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Sarah Polite✨New Yorker in GVL  Hungry for inspiration. Storyteller & story lover. Sharing my journey with you so you feel empowered to share yours.

Q: What is the lesson of a lonely heart? A question I’ve asked myself a lot lately and had trouble finding the answer. June was a lonely month. June was also an amazing, inspired month full of so many moments of joy. So many. But now that it’s July and the cloud that occasionally hovered above me the month before has lifted I’ve been reflecting on what made it appear in the first place. As I did I had a major realization. At first I just thought- I’m single so that’s why I’m lonely. Makes total sense. Still does, except that wasn’t it. The last few months I removed a really good friend from my life. Emotional eating was pretty much my BFF. Sure, this friend wasn’t good for me, sometimes we have friends that aren’t. But they were always there in the moments I needed them. For as long as I can remember. They made me feel better. Until they didn’t. And then I needed to say goodbye. Once I parted ways with emotional eating I noticed I wanted to fill the void it left with other things, new “friends”. But I was aware and decided I’m not filling voids with things or people. So I took a break and removed them as well. Gone. That quickly left a lot of wide open spaces wide open that I used to pack in and fill up. And I felt it, deeply. Cracked open. Feeling. Lonely. Missing the ways I used to feel better instead of feel deeper.
As I was thinking about all that I’ve removed the last couple months I started thinking about all that I’ve added. Why do I have to fill the void with things that hurt me. That numb me. Why can’t I fill the open spaces with LOVE AND ABUNDANCE. More love and abundance than what’s already there. So much that I’m overflowing with it. So I decided to let it in. As much as would fit and then add a little more. As that gray cloud lifted I found my answer to the question I was seeking.
A: I AM ENOUGH. Without the emotional eating. Just as I am, where I am. With all my feelings, baggage, messy stuff that makes me me. With all the beautiful stuff too. The love and abundance I’m choosing. Without distractions. Without another person. ENOUGH. Just me, wide open, all of me. 🦋
That was the lesson.

This 🌈 came on a day I needed it and wanted it, secretly wishing to myself all day for a sign. I didn’t know for what but knew I would know when I got it. I just made it home as the sky opened up and I sat on my porch and listened to the raindrops dance. As the rain slowed the sky turned pink and I saw it. I ran up to my roof, barefoot to witness the layers of color appear in the sky with the smell of summer storm still in the air. I felt the tug in my heart that I wanted to share it with someone. I looked around on my empty roof, solo and soaked in the rain. I smiled and knew I had to share it with as many people as I could and instead of focusing on the fact I was alone on my roof in the rain I could spread the joy I was feeling in that moment. I grabbed my phone and snapped a photo, a photo that still takes my breath away and started texting. I text people that I love deeply, like a lot and feel inspired by. Some I had talked to earlier that day, a few I even saw moments before and others I haven’t talked to in months. I felt moved to share it with them and spread it with a grateful heart. Some with a simple message that I was thinking of them or that I miss and love them and others just with the photo and no words. I went through my contacts. I wanted them to know and feel it too. I wasn’t asking for anything in return and didn’t know who I would even hear back from but as the rainbow started to fade into the clouds and disappear the most beautiful thing started to happen. People began responding to the rainbow telling me they needed this rainbow too, some asking me how could I know the exact right time to send it. I didn’t know even though I did because all of us want someone else to love and think of us. It’s so powerful to tell someone else they’re thought about especially when they’re not expecting it. In the normal everyday moments and especially in the special double rainbow moments. It means something. And just as I needed that rainbow reminder that day they did too. We all did. The roof felt a little less empty. The moment felt even more magical. Witness wonder. Celebrate beauty. Speak love. Spread joy. Be grateful. Repeat.

