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Nandani Seth  A weirdo, left-handed, philosophical/poetic, public speaking, anime-loving, vegetarian, foodie, nerd. 🌸😌🌸 food instagram: @nunthekneeinhalesfood

"that's a real kawaii patch you've got there" 😏😏

if you think these pastries are beautiful, you shoulda seen the ladies eating them 😌

city of stars, are you shining just for me? 😌

& I haven't even won the lottery yet

"It's the climb" - Miley Cyrus/Hannah Montana/But What if They're the Same Person

my homeyest homie πŸ’•

So this marks my retirement from DECA U. And oh my god, the best award I have EVER received is that certificate I'm holding in my hands - DECA U Member of the Year. I kid you not, I was fighting back tears when I was called on that stage. Thank you so much for nominating me DECA Laurier, the words spoken about me were incredibly warm and immensely humbling. Thank you DECA U for choosing me out of over 2000 DECA members. The honour is UNREAL. #DECA2017

slightly off center to spice up my instagram game

"I wear every single chain, even when I'm in the house" (Graham, 2013)


on wednesdays we wear pink

this is by far my new favourite filter