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Jesse Noonan

Me and @_longwanger_ had a fun play yesterday. Play with your friends they need some play time.

Hey everyone, Sven has gone back to Sweden to help his parents design a new building for the Swedish come wealth games. He asked me to shared this exclusive interview with @beaverfleming at the Bondi bowl a Rama. Sven says he had an amazing time in Australia and loves you all and can't wait to come back to Aus. Thanks everyone.

Hey guys check out part 2 of my exclusive interview with Eric Dressen. Bye

Hey guys it's me Sven, check out my exclusive interview with Eric Dressen at Bondi he so cool. Bye. Part 1

Sven reporting from Bondi

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What a time to be alive ! @volcom_oz thank you

Hey guys it's me Sven here of course, I'm just hanging down here in Bondi @beach_burrito_co with my mate @joelmcdonalddesign drinking some amazing delicious @santacruzskateboards beers and we are having a wonderful time. Come say hi. Bye. Sven

Amazing man in an amazing place. Sad to say it's over. Happy to say it happened !! Thanks so much for such a rad trip !!!! Together we are the petals that make up a rose šŸŒ¹ catch me outside. Bye @volcom_oz @raddada @justsomedude @the__provider @jacksonpilz @_stipo @scottstandley @reecewarren_ @theskateboardersjournal @boltonfilms @daneburman @axelcrusher @floydos

Happy V day my G day. @lady.stardust