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The New York Botanical Garden  A museum of plants 🌱, an educational institution 📚, and a scientific research organization in the Bronx 🔬

As the leaves disappear and we cozy up for the chills of winter, the trees take on an entirely different beauty defined by arching branches and unique bark patterns.
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One of the most highly anticipated galas of the season, our Winter Wonderland Ball is just around the corner. Don’t miss this evening to remember on December 14.

Right now the Haupt Conservatory at NYBG is one of the busiest train stations in the city. See if you can spot any of your favorite diesel trains, trollies, or subway cars while you’re here. #htsnybg

The red jade vine (#Mucunabennettii) in the Conservatory heard that “Living Coral” is @Pantone’s Color of the Year 2019 and got a liiiiiittle overzealous with its display.

More than Euphorbia pulcherrima (#poinsettia). Plants of the genus #Euphorbia are incredibly diverse in form and can be found all around the world. Their shared feature is a poisonous, white latex-like sap. Be sure to wear gloves and keep them away from pets!! In order: ▪️E. obesa ▪️E. susannae ▪️E. schubei ▪️E. greenwayii ▪️E. punicea ▪️E. stellaspina ▪️E. abyssinica ▪️E. lomelii ▪️E. beharensis ▪️E. lactea ‘Cristata Variegata’

It might be chilly outside, but our Aquatic House in the Haupt Conservatory is always a tropical escape, as these water lilies (#Nymphaea) are always willing to demonstrate.

Wander through the Garden in December and you’ll see color, but not so much from flowers or changing leaves. Instead, it’s winter fruit season.
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Tackle your holiday stress (don’t worry, you’re not alone) with Candlemaking at NYBG, using essential oils from evergreens and other plants to craft a candle that’s beautiful AND aromatherapeutic. #nybgadulted

Up, down, and all around, the Holiday Train Show is an expansive experience. 🚂 (📸 by @travel_paradise_27) @timeoutnykids #regram #htsnybg

“Crown shyness” is a phenomenon among certain tree species (and sometimes between different species) in which the branches on separate trees avoid touching each other, creating channels between them like you can see here. There are many theories as to why this happens, such as maximizing sun exposure by avoiding neighbors’ branches, or limiting the spread of leaf-eating insects between trees. (📸 by @mco_photo)

🎡 We're taking a trip to the boardwalk during our Holiday Train Show with beloved landmarks from Coney Island, including the Wonder Wheel. (📸 by @kristenkubilus) #regram #htsnybg @lunaparknyc @coneyislandfun

🌳👗The birch trees are in costume change. (📸 by @pixeljockey168) #regram #whatsbeautifulnow #betula