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ima give bitches a minute to shine then i tell em good riddance🤣🤣

i’m the sunshine on your life☀️

I DON’T PLAY ABOUT THEM #typeold #naisbig18

if God made anything more precious than me he kept it for himself!🤣

Jay’s birthday celebration was more than lit! MORE YEARS MORE MONEY💛watch how we continue to win sis!!!

i really love this picture and i don’t even know why honestly.

don’t touch me you’ll be lucky if you sit by me!

i love you beyond words! my REAL friend! more than blessed to have you in my life, my shawty FOREVER, heart of gold and loyal to the soul👯‍♀️

Happy New Year!!! 2018 please be great to me! wendy had me dead @(i’m abouta snuff her i’ll be right back)😂😂😂

come for mine and i’ll bury yours! #missingalot

we told em shit different gotta move different on a bigger scale😅my bestfriend never thought about going sherm on me

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