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This Saturday night, the 26th, I am curating a little set with some great friends and musicians.
It’s been a while since our last Soundcheck Live and that was an incredible night.
I always look forward to this night, because the sole purpose is to perform for the sake of the love and passion of music and the pure reason as to why we all became musicians jamming in our basements and garages.
I love that it’s free of charge for you to get in and in doing so I perform for free as well.
Wait a second that means Lucky Strike makes out.
Ok... I do ask for a few lanes and some pizza and a thousand shots of tequila in return. We’re even.
Come on LA... let’s do this.
I’m not gonna mention that cool guests like Kotzen and Morello are coming... oops. But I am leaving a few other surprise guests for your eyes only when you come down.
I mean I know the Extreme boys are flying in tomorrow to wrap up some recording on our new album so...
But there’s always more.
Don’t miss it.
It’s always a fun set of songs I’ve never performed.
So it’s a seat of your pants , no rehearsal and go!!!
Fills up quick as it’s an intimate venue, so get there early.
See y’all soooooon!

It’s Tatoosday!
It was nice meeting this gorgeous woman and her beautiful wrist...

These portuguese lyrics are my mom’s handwriting to what was, and still is, the most important song in my life.
It represents everything that embodies my mother’s spirit.
I can still hear her voice, so clear. She would sing this lullaby to me when I was baby.
As a child, when I had nightmares or was ill, she’d let me crawl into her bed with her, and while in the warmest and safest cuddle I’ve ever known, with her angelic voice, she’d brush her powerful healing hands on my forehead and sing me to sleep with this beautiful song.
Not only was it the first lullaby she sang to me.
It was also the last lullaby I sang to her, brushing her hand, while she took her last breath in the her bed.
I’d beg her to sing this for me. Many times I would pretend I was sick or couldn’t sleep, just to hear her voice while in her healing arms.
Nothing will ever Sound that beautiful again.
No place will ever feel that safe again.
I miss that feeling.
I miss her... so much.
Love you mãe.
Swipe ⬅️ left to find an angel.

I rarely repost...
But there’s just too much Love. Too much music. Too much heart. Not to share...
Thank you for this well needed warm and fuzzy hug.

Just another lovely Tattoosday afternoon.
I am always honored and humbled by our crazy fans... the ones with and without the tats.
You’re all amazing and beautiful.
Although He didn’t have to pull his sleeve up that high now did he Mr. Vai.

When I was much younger... the line “in Muscle Shoals they got the swampers“ seemed just like another cool lyric from Sweet Home Alabama... that was until I spent the last 4 days in Muscle Shoals, and yes, actually jammed and recorded with one of the swampers.
What could be cooler? Recording a song at legendary Fame Studios with the one and only Steven Tyler.
If you have not yet seen the documentary “MUSCLE SHOALS” please do, it’s a must see. The artists, the history, the phenomenon that had legends posing the question, why, what makes this place so special. The Mystery and Mojo of the singing river?
After these past few days of being in that studio, the same studio that was home to Little Richard, Duane Allman, Aretha Franklin, The Stones, Wilson Pickett... the list is endless, I felt the indescribable spirit and emotion.
At the heart of all of this was a man named Rick Hall, who founded Fame studios. He overcame crushing poverty and staggering family tragedy and brought Black and White together in the midst of Alabama’s racial hostility to create music for generations to come while birthing the Muscle Shoals Sound.
As long as I’ve had the honor, the privilege, to know one of greatest singers and performers in Rock History, S Tyler, this was the first time I’ve gotten in studio with you. I watch you perform on stage now, and I scratch my head as to how it’s possible that you’re singing and performing stronger at 70 than back in the day. I now know why you’re the legend that you are. The PASSION. You brought love and care into every note of what you and I created together, inspiring. I thought I was crazy obsessed with making music, but I finally met my match.
17 hour days In that studio with you was working with a ROCKet missle day in day out.
You know you’ve had fun and made new family and friends, when it’s hard to leave.
I’ll miss ya’ll down there... But I’m ok with it.
Cause once you’ve been to the Shoals ... you never truly leave.
A piece of you... is there forever.


It’s a ruff life... being a dog.
The boys chillin, having a pool day.

It’s time to get back onto Tattoosday!
Starting with this hottie. One second she’s showing you her tat, then Boom, she’ll knock you out with that sexy bicep.
Go Girl!
Always humbled by your love and loyalty.

Over the years I’ve been truly blessed to have the most incredible fans from all over this gorgeous planet.
When I get to meet you, it’s always a thrill to share your stories.
There are some pretty loyal fans out there, but this one, brings a new meaning to... “ I’m your biggest fan”. WoW.

Is it silly to say... that I secretly wished he was my dad.
Is it silly to say that every time I see his image I just wanna run up and give him the biggest and longest hug.
I guess that’s normal behavior when you grow up admiring a Super Hero.
Except he didn’t wear a cape or come from a distant planet.
He was real.
He was ours.
He had no utility belt with special powers.
He was simply armed with... Love.
Driven by compassion, not only for his black race, but for all of us who do see color, but celebrate and admire our cultural differences that come with simply being born with a thin layer of different skin.
He risked everything, himself, his wife, his children... to take on the world with the most dangerous and threatening mission known to man.
Hope of equality.
Hope that racially driven Hate would be a thing of the past.
Hope that we could judge each other on behavior and not skin.
I am not a black man. Nor do I claim to know what it feels like growing up black in America, but I do believe that as important as protests are and should never stop, no matter how many equal rights change for the better, Nothing will truly change if we can’t change the Hearts and Minds of those who have been raised and educated with Hate towards another.
As difficult as that may be, that’s what separated Martin Luther King Jr. , from all the other Super Heroes.
He believed that it is possible to love and respect one another based on just being good to one another.
Some say that’s a fantasy, some say it’s a soft approach.
But There’s a huge difference between protesting that fuels fires, and protesting that Inspires... MLK did the latter.
Taking his deep hurt, and somehow having the strength, intelligence and control to diffuse that anger with love. And instead of easily blaming and pointing fingers, he pulled us all together, with power fueled with kindness and compassion, straight from his heart to ours. And that’s why he still moves us and gives us hope today, long after he was assasinated on this sad, sad, day.
I’ll physically never be able to give you that long hug... but spiritually we hug you every time we’re good to each other.


It was truly Amazing to be a part of the @EIFoundation 75th anniversary, and support friends @LinkinPark. Amazing to see two philanthropic powerhouses join forces to help make a difference! Thank you Entertainment Industry Foundation for partnering with Music For Relief, and helping to continue to provide aid to those most in need, when they need it most. #eif #linkinpark #musicforrelief

You truly learn everything you need know about a woman, a girlfriend, a mom, a wife... when everything else is falling apart around you.
When you’re at your weakest.
When you’re sick.
When you’re on the edge of a breakdown.
When everyone else abandons you.
When Love is the only thing that matters.
There SHE is.
Yes, I know men are strong... but the simple touch of a woman’s hand on your forehead... yields more strength and healing power than any man could ever dream of.
I believe a man can never be a complete man without the balance and guidance of a woman’s compassion.
But their secret weapon, and my favorite, is The Heart of a woman... she finds beauty in everything, especially the little things... The important things...
that men cannot see, or tend to ignore.
A woman’s Heart also teaches us the most important lesson in Life.
to be GRATEFUL... and as hard as that is for us humans ... it is the only way to happiness.
If we, men, allow ourselves to embrace all of these gifts that a woman has to offer, there’s no telling what we are capable of.

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