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So beary cute - brownie and cookie snacks. Brownie's made with walnuts and #Almonds, cookies made with #cashews and almonds. Regram via @lucky.nuts with inspo via @raw_manda

Here's a quick and easy stir-fry recipe courtesy of @charlesworthnuts - Chicken and cashew stir-fry. A great mid-week meal for the family. Recipe link in bio.

Brilliant snack ideas bursting w flavour and goodness. Dates filled w walnuts, Brazil nuts and almond butters. Great for after school healthy snacks. Regram via @nutsaboutlifeaustralia and Inspo via @livelivenourishaus

Can you guess what these are? They are just harvested and ready to be dehusked and sorted. Beautiful shades of green, purple and brown. It's the #macadamia. Image courtesy of @ausmacadamias

The hazelnut - most of us probably associate them covered in chocolate, but they boast a host of health benefits too - they contain mainly monounsaturated fats. They also contain the highest amount of dietary fibre of all the tree nuts, w a 30g serve providing more than 10% of the recommended intake. An excellent source of vit E and rich in antioxidants (particularly the hazelnut skins) which are beneficial for heart health.

Looking for some inspiration for breakfast ... lunch ... Like this from @nutsaboutlifeaustralia. Delish berries topped w #almonds and #cashews. Yum!!

Nuts - they may be small but they sure do pack a punch. Nuts are like natures own vitamin pill, containing at least 28 different essential nutrients including vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and other phytochemicals important for good health. Regram image via @feedyourfuturedietetics

It's still cold outside, so starting the day with a warm hearty breakfast will help set you up for the day ahead. And to make it even better, add some hazelnuts as @cookrepublic has done w her beautiful Hazelnut & butter porridge. Nuts add crunch, taste and of course heaps of health benefits too.

Adding nuts to smoothies is a great way to get your handful of nuts in, and will also add fibre & protein, helping you to feel fuller. Thanks to @ausmacadamias for the gorgeous pic

The list of health benefits for nuts keeps growing. Research from a systematic review and dose-response meta-analysis concluded that approximately 4.4 million premature deaths in the regions covered, including North and South America, Europe, Southeast Asia and Western Pacific may be attributable to a nut intake below 20g per day.

Looking for new ways to eat your veg? Adding nuts is such an easy and tasty way, like this via @ottolenghi Grilled asparagus w fried capers and toasted #Almonds Simple!

Great quote from @thehappinessinstitute on getting back to basics ... oh and maybe add eat a handful of #nuts everyday!!

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