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Thomas Vanderpol  Rikki | @dyingforitca | @safeinsiderecords XVX | Out Of Step | Redding, CA

Got these tasty pieces in the mail the other day. @perfectworldnyc @dogyearsrecords #hardcore #nyhc #rainn

Happy Valentine’s Day to the girl who rocks my world, @salonxredding. 🖤

Over the summer, I was asked to fill in on drums for @fixationhc for the @newagerecords pre-show at @programme. When they asked me to fill in I excitedly said yes and quickly realized I knew none of their songs and their new 7” wouldn’t be released online until the next day. Luckily, I had an entire week to put myself in the pain cave to prepare before they rolled through Redding to play with @dyingforitca, so we could run through the set ONCE, as we were short on time that night. This set is now on the Hate5Six website/YouTube. I’m incredibly proud of the work that I put in to sit in for Fixation and even though I make a glaring error on the second to last song and turned my hands into raw meat to prepare (swipe to last picture), I’d do it again in a heartbeat. I love these guys so much and know we will be friends for life. Check out all my dumbass faces. Link in bio.

I used to have this @converge hoodie in small a long time ago and sold it on Electronic Bay when I grew out of it. Thanks to the homie @teamvulture for giving me yours! 🖤 #youfailme

Seeetheart’s Nite was a success. We had so much fun, I didn’t stop to take many photos. 🥰 @disneyland

My introduction to the Gorilla Biscuits was @falloutboy covering “Start Today” on @tonyhawk’s American Wasteland in 2005. I had just started to go to shows and the accompaniment soundtrack to this game was modern bands I liked covering classic hardcore songs, which introduced me to a lot of 80s hardcore. A few years later @silverstein covered “Good Intentions” for Short Songs. I loved the band at this point and if connected one of my entry points for alternative music to hardcore. My good pal @xbtwiggx gave me this shirt a couple of years back and I’ve been taking care of it since then. He told me it came from the 1990 tour, making it 1 year older than me. Today I wear it for Alex Brown. Rest in power, Alex. #gorillabiscuits 🎺💔🍌

Upped my dad sweatshirt game 10,000% today. Now I just need to stay at the @grandcalifornianhotel. #disneyside #oldhashtagsdiehard

Happy birthday to my buddy, @senorxxxbubbles! Thanks for reminding me that it’s okay to not take yourself so seriously and that it’s fine to wear white t-shirts (sometimes). LISTEN TO @cuttingthroughhc.
📸: @seanxmellon

This is a few weeks away! So stoked that @vegan_glutton and @davidxpatrick will be joining us on this run. #dyingforitca #safeinsiderecords

Looking forward to tour next month! Peep this article. Link in bio. Thanks @devxdawg and @noechodotnet! #noechodotnet #dyingforitca #withxwar

@newmoralityzine is the best. 🖤

When that second batch of tickets goes out and you load for 5 minutes until they’re gone. #bikinikillticketshortage2019

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