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Nutritional Balance is just that. Sometimes you have to have your cake & eat it too! Thx G for a little slice of heaven.

Bread. Most love it but it has a bad reputation. Why? Carbs I hear you say. Bread is no higher in carbs than other starchy foods. Our brain relies on carbs (glucose) for energy. A good source of B vit's (thiamin, niacin & folate). Eat it with some quality protein & fat & you'll be able to make it through the day. #bread#nutriton#carbs#carbonhydrates#vitamin b#starchy#food#folate#glucose

Including herbs in your meal can pack just as many nutrients as meat & veggies. My tabouli is based on parsley (loaded with iron, Vit C, calcium & potassium) it has 3 times more the nutrient value than most veggies. Add some mint, garlic, lemin juice, olive oil, cherry tomatoes & bulgar wheat (quinoa for those FODMAPs & gluten free) & you have a zesty fresh low GI meal.

Warmer weather means watermelon, the quintessential summer fruit. It's fantastic for hydration, has lower levels of sugar than other fruit & contains an important amino acid citrulline. This nutrient increases your nitric oxide levels. Perfect for a post workout by helping your blood vessels expand (lowers blood pressure too) & reduces muscle soreness. So drink up! #watermelon # nutrition #musclefatigue #juice.
Do you feel the need to clean up your diet? Or need some #foodie inspiration? Perhaps you need to curb the #mood swings or up your #metabolism? Email me at or call for a health chat today.

I just had to have a pie! Yes it's a veggie pie from Upper Crust.

Salads are not just for summer. They help manage your weight, provide needed fibre to fight constipation & can lower your cholesterol. Pair them with some lean protein or a baked jacket patatoe & you have a complete meal!

Are you an athlete? Home-made baked beans packs a protein punch the same as a 100g piece of steak.

Suffer from a respiratory illness or asthma! Try pumpkin soup. High in beta-carotene a precursor to vit A. Lowers lung inflammation & prevents respiratory infections.

Shared lunch with friends. Poached chicken with avocado green goddess dressing. You need good fats to absorb all those nutrients.

With colds & flu flying about a good dose of zinc & antioxidants is hidden in this lunch nest.

The best way to drink an immunity juice.

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