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When you move away from the place you’ve lived in for so long sometimes things change with the people you see daily. The ones you work with, commiserate with, celebrate with, spend hours with. We all say we’ll keep in touch, plan visits, “see each other soon” but life happens. Things change, we change and that is OK. Distance happens. But not with her, not this one. My best friend then and my best friend now. Like we never left each other and for that I am the most thankful. A morning text every single day and more visits than I ever thought possible Nicole shows up for me every single moment I need her to and even more when I don’t realize I do no matter the physical distance between us. Being with her makes things better and that is what friendship should be.
She’s visited my new home not once but twice and even brought Penelope with her the last time so we could enjoy coffee at my favorite coffee shop, sit in a pumpkin patch together, eat unlimited soup salad and breadsticks and then take a nap. You are who you surround yourself with and I’m so grateful to be surrounded by her.
Happy birthday Nicole - this post is a celebration of your birth and life but also a celebration of US and the beautiful year we’ve had as friends both together and miles a part.
I love you the most and I can’t wait to see you in 2 week exactly for the BEST DAY EVER. ❤️🙋🏻🙋🏼

Climb every mountain: In my newest post I’m looking back on two hikes, one year a part on the anniversary of so much change. The first one that started so much for me (first picture), before so much had even happened and the most recent one celebrating all that had happened but didn’t actually happen as hoped and exactly as it needed to (4th picture)⛰
I’m currently in a season of reflection. It’s been a year since I started my health and wellness journey. This post is the first in a series I’m writing looking back on important moments and reflections of change, growth and celebration. There is so much to celebrate. ⛰
I sat in an out of town coffee shop writing this one. Attempting to make it feel a little more like my local Village Grind I told the barista Pam that I was there writing and that I love iced coffee even in the winter. In between sips of cold brew and Iron & Wine on my headphones I cried at the words I typed, feeling each one. Deeply. This pause and look back stirred something in me. I hope you feel that as you read this. It’s so beautiful to look back. I can’t believe what a difference a year makes. ⛰
I hit publish on my blog. I went back up to get a refill of my drink, my cheeks damp with tears and Pam smiled at me as she took my order supportively saying, “Feeling inspired, I see. I love when that happens, don’t you?“ My heart fluttered, yes, Pam. I do. ⛰
It sometimes takes me longer to get the words from my head and heart out there. I need a lot of time to write and feeling deeply doesn’t happen quickly, neither does reflecting about it all again a second time. So I honor the process and go at my own pace. Just like I did in this memory in my story. It may take me longer to get to the top of a hike and to write a post but when I do get to the top and get the words to paper I’m so grateful. Here’s to continuing at that pace and writing about the year that I changed it all. ❤Link is in my profile to read more ❤️

I sat down today to get organized. To write my to do list. It’s long. To set my intentions for the month. There’s a lot. Schedule myself for the weeks ahead. I’m busy. Write down ALL that I hoped to do, to accomplish. Be productive. Make the most of the day.
And as I started my list this came out instead.
So I kept writing and writing and writing these words until I didn’t need to feel them under my pen anymore. The rhythm of my writing as a reminder if I ever forget. Here’s to never forgetting. I stopped. My eyes full of tears and my pen out of ink.
My to do list can wait.
THIS list is the most important thing I’ll accomplish today. 💛

A year ago I wouldn’t be writing this post. That is what makes this even more beautiful. It makes each word mean even more to me to be able to share it with you. To reflect and celebrate the difference a year can make. I’m grateful for it.

@thenessfest is this weekend. It’s a two day festival here in Greenville that will be celebrating wellNESS, goodNESS, fitNESS and wholeNESS. All things that have been the foundation to my journey this past year. Especially wholeness. Wellness is wholeness to me. Wholeness has become so influential in my life.

When I heard about this special community driven event happening for the first time I knew I wanted to attend it, something I wouldn’t have been able to say a year ago. My health and wellness journey hadn’t quite started yet and while I had done a lot of personal work to leave NYC and get to Greenville to pursue a better quality of life I was still on the path to the start of this part of my story. Hilton Head Health was on the horizon and the change that followed it was something that seemed far away to me even though I hoped for it so deeply.

That is why today it means so much to me, eyes full of tears typing this to you, to not only mention that The Ness Fest is happening this weekend and that I’ll be attending it but that I’ll be there both days hosting Dear Me, Love Me: Self Care sessions.

I am so thankful that The Ness Fest is creating a comfortable space for me so that I can welcome others into it, for US to sit and pause, reflect and write TOGETHER.

