017, just before her album debuted and changed the way we get in our feelings. You can read it at the link in bio. Photo by @yoshiyuki_matsumura

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