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Nutcase Study  An attempt to unlock mankind's mind with Science And Art. (I'm Art and this life is Scientifical experiences) Email addresses:

And Science is Art.. The two coexist..

It's in the sample units that makes a whole piece!
It's on the threads,the coil,that defines and test our stand!! #nutcasestyle
#nutcasestudy🎓💼🔭🔬🚪 #incircles_but_not_confused

One most interesting journey is the journey inside self,it's the universe, big,the soon you start the better mileage..... Wearing #nutcasestyle flawless is the AmaZing super creative @beverlysmartdesigns

#keep_unlocking_mindz !!!!

Elegance is a waves of feeling good,doing good, with good people,trusting God!

Photo credit:@thabo_lens

Work in progress.......... Creating is so much fulfilling,it's like time turn out to be just a good idea,you leap to a space where calculations and assembling is the only possibilities,an hour feels like a sec,a year like a month

#nutcasestudy🎓💼🔭🔬🚪 #keep_unlocking_mindz_with_style_and_taste👊👊👊👍👍👍👌👌👌 Video by :@glookswear

The only challenge with what I'm doing is the misconceptions of the series Nutcase study is being framed a craft or jewellery
The series of work serves as Evidence that supports the coexistence of Science in Art,it was made to finance a Laboratory,to further explore the marriage of Art and Science, given time it will show

Photograph credit to a genius:@thabo_lens

Work in progress,colour explorations

Titled: Navigation 1 [.It's only when we realise self,is then we can realise where you are!.]
#nutcasestudy🎓💼🔭🔬🚪 Medium: Ink on canvas

Titled: Out of Calibration

#nutcasestudy🎓💼🔭🔬🚪 [True the mind is an Apparatus We think ,we think with!!!] sibusiso mlangeni

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