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Tough shit Mexico! Maybe Mexico should stop stifling innovation and their own people with corruption.

Well deserved title of MOST dishonest news organization @cnn

@CNN makes me sick! @cnn

This is what Obama and the MSM created. And this is why Trump was elected President. The insanity MUST end!

Hilarious! @whitehouse

White privilege: when you're the victim of an obvious hate crime but the media and law enforcement makes excuses for the perpetrators. Disgusting!!

Or some do both.

We're all a bunch a islamaphobes I guess..

The racial divider and chief Obama will be leaving soon. Together we can all make America great again for everyone.

Not surprised...

The great accomplishments of communism. Now they are rearing their ugly head once again in Venezuela. It's sad there are ignorant bastards in the U. S. that think this shit is cool.

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