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Yeah, and you wanna be with her all the time, almost like, it hurts when you're not.

Отражения отражениями, а пятна вечны.
photo was taken on almost the best day (not actually, 'n' it's your fault)

I've never had a chance to tell you how
Feels like you're a part of me

“So you won’t tell me?”
“So I won’t tell you.”
“So he won’t tell me,” he repeated, pensively, as if explaining to someone about me.

вся реальность-как поломанный полароид

You make a better wall than a window🔑⛏️

и мы увидим то, чего не должны были.

С чудесным праздником, который уже подходит к концу..
Все равно было волшебно!
What a magical day, ladies and gentlemen!

-и это закулисье!

Выход есть! -

One of the-

-best places-

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