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Walking the streets of Praia da Vitória. Açores. Portugal.
I was barefoot, chubby and happy as fuck.
This was my final walk on my beautiful island.
it was a long walk... to America.

I was the kid in Stranger Things... before Stranger Things became Stranger Things.
That’s a mouthful.
But yeah we lived it. Outdoors ALL DAY. Riding bikes EVERYWHERE and anywhere. Like a motorcycle gang.
Jamming in friends garages and basements till their parents had enough and threw us back outside.
I’ll take that wild life over a kid sitting on a computer in the house all day... Anyday.

Hey Everyone.
I want to thank you all for the overwhelming birthdays wishes. All the video montages from from fans from all over this beautiful planet made me tear up a few times. I’m so blessed to have family, friends and fans that drown me in so much love year round. I do not take any of you for granted.
But since it is my birthday, for my birthday wish... I want to ask you all to help me raise as much money as possible to help out a friend, Cam Beachley and his special family in need.

I am asking you to bid on a special gift that will bring you a lifelong memory.

You, the highest bidder will not only get one of my washburn guitars, but you and a friend, will also be my special guest at any upcoming Generation aXe show of your choice, throughout the USA in NOV-DEC.

And it gets better.

You will not only see the amazing show, You will also get your new guitar signed in person by all the guys while you are meeting the legendary Gen aXe lineup of Steve Vai, Zakk Wylde, Yngwie Malmsteem, Tosin Abasi and myself… And of course a photo with aXemen.

More importantly, you get all of this, for doing something selfless and meaninful.
Cam and his family have had 15 years of happiness with Zach, but also a trying 15 years watching their son grow up in the toughest way, battling everyday. They are now drowning in medical bills for their admirable love and dedication to their son. Being a dad myself, my heart goes out to Cam and his family. They deserve some support and we’re going to help.
Let’s Go!!!!! Here’s the link to the auction.

And if you don’t want to bid, you can just donate a little or a lot to Zachary’s Fund here.
Where you can read about little Zach’s incredible battle.

Love you all!


Tattoosday “pick” of the week. Literally.
I’m digging this handsome devils choice of a 3 sides to every story Guitar Pick.
Tatts come in all shapes and sizes.
Love meeting great people, great fans. I have been blessed. Nothing without you.

Yeah... I know it’s not tattoosday, but Just for today I’m gonna throw in a tatthursday... yup it’s a stretch, but just go with it.
Because this guy right here from down under, whom I have gotten to know and his lovely wife for over a decade. So many shows. So many hellos. He’s traveled around the globe for performances. And after all these years he failed to tell me he had this tat. And he’s probably the first to ever get it years back. He never showed me. Until now.
Hmmm keeping secrets from me.
I appreciate not only the tat, but more importantly your dedication to supporting me and my music for so long.
I appreciate all of you so much.
Nothing without you.

Brown Sugar, performed and produced by Steven Tyler and myself was released exclusively by Rolling Stone.
Go and check it out!
You don't get many chances in life, or in your career, to travel back in time like we just did in Muscle Shoals. Most historic places you visit, you can physically touch.
But while recording Brown Sugar in Muscle Shoals, WE, were the ones being touched. You could feel the spirit, the ghosts, but more importantly... emotion... deep down.
ST said it best...we decided to go on a pilgrimage to Muscle Shoals. I mean where else are you gonna go to re-record the legendary Rolling Stones classic, Brown Sugar. We figured if the Stones themselves, along with Aretha, Wilson Picket, Dylan, Little Richard and so many others tapped into the swampy mojo of the Shoals, then that’s where the magic is. We knew we wanted to respect and pay homage to the original version, but we also dared ourselves to make it our own. With help from members of the original swampers, fame gang and a band of talented southern gypsies, we walked out with a Heart and Soul filled Brown Sugar.
Brown Sugar is just one song on an amazing compilation called @smalltownbigsound
Other artists include... Alicia Keys, Kid Rock, Chris Stapleton, Willie Nelson, Leanne Womack, Grace Potter, Alison Krauss and even more!
Can’t wait to share!
Swipe Left for full video!

Tattoosday is back... and with a massive tat nonetheless.
Why do you have to dwarf me in height and size?
Looking good dude.
Once again I am humbled by the fans. I am one lucky Artist to have all of you, tatted and not tatted, you’re all amazing. I don’t take you for granted. I really don’t.

No I’m not curating a set tomorrow night at Lucky Strike. Steve Ferlazzo is!!!
And it’s his birthday.
So if his ego wasn’t big enough before... look the fuck out!
Steve was kind enough to ask me to jump up on his set for a few songs. I, of course said... HELL NO.
But after he told me the songs he wanted to do with me? HELL YES!
We’re going waaaaay back.
Old School Prog... the good shit. I’m pumped.
Come down everyone!
It’s gonna be fun!!!

Heroes come in many shapes and sizes.
And this talented cutie did something that takes a lifetime to learn., that the key to peace and happiness is believing...
That life is not about what happens to us... it’s about how we react to it.
As much as I truly believe that, it’s much much easier said than done. You have to be so strong. And so in control of your emotions. I’m still trying to get there.
This girl gives me hope that it’s actually achievable.
She took all these hurtful, hate filled comments and created beautiful art with them.
As a fellow artist, you open yourself a bit more to getting nasty comments... it comes with job. Taking both the good and bad to heart can be unhealthy.
I admire you @eliseecklund
Your are poised way beyond your years.
Thanks for the lesson and inspiration.

Ontario, It was great to be back on Canadian soil. Although just barely... crazy being on stage in Canada whilst facing the U.S.
One of the few times you perform and than hear you and see you from 2 countries.
Technical gremlins attacked from the first note like never before, but you just gotta keep on rocking.
Thank you for all the love!!!!
Swipe left to see a cool shot of Extreme on stage in Ontario while Detroit’s GM building stands tall in the USA.
2nd photo by @zishanali
#extreme #canada #ontario #nothingwithoutyou

Going back to the motherland is always beyond special.
And being invited to participate in Nelson Mandela’s 100th birthday celebration, in Portugal, is an absolute honor.
I’ll be joining Steven Tyler on stage for an array of classics.
Pumped! no pun intended.

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