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It's tough being a 12 wk old puppy! She just had her supper and is trying so hard to stay awake. We are so pleased with this pup. She is very smart and is doing a great job with her training. It has been 3 months since we have had the camper out. Roper will have to have her final shots before our next outing, but we are very excited for her first camping trip.
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So we stopped at the brewery to get a cold beer and a light lunch. This is enough food for 3 days!

We took Roper on a trip to Home Depot yesterday. We r trying to expose her as many new sights and sounds as we can. She is doing really well is is showing signs of being a great dog.
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My heart is broken. Yesterday afternoon we had to say goodbye to this amazing dog. She was just 10 years old, way to young. 2.5 months ago, on her 10th birthday, Bonser had an emergency Splenectomy. She was then diagnosed with Hemangiosarcoma, a very nasty and aggressive cancer. The Dr said about 6 months, give or take. Saturday she was fine, happy and energetic. We noticed on Sunday that she wasn't quit herself. When I got home from work Tuesday morning, Bonser was in bad shape. I didn't want to take her in, because in the back of my mind I knew. I had to carry her to the car. Then a gurney was needed to take her the clinic. Bonser never would have allowed that, but she just laid there as they took her in. The ultrasound reveled a mass on her heart had ruptured and was bleeding into the pericardium. We considered having it drained, but we knew the cancer was very strong in her body. We could feel lumps. We knew it was time. We took about 20 minutes to hold her and say our goodbyes. More tears than I could ever imagine. I miss her.

Well, this happened today! Meet Roper. She is 8 wks old and is from a local rescue. Momma is a Border Collie and the dad is Aussie, we think. Her first 8 wks were with a foster who did an amazing job raising this litter.

It's been about 1.5 month since Bonser's Splenectomy and then cancer diagnosis. She has been doing good, but we can tell the cancer is very strong in her body. He have noticed several lumps under the skin that seem to appear almost over night. She has a very large mass on her right rear leg that has really bothered her this weekend. We go to the vet on Thursday for blood work. She was always such an active dog and it is very difficult to see her like this. Her spirits remain good and appetite is strong. We are praying for more time with this very special girl.

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Bonser has had limited use of her right, back leg. She has a lump where the Achilles tendon attaches to the muscle. We believe it's related to the cancer, vet appointment next week. We have a fair amount of tile in the house, so we bought her these Pawks to help with traction. She tolerates them, but not a big fan.

This is what dog cancer looks like. Good thing my wife can keep it all straight. Bonser is still in really good spirits and eats everything we give her, including the pills. We use a tablespoon of Pumpkin to help hide it all.

Drove South to Picacho Peak for the weekend. Nice place but windy today.
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Soaking up the sun, it's a dog's life!

First pitch of spring traing, play ball!

The final night of the fiberglass rv rally and the last light of the day was great!
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