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Thank you for a lovely afternoon @ektaravikapoor ! Fun conversations, infectious laughter and delicious lunch are a deadly combo! 💖💖💖 #ganpati

This picture of Oscar nominee @rmorrison says it all doesn’t it? The DOP on both my films has been the supremely talented @nehapartimatiyani and when I first met her in 2010 I too was guilty of entertaining the fleeting thought- would this slight young thing sitting in front of me be able to shoot an entire film completely hand held? I voiced my thought candidly and she replied equally candidly ‘you don’t need to worry’. I was smart enough to take her advice. We worked so well we did another film and hopefully will collaborate on more. She then went on to shoot a feature while 3 months pregnant. More power to these wonderful women! #womeninfilm #Repost @rmorrison with @get_repost
There’s a common misconception that likens pregnancy to some kind of disability— the idea that women who are pregnant shouldn’t be active and can’t go about their normal lives... While no two pregnancies are the same, I just want to say that for many to most women this isn’t the case at all. I just wrapped a feature #againstallenemies at 8+ months pregnant. Now I’m on to a commercial and I plan to keep shooting for as long as anyone will hire me knowing in a few weeks I may have to replace myself if I go into labor on set... the point is I am NOT a superhero. I am just going about my life doing the thing that I love for as long as I can because the more I work before baby the longer I can take off after. Which should also be MY choice and no one else’s. Physically speaking I could have gone back to work within a week of having my son. At the time, I lost many jobs because people were nervous to hire me so soon after the birth but again I say this should be left up to us. Pregnancy and motherhood in general is not a disadvantage and the craft doesn’t suffer as a result. If anything the added experience and enhanced empathy has made me a better cinematographer and filmmaker. That’s all. Happy Friday! #femalefilmmakerfriday #shootfilm #cseries #panavisionofficial 📷 by @loganwhitephoto.

They do don’t they...!?

Greatest day for India this century! Landmark judgment from the Supreme Court. #section377nomore #lovewins

Thank you @ieentertainment and @mimansashekhar for reviving a treasure trove of memories. It actually aired first on 21st October not August but that’s okay :)) #hiphiphurray1998 #zeetv #utv #zarinamehta

This morning I woke up to the lovely sound of a bunch of children from the neighbouring building singing the national anthem in various pitches and tune. It was so moving to see their earnest enthusiastic faces looking up at the flag fluttering above them. I have to confess it made me tear up. Soon after they went about happily munching on their samosas and chips and I felt a wave of optimism sweep over me... things will be alright... despite the negativity and the forces that try to break us up... children are the future ... the future citizens who will take our country forward. None of this has anything to do with my picture except that that was the happy mood I left home with today.

Best thing I saw all of last week! #mondaymotivation #Repost @trevornoah with @get_repost
I think they just won the Keke challenge.
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#kekechallenge #shiggychallenge

Discovered this ancient picture of yours truly at my parents’ place in Pune couple of weeks ago. Damn I was so cute! What happened??? #tbt #iwascute #childhoodpic #onceuponatime

Visited the Aga Khan Palace in Pune today. It is a memorial for Mahatma Gandhi who was arrested in mumbai during the Quit India movement and imprisoned here for 2 years till 1944. It was a very moving experience to see the room where Gandhi ji and Kasturba lived in stark simplicity. A mattress on the floor, an arm chair , a stool. Ba died here and was cremated in the grounds behind the palace building. An atmosphere of quiet and serenity envelops the grounds. As I left I wondered what this great man who fought so hard for the independence of our country would make of what we’re doing to it today. It was heartwarming to see the grounds overrun with numerous groups of young people. Clearly his legacy lives on and is just as relevant today despite the forces that try to diminish and even dismiss it ruthlessly to further their own agendas. #mahatmagandhi 🙏

Lovely ancient patch of green and ruins at #shaniwarwada #historyrevisited #bajirao #bajiraokaghar

I decided to be happy. The reason is heating up in my oven. A Lemon tea loaf. Is Sunday tea time the best time of the week? Hell yeah! Especially when there’s a final on every sports channel!! ... #lifeisgood

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