This past year has been an immersive lesson in self care for me that’s included writing daily and documenting each moment of this journey. In between the bike rides and yoga classes my words have had the long lasting impact on my health and have become so important to me with the new lessons and perspective I’m gaining along the way. Speaking my truth and writing has been such a beautiful gift that I’ve given to myself that I want to share that outlet of self care with you wherever you are, exactly as you are and however you’re feeling. ✨Find out more about the weekend and how you can schedule some self care time with me. The link is in my profile✨

I laid in bed. I felt heavy. I was doing the social media scroll on instagram that takes up so much of my time. So much of our time. I went to an old friend’s profile. One I hadn’t spoken to in a year and one that hurt me deeply but one that I needed to always see what she was up to. Why did I always need to see what she was up to?
I knew what it was- just to know. Even if it hurt. A lot. My way of being connected to her even if it was toxic, depleting. But every day I did it. The curiosity would pull on me. It became a part of my routine. Every morning- I’d wake up and grab my phone, open instagram and scroll through. Once I was done soaking up the vibes of others and feeling their influence even if I didn’t always want to feel it I would type in her name to my search bar. I didn’t follow her but I’d still look, and then watch her stories. Sometimes twice. My mood would feel heavy. My heart would too. Like a gray cloud over both. Almost to torture myself of a friendship that ended. I hoped she was happier now. From what I saw and what she put out there, her negativity remained. I felt it as she complained on video, in her car with a fun face filter. I watched and wondered what part I had in how she was feeling. Ultimately I knew it was less than I thought but in that moment it felt like all of it. I took it on.
I had to stop. I didn’t deserve this.
So that next morning I woke up and did the same scroll I always did but this time after I watched her stories one more time feeling the weight she was giving me I did it.
I blocked her.
New post up with what happened next and how I’m living with a lighter instagram feed in order to cultivate inspiration, joy and to remove comparison and doubt and the ones that cause it. Link is in my profile, I’d love for you to read it ✨❤️

This post is a year in the making. Something that has been in my heart for a while.
A question I get often and every single time I meet someone new, which has happened a lot this year as I’ve moved to a new place surrounded by new people. I was even asked it last night. Surrounded by a group of new faces. Asking because they didn’t know. ✨
“What do you do?” ✨
A simple question. ✨
They ask me curiously, probably out of habit as a part of the introduction, but it stirs up so much more for me. It stirs up so much more than the quick answer they may expect back. The elevator pitch I don’t have prepared. ✨
This question has become a part of our daily conversations and greeting when we introduce ourselves and for a long time I stumbled over answering it. ✨
I wrote something about how I respond now. The link is in my bio ✨💛

Have you ever had someone tell you that you couldn’t?
Couldn’t do something? Couldn’t be someone? Couldn’t achieve the goal you were striving for?
I have.
Someone once told me I couldn’t write. She created a decade of doubt in my life that I’ve recently overcome. She stole my words for a long time. Not anymore. This post is dedicated to her. To everyone that told us we couldn’t. We can.
I’m sharing a story that many don’t know on my blog today. Sharing the negative experience I had to fuel positive change and let you know that you can still create, share and be just as you are in this moment even if the doubt creeps in. Don’t let the doubt or the ones who try to plant the seed of it in your life sprout and steal the gifts you have to share. They’re so important. You’re so important.
Link is in my profile🦋✨

I took a trip to L.A. and I didn’t post about it on social media.
What did I do instead? Enjoyed every moment of it. I wrote about my experience of taking this trip without documenting the moments as I was experiencing them but experiencing the moments and being present in them. Link is in my profile to read more ✌🏻🚲🌴✨

Slowing down in a social media world. I’m feeling moved lately to change my pace.
To disconnect to reconnect. To put the phone down more. Here are a few things I’ve been practicing recently in this pursuit:
Writing less on my laptop and picking up a pen and paper in it’s place. Writing throughout the day and scribbling in my journal, taking notes, drafting things to come. Even if it’s messy. Especially if it is. It takes more thought this way. I like that. It connects me to the page and what I want to say and how I’m feeling. I feel it deeper.📝
Wearing a watch so I don’t keep checking the screen for the time. Because when I do I see the notifications and always go online. Always. Hearing the tick of the second hand click click click around grounds me. 🕑
Carrying a camera . Even if it’s big. No matter how the photos turn out. Taking them for fun, not for perfection. They can’t be filtered. Snapping a shot and putting it away. Not 10 takes. Putting them in an album. Even the bad ones. They still make me smile. There is something so intentional about shooting with film. I want to do more or that. Not knowing how it turns out until it does- just like life.📸
Writing in a day planner instead of using my calendar in my phone. Plans resonate more with me when written down instead of typed into the screen. They feel more special.📔
Writing postcards to friends on my trip. Telling them the stories and thoughts I would normally text them. Thinking of them feels a little deeper when I don’t always tell them I am and writing it down and sending it to them across the country means something even if it’s slower.💌
Pausing for joy in the moments and not always posting that joy in the moment.
Connecting more with humans in real life without documenting I am. Taking the connections I’ve had through this amazing platform and taking them to real life and to coffee shops to have continued conversations. Looking them in their eyes. Deeper. More intention. Mindfulness. Awareness. Getting back to basics. To feeling without it always having to happen through my screen. To scribbling messy, handwritten notes in my beautiful journal that turn into posts like this one. 🧡

