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McKel Hill MS, RDN, Dietitian  Nutrition is My Jam. Author + Founder of NS—We make it simple to Live Whole, Eat Well, and Feel Amazing 🍍New on the blog👇🏻


Our mission at NS is to help you make it simple 👆🏻Feeling good and being happy with your health is much more than eating healthy foods, it’s a WHOLE body practice. What’s part of your routine that keeps you living well?✨🌙❤️ #nutritionstripped

Messy lunch plate! White rice, kimchi, cooked kale in coconut oil, leftover roasted veggies, carrot hummus from @thesaltedtable, avocado, and walnuts! So hearty and feels like fall 🍂 HAPPY SUNDAY

Ultimate Berry Smoothie Bowl to pack in nutrient and energy density for fuel! It's getting borderline too chilly in Nashville to enjoy cold smoothie bowls, so I'm soaking up what might be my last bowl for the season! 💖

NEW! Today I’m sharing all about my winter skincare + my story with eczema and what has helped keep it at bay, from what I eat (hello anti-inflammatory foods), to stress management, and one of my favorite products @avalonorganics Eczema Relief line #AvalonOrganics #sponsored

Happy Friday! 🍵👋🏻Swipe right to watch how to make a simple and delicious Matcha Tea Latte Elevated! What's your favorite ingredient to add to give your matcha a boost? 🍯

Hello, matcha! 🍵Matcha has been getting a lot of media attention the past couple of years in the wellness industry, but for good reason — maybe not always in the best applications (ex. I saw matcha in sunscreen once and thought...really?)💚What we do know about matcha is that it's rich in antioxidants and a notable amino acid L-theanine and is known to have a relaxing effect on the mind and body. Read more on matcha health benefits and the nutrition stripped: http://nutritionstripped.com/matcha-tea-latte/

AVOCADO LOVE💚🥑my first love was art, and it's still prominent in my life and how I express health and happiness through NS 🙏🏻 I painted this avocado in college never realizing it would later come back into my life as a symbol/mascot for Nutrition Stripped as a visual reminder to 1) not take nutrition and healthy living too seriously, 2) remember that nourishing your body is a key act of self-love, 3) do things that make you feel amazing and don't get caught up in perfecting XYZ diet/lifestyle, and 4) do more of #2 👏🏻👑

JUICING 101! 🌱I have a blog post dedicated to juicing, but here's the 411. Juice is a great way to squeeze in extra nutrients into your diet — is it needed? No. Can it be beneficial? Oh yes! 💯Whenever I'm feeling a little lethargic, if my tummy is giving me issues, or if I'm just super busy and can't sit down to eat as many veggies then it's a great booster. Juice isn’t a replacement for meals though! 💚If you are going to drink juice, I recommend going as green as you can with limited sugar since juice doesn't contain fiber, the last thing your body really needs is to drink a juice with no fiber that's loaded with sugar, even if that's coming from fruit. What are your favorite green juice combos!?🌙✨

NEW! 🍄Portobello Mushroom Steak Salad loaded with fiber and tastes delicious! This can be made vegan-friendly or add protein of your choice to boost this as a meal. Read more tips on the NS Blog and get the recipe!👋🏻

NEW recipe! 💜Portobello Mushroom Steak Salad with butter leaf lettuce, radish, avocado and the star of the show are these balsamic marinated mushrooms adapted from the #NScookbook! Link in bio to get to the NS Blog🍄

POMEGRANATES 101: ❤️ Who else is excited about pomegranate recipe season!? I love using these gems to recipes in the fall and winter to add a hint of sweetness, a bit of tart flavor, and not to mention antioxidants. What's your favorite way to use them?

A loving reminder to you gals (and guys!) 👏🏻❤️ happy Sunday! I hope today brings you what you need- for me that’s long walks outside in the sunshine and 📖 reading! You?

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