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Hey Cali, the troops are forming to come together and help out a friend in need. I'll be jumping on stage to contribute along with all these gracious friends of Harry to help raise money to get him the medical help and surgeries he needs to heal up.
It's a Thursday night in Hollywood. Come down and hang with the gang, contribute, grab a beer and vibe on some rock and roll.
See ya there.

It is that day of the week.
This gorgeous girl right here, rocking hers on her wrist.
Love our fans, with or without the tats.
But this day is to celebrate the fans who are crazy and dedicated enough to get inked!
You know you don't have to guys, but I'm always honored and humbled that you do.
Thank you for the years of Love!
Nice shirt as well!

Yes, I reside in LA for many different reasons. Mainly to be in the belly of the entertainment beast.
Yes, I was born in Portugal, which is an important cultural foundation that I've been raised in as an immigrant coming to the US.
But no matter how far I roam around this beautiful planet... Home will always be Hudson Massachusetts.
It's where I was raised by my mom. It's where I was welcomed into a community that allowed the Bettencourt family to plant its roots and celebrate its DNA.
And the 3 key molecules in that DNA was... MUSIC,
It's what bonded us. It's what brought Love into our hearts. And it's what connected my family to this town and many other towns and cities throughout New England.
Music was Oxygen.
Music was the Escape, when times were hard in the house, tough times as we've all experienced.
Music was the Healer.
So when I post this silly little flyer with a Turkey playing guitar... it's actually one of the most important, understated, little events I'm involved with, because I get to go HOME. I get to share the stage with the Big 3.
Robert Bettencourt
Luis Bettencourt
George Bettencourt.
Why the Big 3, because they showed me and taught me one of the most important things that shaped my life forever.
Play Music for the Love of it. The passion of it. The Fun of it. More importantly... no matter if it's for 10 or 10,000 people, you pour your heart and soul into every moment.
My 3 brothers paved the way for myself and the rest of my brothers and rest of my amazing family.
I will NEVER, EVER, Forget where I came from.
Sooooo, this is a night celebrating our bond together as a family and our community of old friends from school, from childhood. If you're always looking for something to do the night after thanksgiving like we always were, Come down. Bring your fam or friends and have a beer with us and celebrate the importance of small town love. And while your there... we're gonna play lots of familiar music that shaped us all throughout our lives.
Get tickets soon as it's limited capacity.
See ya there!!!

You don't think I knew at 11 years old, listening to KISS Destroyer in my bedroom in Hudson MA, staring, analyzing their makeup and boots... that It was at that moment I knew that I'd be stuck on a ship out at sea with KISS and performing with them. And that icons Paul THE STARCHILD and Gene THE DEMON were super cool in real life.
Yup... I knew.
Life can be beautifully strange.

With Halloween a week away... I revisited old costumes.
I peaked on this one 4 years ago.
Fun, disappearing for a day, and becoming someone else.
Hmmm... what will I be this Halloween.
#theoneandonly #prince

It's gonna be years of Tattoosdays... before this sexy thing gets me off her back.
multiple images and periods of my life's journey imbedded beneath the surface.

What it looks like, the morning after your Japanese friends tell you that Sake has lots of water in it... and is perfect to drink as much as possible, to hydrate before a long 12 hour flight to LA the next morning.

It still hurts.
But I'm grateful for every second.
I just can't get close enough in this photograph.
Happy birthday to the most beautiful woman I've ever known. #aureolina

Where u at?
I will be joining some incredible musicians and artists on stage Sunday for a great cause.
To raise money for our Puerto Rican brothers and sisters. It's an early Sunday jam and hang. If any of you, All of you can make it down and jump in on the Love, I'd be indebted to you.
Let's do this!!!!!
There are many beautiful people in need nationwide, globally. This Sunday it's for Puerto Rico.

You spoiled us last night.
You are family.
You are home.
You were there from the beginning.
And you're still there.
#extreme #woostah
#fullcircle #roots

You provided all the power and electricity that the venue couldnt. You got us through it. I ended having a memorable night.
Some nights you just surrender and team up with your fans to throw the best party you can. And WE did.
We owe you one.
#extreme #nothingwithoutourfans

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