A part of my heart will remain in this corner, this space at 1263 Pendleton even after @thevillagegrind moves across the street after today. If you’ve been there even only once, then yours will too. The sweet smell of lavender mochas and morning buns, Sunday donuts and the unforgettable fragrance of brunch burgers next door through the shared space. The window where the light pours in. Where the rain hits the glass. Where the people pass, walking by waving and smiling. I smile back. I see them. They see me. The sound of the coffee grinder whirring occasionally but always at the exact moment when he tries to tell me something. We laugh every time it happens. I love those moments. Where so many words have been written. Where so many stories have started and been told. Where I’ve spent full days on the corner sofa talking with friends old and new instead of doing anything else. You’ve maybe been one of those friends. Entire days. It’s worth it. Always worth it. And I always leave more inspired than when I arrived. Always. My friends behind the counter that have become my friends in front of the counter. The connections, conversations and constant company Lindsey & co. have cultivated here.
It will continue. Like an inspiring conversation that remains after you’ve left it. Like a warm hug that keeps you comforted after it ends, these feelings continue after The Grind closes at 4pm and we’ve all gone home. After this original, special, one of a kind place transforms into the new, special one of a kind place - it all remains. Honoring the old and looking forward to the new- can’t wait to settle into my new window seat across the way on Wednesday. ☕️✨💛

Friday 7/20, 9:50 AM: I stood behind him watching as he watered each plant with thought and care just moments before he officially opened the doors of his new store to the world for the first time. He didn’t notice me documenting these last few special solo moments and that made it even more meaningful. Other than Beyoncé playing in the background it was quiet, peaceful and there was a breeze from the street as the door hung open and cars drove by on Pendleton. His mom, friends, neighbor after neighbor, and hopeful new friends filled the store and his day throughout the day, all day. They wanted to be here, surrounded by these plants, the local art and good vibes that A.J created and curated in one special room. L O V E F I R S T is visible on the letter-board in the window before you enter and as soon as you do you realize first and foremost love is here. It’s scary to open up to others by opening up a place full of your heart and things that you love. But he did and he’s here, and we’re here with him, and we love them too. Congratulations on opening day @savereign - I can’t wait to see what continues to grow for you. Stop by 1256 Pendleton St. for plants, good vibes, local art and love. Lots of love. Every plant purchase starts a new journey. So go visit him and here’s your weekend to-do list: Buy plants. Care for plants. Care for people, repeat ✌🏻💚🌿✨

Q: What is the lesson of a lonely heart? A question I’ve asked myself a lot lately and had trouble finding the answer. June was a lonely month. June was also an amazing, inspired month full of so many moments of joy. So many. But now that it’s July and the cloud that occasionally hovered above me the month before has lifted I’ve been reflecting on what made it appear in the first place. As I did I had a major realization. At first I just thought- I’m single so that’s why I’m lonely. Makes total sense. Still does, except that wasn’t it. The last few months I removed a really good friend from my life. Emotional eating was pretty much my BFF. Sure, this friend wasn’t good for me, sometimes we have friends that aren’t. But they were always there in the moments I needed them. For as long as I can remember. They made me feel better. Until they didn’t. And then I needed to say goodbye. Once I parted ways with emotional eating I noticed I wanted to fill the void it left with other things, new “friends”. But I was aware and decided I’m not filling voids with things or people. So I took a break and removed them as well. Gone. That quickly left a lot of wide open spaces wide open that I used to pack in and fill up. And I felt it, deeply. Cracked open. Feeling. Lonely. Missing the ways I used to feel better instead of feel deeper.
As I was thinking about all that I’ve removed the last couple months I started thinking about all that I’ve added. Why do I have to fill the void with things that hurt me. That numb me. Why can’t I fill the open spaces with LOVE AND ABUNDANCE. More love and abundance than what’s already there. So much that I’m overflowing with it. So I decided to let it in. As much as would fit and then add a little more. As that gray cloud lifted I found my answer to the question I was seeking.
A: I AM ENOUGH. Without the emotional eating. Just as I am, where I am. With all my feelings, baggage, messy stuff that makes me me. With all the beautiful stuff too. The love and abundance I’m choosing. Without distractions. Without another person. ENOUGH. Just me, wide open, all of me. 🦋
That was the lesson.

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