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Nikita Vasilyev  In obsession with partner acrobatics since May 2016.

My first time flying inlocate to extended h2h! @acrospherics is such a great base! Last time I flew on Scott over a year ago. That time I could barely jump into low h2h on the ground (L-basing).

Excited to be doing acro all weekend at @acrosf!
One day I want my toe point to look like Julia's! One day! 📷 @tintor

Two photos shoots one week apart. What a difference Carl the Fog makes! 1st photo by @toung.photo, 2nd by @kerstin_yu 👌

h2h with Liz. Thanks to @kerstin_yu for a great photo!

Another one from the photo shoot with @daviddatnguyen!

Hangle Dangle on one arm. @daviddatnguyen made Asako and I look great despite the harsh light and meh background!

Did my first booty pop to h2h today (is that what it's called?) with @jsnguillory

Passed a flyer from h2h to reverse h2h on another base. It was so fun to figure it out with @invertedlifesf and @lizwilliamspt. I saw @lauralebrondr, @skatejitsu, and @homelessyogi doing it on IG so we gave it a try!

My first time basing Dolphin. I couldn't get my arm to lock out, but I'll take it anyway.

Hand to hand basing 101: how wide should my arm be? I've been basing standing h2h for almost a year, I'm obviously qualified to make h2h tutorials. Thanks to @jsnguillory for flying! #coachnikita #standingacroyoga

F2h spins and robot walks with @plojolq from a couple of weeks ago.

Working on the one arm with @plojolq. @acroant gave us some tips, it's looking better now!

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