{Stand in your truth even though you’re scared. Speak your truth even if your voice shakes. Live your truth no matter what anyone else thinks.} A year ago I quit my job in TV- the one I’d been at for 9 years in a career I’d been in for 14 because of a dream that I’d had for as long as I can remember. I didn’t leave for another show, promotion or raise. I left to come here. For change. In search of a better quality of life. Hoping for health, happiness and simply because I felt like I needed to be here. And so I came. Without my next big career move in place or even a paycheck. The hustle and grind suddenly stopped after hustling and grinding for so long. To do that-to walk away without the next thing lined up maybe didn’t make sense to most, but it felt right to me. Reckless to some, rewarding to me. For so long I made decisions out of fear, and after some hard work I stopped. It was exhausting- the fear. I started listening to my feelings instead. It was freeing-to feel. To do what was right for my heart and soul not what I thought others needed or what looked good. To do what I deserved. Not making decisions for worry of disappointment. Truth is always there. Even when fear wants to cover it up, and we forget about it, truth remains, asking to be set free even if it’s quiet at first. And so I did. I set it free. When the day came to speak the words that had been there for some time - they flowed. You know those conversations you think of all the ways they could play out? The ones that scare you? This was one of those. But as I said the words “I’m leaving” I actually smiled as I said them. It was effortless and easy - Just like me in that moment. Should it have been harder? No. Because - it was my truth and I was just speaking it. Once the words came out and I started digging them out from the dirt and fear that were covering it, smothering it for so long, it got easier to continue. At first my voice was a whisper and then it shook. I continued speaking. My truth started to grow from deep below. And as I continued to share it and speak it, the stronger and stronger, louder and louder my voice got, my truth got until it became the only thing I’ve spoken since.

A lot of things come up for me on my mat in yoga but this mantra has been a daily one. LET GO. Let go of what no longer serves you. Take what you need, release the rest. ✨ It’s so easy to hold onto it ALL. The good, the bad and everything in between. A hoarder of emotions. A heavy, cluttered heart that needs a spring cleaning AND a garage sale. I’ve been there. I needed that garage sale. Badly. But then I started cleaning out and releasing what brought me shame, sadness and made me feel less than. What no longer served me and my happiness even though it was easier to carry weight than to let it go. Emotional eating was that for me. And over the last few months I did, I let it go. It didn’t bring me the good I deserved. In the moment it brought comfort but then it brought shame. It still creeps up occasionally like an itch that needs to be scratched, but I don’t scratch it. I resist the temptation to rekindle my relationship with the habit that met me nightly, but the release and letting go created a void. It was a part of me for so long it left a spot open. Wide. And I noticed wanting to fill it with other things. So every time I’m reminded to LET GO I ask “what no longer serves me?” These are 2 things that I’m releasing for the month of June to see what comes from it as they currently don’t. 1)Alcohol: I’m a social drinker. Casual & fun. A round of shots for everyone! So much fun in the moment so much shame the next day. The texts to friends asking for reassurance on my behavior and beating myself up for not stopping at a point where I don’t feel out of control. Not wanting to lose control and be present in my life. So- this month I release it. 2)Mindless shopping: Buying extra stuff, just because. Strolling the aisles and not thinking as I put things in my cart. Excess. Quantity over quality. Retail therapy. The shame I feel at the register at the total amount that I may not always have. The continued shame as I head home and realize I don’t need the things I purchased. I have all I need. This month- I release it.
Here’s to what serves us. What brings us joy and roots us in happiness, mindfulness and gratitude. May we find more of that by letting go❤

The subject of the email read “GET BEACH BODY READY” and the body of the email guaranteed us a bikini bod by summer if we signed up for a membership. Well, summer is here and so is my response to them: THIS is a bikini bod. EVERYBODY in EVERY BODY already has a beach body. Just. As. We. Are. 👙💜

