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Put your rose coloured glasses on and party on

Go to imaginary parties in our make believe Ferrari

If I am cleaning a vacuum cleaner, am I then the vacuum cleaner ?

If you do not believe in aliens, you're ignorant and we can't be friends.

"And sometimes you just have to find the extraordinary in your ordinary life" - The Rest Of Us Just And Live Here

STOP THE STEREOTYPING OF UNICORNS! It is not a fact that unicorns poop rainbow, in fact of all Colours, yellow would be the most logical. Also why are unicorn themed foods rainbow? Unicorns are white! #stopsterotypingunicorns2K17

"But if you care about other people's opinion then you become boring, so I'd rather stand out and be different" - some Japanese guy

Living that bhb life

If you punch yourself and feel pain, are you weak or are your strong ?

Why are buildings called buildings when they have already been built ?

Hey friends

It's about time I start to include pictures with my friends

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