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Naomi Huober  Chasing that good light. | RYT 200 | Marketing Director @balayoga | Seattle | | Full Moon Practice - May 19👇🏼

Full Moon 🌕 in Scorpio ♏️ coming up this weekend!! 😉
I’ll be partnering with @avitahealing to offer a full-spectrum practice aligned with the energy of this moon. We’ll settle in for an extended restorative practice guided by visualizations to confront your self worth and help you nurture the core of who you are. It’s deep work, but we’ll approach it with a sense of playfulness and curiosity. All the while, you will be held in a supportive container of energy, receiving individualized reiki & hands on loving touch. Wonderful crystals & Scorpio-aligned essential oils will be incorporated into the experience too. Because why not? 😛
Get Yourself Signed Up 🔜 Via Link in Bio
May 19 from 1-3PM | Bala Yoga Fremont

Settling into our cabin nicely✌🏼

Back at it!🌝🌝🌝🌝
I’ll be collaborating once again with @avitahealing to bring you a container of rejuvenation & healing under the light of our upcoming 🦂Scorpio Full Moon🦂. This practice works with the astrological energies that are present and includes restorative yoga, guided meditation, individual reiki healing, and hands on loving touch.💆🏻‍♀️
Last one sold out, so be sure to snag your spot soon.
May 19 | Bala Yoga Fremont | Link In Bio

◾️ You
◾️ Your Breath
◾️ Nothing else
◾️Breathe in
◾️”I accept myself as I am today.”
◾️ Breathe out
◾️ Repeat 5x
Meditator’s Notes:
◾️ At first it sounds simple...ridiculous, silly even. But when was the last time you granted yourself this kind of compassion? Put into practice, this mantra is a whole radical shift. Love yourself, your WHOLE self, right as you are in this moment.

🌍Happy Earth Day!🌎 I can’t even begin to explain how much love I have for the natural & wild places on this planet. Pictured here is my favorite mudra: bhumi sparsa.🧘🏼‍♀️ It is one of the Buddha’s mudras. After he had his great enlightenment, the Buddha sat down and touched his heart and the earth to acknowledge the earth as bearing witness. The earth as bearing witness to his story, to our stories and to the collective story; watching on like a patient mother as we make our mistakes and uncover our greatest discoveries.💗
I feel beyond grateful and forever indebted to this beautiful planet. Today I am reminded to fight for what I love, and I will do everything I can to support this great mother. 🙏🏼1,000 pranams, with sincere love & deepest respect 🌎🌍🌏

“Stress is a perverted relationship to time.” - Paul O’Donahue.😱 Hearing this quote hit me hard, like a big slap of truth right in the face. Time is just another resource, it’s finite and because of that, it’s infinitely valuable. Don’t promise your time where you can’t offer it. Don’t ask time if it can throw in some extra for free. You can up the price, but you can’t create more. Destressing your life is learning to the play within the rules of time.

Babe 🔥🔥🔥 Being in relationship, whether romantic or not, has been (and continues to be) the greatest teacher in my lifetime.👩🏼‍🏫
It has not always been easy for me to a) know how I’m feeling or what I want, and b) to effectively communicate that to another human being. Really, truly, communicating with maturity & truth, man it’s not easy. But wow, what a skill to have as we walk this journey.🌟Thanks to this one for being with me and staying in relationship through the ups & downs, and all the while teaching me what it means to grow my voice. Whether you meant to or not.🙏🏼😘

yOga NeRDs 4 LyfE 🧡 @richardguevarayoga

I am so amazed at the response we have received for our Waste-Me-Not Accountability group. The enthusiasm & excitement around this topic has made me feel so optimistic about humans and our future together. 🌵🌍 It’s true we can feel powerless as individuals, but when we step into our power anyway and come together in community...holy shit. Ya’ll got me feelin’ some kinda way.😏

Climate Change is real and it seems that each day we find out its catastrophic results are even closer than we think. Sadness, frustration, fear--whatever emotion you find yourself in around it, the only way to fix it is TO ACT. Which is why @rroejo and I are asking you to join us!👏🏻
This coming April, for the two weeks leading up to Earth Day, take the Waste-Me-Not commitment to minimize waste.🌎 That means giving up paper cups at the cafe, plastic produce bags at the grocery store, and yes, even your pint of ice cream!🥤🥡
But don’t worry, this isn’t about shaming you, or even expecting you to be perfect.🙅🏼‍♀️ It’s about creating a support system to discuss our struggles + share our insights along the way. This group is FREE to participate in and will provide you with a community to help make the shifts that our earth is so desperately asking us for.🌿
For more information or to sign up, head to the link in my bio + DM me with any questions.😘

@yuccasita knows what’s uppppp🧡#newwork

Joshua Tree you have my 💛💛
Came home from this trip entirely sleep deprived & full with love. Life is a struggle and it’s hard, but it’s also so, so beautiful and raw. I feel truly lucky to take this ride.🙏🏼
Special shout out to @yomellyj @christianbradford @czllnr @und3rcooked Derek @chefjaylipnicki + Tracey for an epic weekend in SoCal, mud pits and all 😂

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