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Pete Davidson broke his silence about his split from Ariana Grande in the only way he knows how: by making self-deprecating jokes about it. Anyone know of a place he can stay? Hit the link in bio for more 👁

📣📣📣 louder for the people in the back // via @intomore

real internet veterans only

“We don’t want to put ourselves in a box. It’s just, we make music. That’s what it is.” - @phonyppl on their choice to ditch genre categories. The band, one of @300ent’s #BRKRS, is simply focused on making the best music they can. Read more about their approach to making music and peep the video for “Something About Your Love,” at the link in bio.

Over half of gender non-conforming students feel unsafe at school because of who they are attracted to. 64% of the time a teacher doesn't take action when an LGBTQ identifying student says they are being bullied. And one in four transgender students experience physical harassment at school because of the way they express gender. Today, and every day, we will stand with trans and gender non-conforming members of the LGBTQ/QPOC communities. Join us today in supporting @glaad‘s #SpiritDay and go purple to stand against bullying 💜💜 💜

These boots were absolutely made for walking (into your life). Giddyup on over to the link in our bio to find an on-trend and chic cowboy boot that fits your budget and your vibe.

Our girl @katelyntarver took over @thegrovela for our #playlisted series this month, and she brought the house down. ICYMI, @hislaboratory got the whole thing on camera. Link in our bio has the full recap! #grovesounds

Halloween is almost here—do you know what you’re going to be yet?

If not–same–fear not: You don’t have to scramble to put together a killer last-minute costume. Follow the link in bio for some tips on how to nail a Sabrina Spellman, Buffy Summers, or Dana Scully (pictured above) costume with little effort.

Photos by @erikaastrid
Styled by @heathernewberger
Makeup by @ttulvemakeup
Hair by @kazukatahira

and that's that on that!

hi yes i need to talk about The Suit !!!!!

Every year, thousands of people use Halloween as an excuse to be a jerk to other people for their own selfish entertainment purposes, so every year we publish a list of costumes that are definitely going to be worn by those people. We do this for two reasons: to help you avoid those jerks, and make sure you're not one of those people. Head to the link in bio to check it out. Consider it a Halloween present. ⚰️🎃👻

Ideal fall décor = @tchalamet in @alexandermcqueen at the Beautiful Boy U.K. premiere, wbu? 🌺
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