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noora ノーラ  Illustrator/graphic designer who ❤️ girly fashion, LARME, vintage toys, hamsters and cute things! Currently studying in Tokyo ♡ / 日本語の学生、東京

I look a bit grumpy here but I promise it is just the angle + my eyebrows that kind of give me a bitchy resting face... 🐶💦 I cut my bangs too short again, but because it has been very hot in Tokyo that might actually be a good thing. :""") It seems like it is quite warm in many places at the moment, even in Finland! 🐶🌷 #etudehouse #ガーリー

Picture from April taken by @_hanshans_ . 🐶🌷 It has been 9 months since I moved to Tokyo, huh, time really flies! 🐶 Now I have been able to experience all the 4 seasons in Tokyo, winter time feels so distant... 💦 I will leave back to home in October and I already know I will miss Japan so much. 😭 Tokyo has truly become like a second home for me. 🌸
日本の生活が本当に好きになりました。🐶💓 10月にフィンランドへ帰るつもりですが、東京は私にとって第二の故郷のようになりました。😭 この写真は4月に @_hanshans_ が撮ってくれました。🐶 #東京 #throwback #filmisnotdead

Two weeks ago I finally got to visit Koke-shka in Kamakura and it was like from a Ghibli film! 😭❤️ I really adore traditional style kokeshi dolls and kind of collect them but until this visit I had bought mine from fleamarkets and never had a chance to visit an artisan or a kokeshi specialized store like Koke-shka. I still hope to visit a kokeshi artisan and see how they make kokeshi during my stay here. 🐶🌷 #kokeshi #kokeshidoll #kamakura #kokeshka #こけし#鎌倉

At Gotokuji temple in March, me and @_hanshans_ finally scanned some films we have photographed this year and I was happy to see how they turned out! ^o^ School started again on last Wednesday but luckily during our 1,5 week long break between the terms we managed to do a proper trip first time in a while! 💓 It was a much needed vacation (I was feeling quite exhausted during the whole May/early June... 🐶💦) and we took lots of photos, I hope to share something here soon. It would be nice to get back to more regular posting! 🐶🌷 How are you doing? Do you have any vacation plans? 🌸#gotokuji #manekineko #rosemarieseoir #snidel #throwback #filmisnotdead

I spotted this cute little garden a month ago in Shimokitazawa. It is one of my favourite neighbourhoods in Tokyo, the atmosphere is really nice. 🐶🌷#shimokitazawa #下北沢 #東京 #庭

Last week we had mid-term exams and luckily I managed to do ok although I feel I could had put more effort during this term. 🐶🌷 I feel things we are learning at school are lately getting more and more difficult... 🐶💦 Studying Japanese has still been very rewarding and I just realised I should be able to read/write about 400 kanjis now! 😳✨ I have been feeling a bit tired lately but I try to put more effort into school again so I could hopefully do well in the finals too! 🌸 #anmille

A close-up of the koinobori from a few weeks ago. I wish they would be up longer because they are so pretty! #koinobori #鯉のぼり#こいのぼり🎏 #throwbackthursday #throwback

A throwback from a month ago, when I had just dyed my hair reddish. ^__^ I am currently having mid-term exams so I am pretty tired, hopefully next week I will feel more energic again. 🐶🌷 :") .
Suprisingly I slightly regret re-dyeing my hair with darker brown after this red color, heh...🐶 I liked reddish hair more than I expected. 😳💓 #ehyphenworldgallerybonbon #ガーリー #throwbackthursday

Lately I have feeling a bit down and stressed but luckily despite of that I have still been able to experience some really nice summery things. 🐶🌷 Yesterday I went to admire these cute koinoboris! 🎏Thanks for @_hanshans_ for taking the picture! 💓 #koinobori #鯉のぼり

I have been bothered by stubborn headache + shoulder pain for a few days but yesterday I managed to make myself to go out and check Super Festival and Showa retro fleamarket with @_hanshans_ .🌸 Both events were quite nice, the Showa fleamarket especially was super cute ! 😭💘 I really adore Japanese old school/retro cuteness! 🐶💓 From the Super Festival I bought my first pose doll(?): I really liked her unique colors, blue hair and shock pink make up! Her stand is slightly broken (but easy to replace) so I got her for 1000 yen which is not too bad I think! 🐶🌷 I'd love to learn more about this type of dolls..! .
Lately I have been too tired and lazy to take pictures with a proper camera but I have been happily surprised how good results decent light, iphone 6s + lightroom can still make! ☺️🌷 #showa #posedoll #vintagetoys #retrotoys #かわいい #superfestival #昭和

Last week I ordered a few summer dresses as second hand from and this old Liz Lisa dress was one of them! 🐶🌸 You can find very nice thing from for quite cheap (this one was 1000 yen shipped!) and Japan's post system is amazing so I feel it is a little addictive... 💦 You seem to receive domestic parcels often in 1-2 days! 🙊✨ #lizlisa #ガーリー

It feels so summery in Tokyo! 🌷 Weather is currently pretty nice and dressing up is easy and comfy. 🐶💓
I rarely buy or wear white but I ended up liking this Anmille dress a lot after trying it on! I really like how summery the pattern is and I was happy to be able to fit into it as many Japanese one size dresses don't fit my bust too well... 💔 Anmille especially has super nice dresses and patterns that I always adore! 💘 #anmille #ガーリー

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