Have you ever been somewhere and know you’re exactly where you’re supposed to be? You can’t explain it but you know? Even if it doesn’t make sense? ESPECIALLY if it doesn’t. Well, #thatsmygreenville. I felt it two years ago on May 23 & 24 2016 when I visited Greenville for the first time. A whirlwind, last minute creative road trip to Nashville was coming up and I posted about it in a TV and PR Facebook group that I was a member of. I told the group about the trip and that I was hoping for connection, inspiration and exploring new places while telling the stories we found along the way. My post received a comment and invitation from the woman I now call my dear friend and fairy godmother- TARYN. She didn’t know me but she kindly asked if I would be interested in visiting Greenville. I told her YES. One invitation from her changed it all. One YES from me put the change in motion. The course of my life is totally different because of this moment. We arrived. We drove down Main St. I smelled the gardenias under my window at the Swamp Rabbit Inn and ate dinner under twinkle lights at Soby’s. We explored the Swamp Rabbit Trail and got a strawberry donut at The Swamp Rabbit Cafe. We visited Reedy River Farms and I met people I knew would be my friends for life. I felt it. My heart was connected to this place, a place that I didn’t even know existed before then. A belonging and pull that was hard to explain to anyone other than those who’ve felt it. It was exciting and scary, but I went with the feeling, my gut and heart and after some more changes and bold leaps- I’m here. Fast forward 2 years later, to last night. We celebrated #yeahthatgreenville at their Yeah, THAT party and I got to share my love of this place with so many others that love it just as much as I do. We all wore these brightly colored tags around our necks asking us what we love so much and my tag read: “From the moment I arrived here I knew I was home.” The date last night was May 24, 2018- exactly 2 years ago to the day of my first fateful visit to my new home. It’s so much bigger than us, bigger than me and last night was a reminder- I’m so thankful to be here, exactly where I’m supposed to be.

Fill in the blank: Once I lose weight I’ll ______. Once I change jobs I’ll ______. When I make more money I’ll ______. After I leave that relationship I’ll _____. I used to have a lot of things to insert into those blanks and I was waiting. Hopeful. But waiting and not doing. I was putting certain things off. Like myself. As time passed I realized the more I focused on the destination of where I wanted to be and wasn’t at, I wasn’t actually appreciating where I was. The more I focused on that, the less I was finding progress in the present. There was so much progress. I wanted to honor it, but it became harder to find celebration of the current journey and peace in the moment. This moment - which is all we have for certain. I was always 10 steps ahead, climbing, grinding. I decided my happiness wasn’t a destination but a journey, and stopped putting goals on weight and attaching my worth to job titles and salaries and partners and instead started doing the things that got pushed to the side for so long because I was looking for the next thing. I started living life like it’s the only one we’ve got - because it is. If there are things like these above that no longer serve you and that you’re waiting to happen in order to start - release them, change them, leave them and do the things you’ve been waiting to do. Don’t wait until you climb the next rung on the ladder. The next goal on your check list. The next size smaller in pants. Don’t wait until everything is perfect because it may never be.
I don’t dislike goals. I love aspirations and working towards them but I also love the messy, real, honest moments and mistakes we have leading up to them that makes the pursuit so sweet and true. Once we hit our goals what’s normally next? More goals, more pressure- we continue to climb that ladder, hustle to the next job, find the next partner, and strive to lose the next pound until we want to keep losing more and more while making more and more. Goals come and go just like the weight, jobs and people will. But one thing that remains is the present and the joy the journey can bring when we realize the pursuit IS happiness, and not always the pursuit OF happiness❤️

