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Nandani Seth  A weirdo, left-handed, philosophical/poetic, public speaking, anime-loving, vegetarian, foodie, nerd. 🌸😌🌸 food instagram: @nunthekneeinhalesfood

‪Was at a museum yesterday looking at paintings. Undeniably, they were beautiful. But it wasn't until I read the little blurbs below the paintings that I truly began to grasp the depth of each. Each blurb told of a story behind the pieces, the use of different colours and styles to depict different tones, the metaphors/symbolisms present. Really, art cannot be fully appreciated at surface level - the true beauty lies within (its interpretation/representation/expression). I was never much of a museum person, I never 'got it'... until this trip. I could spend hours analyzing and trying to understand each piece. They were all almost like puzzles - what does this person in the corner mean? Why is the painting light here but dark there? Each part of the painting was created with explicit intent, and I simply needed to know why each part was the way it was, what the entire piece was trying to convey. However, time wasn't all that cooperative. And I know, the thing about art is that it is up to interpretation, the wonderful part being that every individual can take away something different from the same piece. But for some reason, I was very adamant on a right answer, THE right answer. Only to realize during my museum wandering, that I was doing a disservice to the art. I mean, aren't people the same way? The many wondrous facets of each individual are what give all of us dimension, the ability to evolve and grow, often making us a mystery to even ourselves. After all, people are art. You are art, I am art, we are all art.‬ .
At the same museum, this lady was making a replica of one of the paintings (as shown in the pictures). She had been working on this for four months and the accuracy of detail was uncanny (take a look for yourself in the second picture)!! I was amazed and inspired by her diligence. Thought I'd share :)

they told us we weren't allowed to bring in backpacks, so we brought in FRONTpacks #whatnow #someonepleasegiveuslawdegreesBECAUSEYOUJUSTGOTLOOPHOLED

ain't no mountain high enough to keep me from getting to you 😏 (yeah, you)

totally worth all the back sweat 😍💦

nice view... but my eye's on you 😏

nailed it

Landed in Brussels today and it's been chocoLIT!! All of the chocolatiers here are so passionate about their craft. Upon hearing my quest to try all of the chocolate shops in Brussels, a good number dropped some solid chocolate knowledge on me and about half of them simply gifted me the pictured chocolates. 😍 Man, oh man, oh man. (Other foods from today include Belgian frites & Belgian waffles)

One: Amsterdam

always been flexin' on em #tbt

my eyes are closed in about half of these pictures. why, you ask? because the future's too dang bright. #Laurier2017 👩🏽‍🎓 . .
A big thank you to the people who made this journey oh SO magical (aka the folks in these pictures & then some). It's been a straight-up whirlwind these past four years, and I'm left reeling. Love you all ❤️

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