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The New York Botanical Garden  A museum of plants, an educational institution, and a scientific research organization in the Bronx.

#ClimateWeekNYC is off and running and we’re offering tours and a special seminar to highlight environmental stewardship here at NYBG through sustainable design practices, initiatives to document biodiversity and protect threatened ecosystems, and environmental humanities education. Get full event details at nybg.org/climateweek. @theclimategroup @nycgo_press @nycgo

Fiesta de Flores once again demonstrated the pride of the many residents of the Bronx, New York City, and beyond. Thank you to everyone who came out this year to celebrate #HispanicHeritageMonth at NYBG! (2nd 📸 by @jgeventphoto) #regram

Did you know that #Ginkgo biloba has remained virtually unchanged throughout the fossil record? That’s what earned it the nickname of “living fossil.” And it’s so sturdy against stresses like air pollution that you can see it planted all over New York City streets. As one of the brightest fall trees in our area, its fan-shaped leaves will be hard to miss here in the coming weeks! #nybgscience

As the final week of summer winds down, we’re looking forward to #fall, readying to take the whitewash off the Conservatory to allow full sun through the glass, and keeping our eyes peeled for turning leaves. 🍂🍁 #whatsbeautifulnow

The #kiku in the Nolen Greenhouses—like this sculpted planting taking the form of a bonsai—are just over a month out from their fall reveal. Come November 3, the Bourke-Sullivan Display House will offer an intimate arrangement of these Japanese #chrysanthemums. (📸 by @mco_photo)

As you explore the tropical wonders of #GeorgiaNYBG in the Haupt Conservatory, now closing in on its final month, keep an eye out for other Conservatory treasures like this giant starfish flower (#Stapeliagigantea).

Shout-out to #pothos (neon in this case), the near-invincible foundation of a thriving urban #jungalow. 🌱 Don’t forget to come out to Blues, Brews, & Botany this Saturday to take part in our botanical scavenger hunts—and take home a baby plant for your collection. (📸 by @plantwitchery) #regram

Georgia O’Keeffe's time spent exploring Hawai‘i’s island of Kauai provided her with a well of inspiration. With our sweepstakes for a trip to Kauai, in partnership with @grandhyattkauai and @hawaiianairlines, you could discover it for yourself. Learn more at nybg.org/sweeps! #CeLEIbrateAloha #GeorgiaNYBG

It's just about time for fall gardening chores~! The #dahlias and the #monarchs are anxious for the new season (and spot the busy bee if you can). (📸 by @mco_photo)

🌬 🍃🍂 There's a change in the air, and the Garden's prepping for fall. Take a look at what's beautiful now at NYBG (like this airy Pennisetum)!

We all have plants that really speak to us, like this staghorn fern (Platycerium). With #gardentosill, join NYBG and @thesill in sharing photos of your favorite green and growing things both at home and in nature. Stay tuned to both of our feeds for each week’s plant pick, and share your own plants for a chance to win tickets to Blues, Brews, & Botany at NYBG, plus a gift card to The Sill to keep your plant family growing!

#MonsteraMonday is the best part of any Monday, bar none. This Monstera adansonii albo variegata is serving big looks as the extreme variegation trend takes off among our favorite #houseplants. (📸 by @plantbypackwood) #regram

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