Fact: I haven’t worn jean shorts since 1993.😮I was in 6th grade and it was my end of year class picnic. We wore our special CLASS OF 2000 t-shirts designed by another student. We all matched but I felt so different in my XL shirt. I kept pulling it down over my denim cut off shorts that my mom and I had cut from a pair of jeans since I couldn’t find any in my size that fit. These still didn’t fit comfortably and I remember a photo so vividly it’s as clear as if I were looking at it now. 6th grade me, standing there smiling, self conscious and knowing that this would be the day I decided shorts weren’t for me. I knew it. I didn’t want that feeling again of something not existing in my size or fitting right and being uncomfortable. I’d rather just not wear them. So I didn’t. I would hide my legs and opt for pants over shorts no matter how hot. I would wear leggings under everything just because I didn’t want to show my legs. After awhile I stopped looking at my legs and then stopped thinking about my legs.👖 Recently I was shopping and I saw shorts, THESE shorts. Denim cut offs that reminded me so much of my 6th grade pair. I was brought back to that moment and my eyes filled with tears. I grabbed a pair and tried them on. I looked at myself in the mirror. I smiled. Surprised. I loved them. I knew I had to have them. I knew I needed to buy them for myself and for the 6th grader who felt like she didn’t belong in them. She did and so do I. I’m wearing these shorts to celebrate my body as it is and not wait for when my legs are smaller and I have less cellulite. 🙋🏻 So, my 6th grade self is urging you- wear the things you never thought you could or would. There must be something you’ve always wanted but put back because it’s “not you” or makes you look a certain way. Now’s the time. Remove “this makes me look fat” from your vocabulary and celebrate how it fits you now, not in 10 pounds less from now. Just as you are because - life’s too short to not wear the damn shorts no matter our shape, size, skin, scars, cellulite, stretch marks, insecurities, all the insecurities and all the things running though our heads why we can’t. Those are the reasons why we should.

And just like that she bloomed. She was always blooming, but the beauty came when she realized it.

Some morning reminders for the week ahead:
💜 You are worth it A L W A Y S. ⚡️ Good vibes only. 🎈You look great today. 🌸 You matter. 🌟 You are loved. ☀️ Spread love. 🌈 Be a nice human. ✨ You’ve got this {we’ve got this}. 💪🏼

The babe with the power: My phone buzzed. I looked at my notifications to see “new match” pop up. Tinder. I looked at the message he sent just quick enough for the words “WAY TOO FAT” to show themselves before he unmatched me and they disappeared from my inbox. Well those words didn’t disappear. They remained. Stinging as I read them. My face got warm and I felt like I was in elementary school again and one of the boys I had a crush on made fun of me. I couldn’t stand up for myself then. I wanted to now. For me and for her but I felt like I couldn’t the minute I saw the message disappear.
I got mad.
Mad at the man who judged me on my appearance. He doesn’t even know me, he never will.
Mad at the man who cowardly sent me that message just so I could see it and then unmatched me so I could never respond. If I could have I would have told him 1) that his words matter, a lot, and 2) he actually spelled “to” wrong in his note to me. 💁🏻‍♀️ Mad that I put myself out there in hopes of a positive connection and received such negativity instead.
My mind flooded with all the recent moments where I’ve felt the same way on dates and on these apps and how easy it is to get caught up in needing validation from another person and what it feels like when I don’t get it. The stinging subsided. The power returned. I decided to stand up for myself somehow, some way even if I couldn’t respond to him. It’s actually not about him at all.
So as I held my finger down and watched the Tinder icon wiggle just as it was about to delete and disappear just like he did I reminded myself that my worth and value isn’t dependent on someone else. Yours isn’t either. I’m always worthy. You are too. ❤️ 📸: @mckeelycreative

First magnolia bloom spotting of the season in Charleston SC under the breezy sunshine of spring. I was walking by this tree with my face to the sun, and looked over admiring it as I always do when I pass magnolia trees, looking and waiting for those unforgettable blooms to arrive that I adore so much. Just as I was about to look away and continue - there she was. A big, ivory blossom, solo and on her own among the green leaves, wide open and facing the sun too, just as I was. I realized in that moment that flowers and trees don’t ever think about blooming. They don’t over analyze it. Worry about it. They don’t ask for permission or apologize or compare themselves to the other pretty flowers surrounding them, they just bloom. I decided I wouldn’t either and would bloom effortlessly, naturally and in my own way when it was my time to and to do it while reaching up towards the sun, wide open and ready just like this magnolia tree.

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