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A quick trip to London to eat all of the food I can find @abuelocoffeelondon

Middle Eastern Panzanella with Tahini Dressing. Let me know if you want the recipe and it’s all yours.

Starting young & getting little ones involved in preparing meals is a great way to get them interested in what they are eating.
It can get a little messy, but kids + food = mess anyway so why not make it fun.
Tonight its an easy go to:
•Mushroom & pea sausages •Avo •Pumpkin •Asparagus.
I like to mash some which I spoon feed to make sure she actually eats & leave some whole for little ones to feed themselves.
Whatever isn’t eaten is saved for tomorrow.

Spontaneous six course lunch at @sixbynico. How could you say no to 6 courses of Sicilian yumness? You can’t. (ps. May have forgotten to take a photo of the 3rd course. Too busy eating it)

Sourdough. smoked almond hummus. avocado. tomato. pepper. your welcome

Why have I not been here sooner? The most delish chilli & smoked salmon scrambled eggs. @lepetitprincearmadale Usually served on a croissant (which lets be honest, I would demolish) but my nutritionist side won and I opted for the organic sourdough this time.

Taking it back to brunch in Tokyo with @kat_harveybarakat @ @chef_rickyb

Ferrero Rocher Affogato.. enough said.

Dreaming of dessert today. Disturbed sleep can cause you to crave things like sugar & refined carbohydrates. As delicious as these can be, It’s not going to help you increase your energy levels so instead of binging on all the baked goodies & sweet treats, think whole foods instead. You’ll increase your energy levels & sleep better too. In saying that, there’s always a time when dessert is needed so live by the 80/20 rule & enjoy food rather then restrict it.

@oliverbozanic Showing off his hidden skills in the kitchen. •Chicken schnitzel made using chicken breast, panko crumbs & free range eggs shallow fried in EVO.
•Home made slaw using green & purple cabbage, red onion, carrot, parsley, lemon juice, apple cider vinegar.
•Warm sourdough roll
•Home made sweet potato wedges & potato chips baked in olive oil.

Surprised I haven’t turned into a falafel with how much I have been eating recently. Thanks @theglassonionsociety for making this heavily pregnant ladies food dreams come true.

As if breakfast isn’t the best part of the day. Anyone who says otherwise has to be a little crazy. @likemindsavoca

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