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Nandani Seth  A weirdo, left-handed, philosophical/poetic, public speaking, anime-loving, vegetarian, foodie, nerd. 🌸😌🌸 food instagram: @nunthekneeinhalesfood

GUYS! You know how we spend our whole lives trying to attain happiness? Really think about it, EVERYTHING we do, it’s because we think it’ll make us/lead us to happiness (I actually realized that because of Beyoncé; refer to intro of Pretty Hurts). Okok, so I’m not here to tell you that I know the secret to happiness, because by all means, I do not. But as of recently, I’m fairly certain I've gotten a key pillar down in order to make being happy a hell of a lot easier. Are y’all ready? Ya? Are you sure? Here goes… GRATITUDE! There is such a strong, positive correlation between gratitude and happiness. You stop taking things for granted, you start appreciating everything, you gain deeper perspective on trivial vs. important matters, and your whole world becomes a brighter place. I’m telling y’all, it’s so simple, yet monumentally effective! And on that note, a couple of things I’m extremely grateful for today: the immensely beautiful people in my life, the love I am surrounded by on the daily, and this caramel ‘ccino I’m sipping on right now. Also, what better excuse than this post to put up a smiling selfie of myself, amirite? 😏 Have a good one folks, all love and nothing but for each of you! ✌️💕


turn that volume up for a downpour of pathetic fallacy 🌧 (+ bonus points if you know where the music is from)

how wondrous is it.. that internal chaos is able to produce such luminance? stay tempestuous, darlings. it's not necessarily a bad thing. the trick is to create art. always choose to create art. always, always, always. (note to self) 🌩

🤓 [swipe] #ootn

grad toast with a couple of my favourite golden hawks 💕🥂 (swipe) #Laurier2017

average quality picture, highest quality friendship 💕

(not sure if happier because we're colour coordinated or because I finally get to cross this off my wishlist) 😄#TeamSustainableIsAttainable

if you think these pastries are beautiful, you shoulda seen the ladies eating them 😌

city of stars, are you shining just for me? 😌

& I haven't even won the lottery yet

"It's the climb" - Miley Cyrus/Hannah Montana/But What if They're the Same Person

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