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Audrey of Nuthatch Hill  Homesteading. Handcrafts. Books. Yarn. Children. Whimsy. Chickens. Baked Treats. Living life simply, in the middle of the Great Mitten State.

Tonight I did a round of Extreme Weeding in the garden, making room for fall crops. While I pulled armfuls of Queen Anne's Lace and Lambsquarter, the mosquitoes feasted on my thighs. I'm pretty itchy and covered with dirt, but a round of weeding is still the one of the most satisfying things in life. 🌱😁🌻 #organicgardening #organic #michigangardening #dirtyknees

Last night was one of THOSE nights. You know the sort. I lay awake worrying about whatever came to mind. Our eldest was still feeling poorly. The baby had a cough. We are trying to sort out our plans for the rest of the summer, but there's never enough time for everything! Today, I only want to play with the kids, drink coffee, plan some fun outings... and knit. #mellowmomma #summersending #toomuchtodo #knittersofinstagram #sockknittersofinstagram #knitallthethings #knittingistherapy

There were more tomatoes, but they didn't make it out of the garden. Yum! (And yes, I totally "borrowed" my little brother's shoes and they became my garden shoes 😜) #morningchores #organic #organicgardening #michigangardening #bassshoes #boatshoes

Look what came in the mail: His & Hers sock yarn! Bet you can't guess which is for the Mister and which is for me 😜 #sockknittersofinstagram #knitstagram #sweetgeorgiayarns #soakwash #hisandhers

These pretty wild flowers greet me at the henyard gate, each morning. They're up to my shoulder in height! I wonder what they are...? #plantidentification #michigangardening #wildflowers

Major props to the bird who sowed a sunflower seed in our strawberry bed. They've popped up in the lettuce patch, melon bed and rock garden, too! #michigangardening

Jumping in the sunrise πŸŒ…

Naptime knitting. #knitstagram

The sniffles have struck! πŸ˜·πŸ˜“Our household is battling a yucky cold. After a long night with two little ones feeling poorly, I find myself wondering if drinking extra coffee counts as "staying hydrated"...? It's extra fluids! 😼

πŸ’€ πŸ’€ Naptime. πŸ’€ πŸ’€ When it hits, it hits hard.

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